Biloxi, Mississippi
September 30, 2013
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CM Punk’s music hits. The Straight Edge star makes his way down to the ring. He is adorned with a new T-shirt that features a taped fist holding a slew of arrows. Punk enters the ring and picks up a microphone. He claims to always try and be unpredictable. It was too predictable last week that Heyman and company would lure him into a trap last week on RAW. Punk knows that the only resolution to this story is to fight Curtis Axel. Punk wants to avoid predictability by fighting him tonight live on RAW.

Brad Maddox walks out onto the entrance ramp and tells Punk that he needs to cool down. Punk mocks Maddox for lacking an entrance theme. Maddox claims that he understands the desire to fight on demand. He knows that Punk is upset after being humiliated. Punk will be getting matches against Ryback and Axel in the near future. Brad does not understand why Punk is out here tonight. As the General Manager he has it in his power to make matches and asks Punk if he wants to fight tonight. He is interested in doing what is best for business.

Punk says that he is out here because he wants an outlet for his aggression.

Big E. Langston’s music hits. He walks down to the ring in his ring gear. He enters the ring and takes Maddox’s microphone. He tells Punk that if he wants to vent his aggression – and punches Punk across the skull. They begin to brawl as Langston tries to take advantage of the sneak attack. Maddox motions for a referee so this match can get started.


CM Punk v. Big E. Langston

Back from the break and the match is already underway. Punk and Langston are fighting outside of the ring. Punk rolls Langston inside and then climbs the turnbuckle. Punk leaps for an axe handle. Langston fights free of a GTS attempt. Langston hits an arm lariat and goes for the cover. Punk kicks out. Langston bounces off the ropes and then leaps for a splash onto the back of Punk. Cover, but Punk kicks out. Langston grabs Punk’s leg and pulls it back for a stretch. Punk escapes and runs the ropes. Langston clotheslines him back down to the mat.

Langston lifts up Punk onto his shoulder and drops him down swinging. Punk tries to sneak in a roll up but Langston will have none of it. Langston keeps control and he stomps on the chest of Punk. Langston is countered by Punk which allows the Straight Edge star to bounce back into the match. Punk decks Langston and is flabbergasted when Langston kicks out of the cover. Langston once again blocks a GTS and looks for the splash. Punk has it scouted and blocks the move. Punk is on his feet for a swinging neckbreaker. Langston stands up in the corner. Punk charges across the ring and hits a running knee to the jaw. Punk climbs up top and leaps for a flying elbow. He splats down hard on Langston. Punk signals for the end. He lifts Langston up and knocks him senseless with a GTS. Langston is staggered. Punk pushes his foe down and covers him for the win.

Winner: CM Punk


Fandango w/ Summer Rae v. Kofi Kingston

Fandango dances around for a bit at the start. Kofi rolls through and tries to seize momentum. Fandango is caught by a few kicks but looks to keep his opponent grounded. Fandango hits a back slam which he transitions into a rear choke. Kofi fights to his feet and uses the ropes to lift himself up. Kofi slaps Fandango and then hits a high dropkick. Fandango stops the sequence with his fist and then climbs to the top turnbuckle. Kofi runs up to block but is pushed back. Kofi runs to the other side of the ring. Kofi spins back with Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

The Wyatt promo hits the Titantron. The lights are off in the arena as Bray makes his way down to his rocking chair with his lantern. Kofi has grabbed a steel chair and watches on from the ring. Bray begins to speak. He has come to the conclusion that he has found his purpose. He claims that, “One by one they will all fall down. Follow the buzzards”.


Randy Orton is in the back with The Bella Twins. He asks Brie when the big day is for her and Daniel Bryan. They are recently engaged. She does not respond to the question. Orton tells her to schedule the match for the near future. If she waits too long then Orton will get his hands on Bryan. If that happens then Bryan won’t physically be able to walk down the aisle.

Renee Young is in the back with Paul Heyman. He believes that Punk has begun his descent into madness. There will be no recovery for Punk. He is a nobody that became a Paul Heyman guy. Punk won the WWE Title but it was only together that Heyman and Punk became the best in the world. Renee asks if Heyman has more traps for Punk. Heyman laughs off the insinuation, though he very openly admits that if Punk tries to touch him then there will be protection. Heyman will never again fear CM Punk.


A promo aired during the commercial for the debut of Los Matadores.

Los Matadores makes their way out onto the ramp. They are Diego and Fernando (formerly the team of Primo & Epico). Their entrance is something to be seen. They have capes and swing them around to imitate bull fighting. Surprisingly, a midget comes charging through the smoke that is swirling around the capes. He is dressed as a bull and is wearing a mask. The music then drops and switches to a swifter dance beat. Bull the Midget is lifted up onto the apron and bounces into the ring with the ropes.

Los Matadores v. Jinder Mahal & Heath Slater

Diego is first in the ring and hits a nice arm drag for a cover. Jinder kicks out as the first man fighting for his team. Diego hits a hurricarana. Fernando gets a tag as he watches his teammate flip Jinder from the corner across the ring. Slater gets the tag but is tripped up with a leg sweep. Fernando hits a headscissor take down. Diego gets the tag for the double team suplex. Jinder gets the tag and takes control of Diego for a moment. He knees him in the chin and follows with a vertical suplex. Jinder drops a few knees and then brings Slater back into the match. He drops a knee of his own and goes for the cover. Diego kicks out. Diego handstands into a tilt-a-whirl takedown. Fernando is back in and knocks Jinder off the apron. He climbs to the top and flies at Slater with a headbutt. Diego gets the tag and is back in for a double team back drop. Cover and this match is over. Bull the Midget is back in the ring to celebrate with his tea

Winners: Los Matadores


HHH & Stephanie make an entrance down to the ring. HHH invites the Rhodes family down to the ring. He promises them the same safety that he would grant any other Superstars. Dusty Rhodes’ music hits and he walks to the ring flanked by his sons, Cody & Goldust. Stephanie welcomes them to RAW and shares that everyone is happy to have them back. She hopes he enjoyed the Bed, Bath & Beyond gift certificate they gave him for his wedding. Triple H wonders why Cody has such an angry look on his face. After all he has given him opportunity after opportunity to earn his job back. Triple H turns the conversation towards Dusty. He brings up bits up Florida territories, the NWA and Dusty being unable to compete with the McMahons. The crowd seems confused at the references. Stephanie says that she holds their future in the palms of her hand. She tells Cody and Dusty that she wants them to have jobs. All that they must do is beat the WWE Tag Team Champions, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, at Battleground. If they lose then they will never be allowed to work for the company again. If they lose then Dusty will also lose his job in developmental. Dusty says that Triple H likes to get in people’s faces. Dusty walks up to HHH and stands nose to nose. Rhodes says that if he can be in his sons’ corner during the match then he will be Triple H’s huckleberry.

Triple H and Stephanie leave. Dusty gets out of the ring. The Shield appears in the crowd and charges into the ring. Roman hits a spear on Goldust. The attack plays out until Cody is leveled with a Triple Powerbomb. Dusty did make an attempt to come to the rescue with a steel chair, but is stomped on his way into the ring. The Shield stand over their fallen PPV opponents.


R-Truth v. Curtis Axel w/ Paul Heyman

They lock up. Axel starts with an arm drag. They square off again and Truth dances for the crowd. Axel slaps him across the face. Truth responds with a slap of his own that sends Axel spiraling into the corner. Truth trips Axel up by kicking his legs out a few times. Truth gets the wind knocked out of him which allows Curtis to follow with a high knee. Curtis gets behind with a rear choke. Truth is pushed into the corner. He gets his legs up to block a charge and then fights to the middle of the ring. Truth with a side drop and cover, but Axel kicks out. Axel holds the rope after an Irish Whip. Truth had leapt for a kick and falls to the mat.

CM Punk’s music hits. Punk does not appear on the ramp. Truth uses the distraction his What’s Up finisher.

Winner: R-Truth


Brie w/ Nikki Bella v. Alicia Fox

Alicia takes quick control of the match. She is all sorts of attitude filled with each maneuver. Fox fakes a handshake and knocks Brie out of the ring. Alicia follows her out and rolls her right back inside. Alicia then places Brie against the middle rope. Alicia uses her leg to reach back and choke. Fox hits a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridging pin. Cover, but Brie kicks out. Alicia continues on the attack. Brie finally finds an opening and hits her finisher to end the match.

Winner: Brie Bella


Paul Heyman is in a locker room with Curtis Axel and Ryback. Ryback says that if Punk wants a fight then they should go get him. Heyman tells Ryback to go get some food and wait for further instruction. Axel is confused. Heyman says that after Ryback saved his life he has viewed him in a new light. Heyman refers to Ryback as beautiful. He tells Axel that he is going to go down to the ring and propose to Ryback tonight. JBL is baffled by this development.

Renee Young is in the back with Big Show. He claims to be holding up well despite the difficult situations that he has been placed in this week. A video plays of Triple H mocking Big Show on Smackdown. After the clip Show opens up. He admits that financially he is in a very weak decision. Show says that people can’t understand his decisions because they aren’t in his position. Show doesn’t want to perform evil acts, but he has to consider his family. Show is torn up over having to knock someone like Dusty Rhodes out. He says that there is only so much that he can take. He has performed every order without question. Show can’t take it anymore. He vows to find Triple H and show him exactly how he feels. Show says he is going to knock Triple the hell out. Show walks away like Frankenstein as he sets off to find the COO.


R-Truth is in the office with Brad Maddox. Show approaches to Truth heads away. Show walks in and demands to know where Triple is in the building. Show grabs Maddox by the throat and lifts him off of his feet and up against the wall. Show commands Maddox to find Triple H.

Zack Ryder v. Alberto Del Rio

Rio locks up with Ryder and takes control almost immediately. Zack tries to fight off the attack by pushing Rio into the corner. He manages to drop Rio on his face and then clotheslines him out of the ring. Zack flings himself out of the ring by using the ropes for momentum. Rio moves out of the way. Ryder crashes down on the floor. Rio throws him into the barricade and then rolls him back into the ring. Ryder completes a few kick but gets caught by a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Rio gets behind Ryder and applies a choke. Zack fights to his feet and climbs to the second rope. He leaps in at Rio with a missile dropkick. Ryder sets Rio up in the corner and delivers the Broskie Boot. Cover, but Rio kicks out. Ryder has achieved more offensive in this RAW match than in all of his RAW matches in the past six months combined. Rio recovers after the pin attempt. He regains his wits and locks Ryder into the Cross-Arm Breaker.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio


Heyman is in the ring with Ryback. He says that Punk is simply pandering to the crowd. He mocks Punk for referring to the fans as his family. Heyman shows video of Punk attacking him last week and the inevitable ambush. Heyman tries to turn the essence of bullying around given the context of Ryback’s character. He says that Ryback saved him from the bullying of Punk. Ryback takes the microphone and says that if there is anything in this world that he hates – it is bullies. Ryback is very upset by the way that Punk hurt Heyman. Ryback puts his hand on Heyman’s face as he says that he could let Punk’s actions stand. There is nothing that he wouldn’t do for Heyman. They share an embrace.

Heyman says that he is so glad Ryback feels that way. It is 2013. People should come out into the open when they have feelings. Heyman wants something much more meaningful with Ryback. Since Ryback saved Heyman’s life, Heyman has had a spring in his step. Heyman wants to feel that for the rest of his life. Paul says that in front of the WWE Universe he wants to make something public. The crowd chants, “get a room”. Heyman is upset by the interruption. Heyman claims that they need an official commitment. Call it a partnership or marriage, but they need a commitment. Heyman claims that he has even run this decision by his children. Heyman claims that till death do they part, he wants to mock an honest man out of Ryback. Heyman grabs Ryback’s hand and drops to one knee. Heyman looks up with water in his eyes as he asks if Ryback will become a Paul Heyman guy.

CM Punk’s music hits. He does not appear on the ramp. Instead, Punk jumps over the guard rail. Punk drops the ground clutching his knee. He is grounded for a bit and appears hurt. Punk climbs up on the apron, but falls down to the ground. A trainer comes over for assistance. Ryback and Heyman can only watch on from the ring. Punk grabs a kendo stick from under the ring. He takes out Heyman’s legs. Punk charges into the ring and takes out Ryback. He has tricked them out and going on the offensive hard. Curtis Axel tries to come to the rescue but only gets mauled with the kendo stick. Punk hits Axel hard over the shoulder with the stick. Punk lifts Axel up in the air and delivers a GTS.

Big Show is shown pacing backstage.


The Usos & Dolph Ziggler v. The Shield

Ambrose and Dolph start the match. Ambrose drags the face of Dolph against the top rope. Ziggler leap frogs after an Irish Whip. He hits an arm lariat and goes for the cover. Ambrose kicks out and brings in Seth Rollins. Ziggler hits an arm drag and tags in Jimmy. He slams Rollins to the mat and follows with a splash. Jey comes in off the tag for a cover. Rollins kicks out. Jey looks for an arm bar. Rollins escapes and tags in Ambrose. Dean pulls Jey towards the corner and brings Rollins back. Seth delivers a few punches and stomps from the back. Ambrose reenters. Jey dodges a double clothesline and leaps for a crossbody. Ambrose and Rollins catch him in their arms. Jimmy tags himself in and kicks his brother to knock down their opponents. All hell breaks loose as everyone flies into the ring. Ambrose and Rollins are thrown to the outside. The Usos fly out of the ring and over the top rope to the outside in unison.


Ambrose gets behind Jey and applies a rear choke. The crowd cheers for Ziggler to get in the match. Jey escapes but is knocked back down. Ambrose delivers and elbow and then tags in Roman. Jey is hit with a jumping elbow. Roman sends his cousin up high for a side slam. Cover, but Uso kicks out. Jey gets to his feet and manages to send Reigns to the outside. Roman rolls back inside and buts off the tag attempt. Jey responds with a Superkick. Reigns tags in Rollins. Seth knocks Jimmy off the apron. Jey uses the opening to tag in Dolph. Ambrose also gets the tag. Ziggler jumps up in the corner for a ten count punch. He is fired up as he drops a few elbows in a row. Rollins flies into the ring but Dolph catches him with a dropkick. Ambrose is hit with a Fame-Asser. Cover, but Roman makes the save. A Uso charges in to knock Roman out of the ring. He can’t hit an aerial move but does knock Ambrose out. Ziggler is the legal man for his team at this point as is Reigns. The action erupts in the ring as the men brawl and get knocked to the outside. Roman flies at Ziggler for a hard spear for the win.

Winners: The Shield


Big Show is joined by Stephanie McMahon in Triple H’s office. She is flanked with several security guards. They ask if Show has been threatening a WWE employee. Stephanie stops the questioning. She says that Show has been under a lot of pressure as of late. Stephanie says that he does not realize the consequences of his actions. All that he is trying to do is put food on the table for his family. He has a big mortgage payment coming up soon. Stephanie says that she will vouch for the Big Show. Stephanie says that she spoke to Big Show’s wife. She said that Show has not been measuring up to her expectations at home. The officers and Stephanie leave the room. Show takes a seat on the couch as he appears helpless. Show has a determined look on his face as he stares off to the side. He approaches a poster for the newly released Triple H DVD. Show punches towards it and punches straight through the poster and the wall.

Renee Young is in the back with Rob Van Dam. RVD will face Alberto Del Rio for the World Title at Battleground. She asks how he feels about the hardcore rules stipulation. A video shows of RVD completing several extreme maneuvers during his career. Rio may be merciless but he has no clue what hardcore really means. RVD proclaims that this Sunday they are going hardcore. In any language the translation for hardcore is simple – RVD.


Santino w/ The Great Khali & Hornswoggle v. Antonio Cesaro w/ Zeb Colter & Jack Swagger

Cesaro tries to pick up the win early in the match. He slams Santino down and then jumps on his chest. Cover, but Santino kicks out. Cesaro tries to grab his legs but misses. Santino does a split and punches Cesaro. Santino puts on the Cobra glove. Cesaro grabs Santino’s legs and starts to swing him around and around. Santino is helpless as he goes flying around and around. Antonio finally drops him down to the mat. Santino gets up swiftly but falls right back down. Santino looks for an arm drag but Cesaro blocks. Cesaro blocks a second attempt but Santino falls forward instead of back. This allows him to apply a quick cover for the win.

Winner: Santino


Jerry Lawler is in the ring. He reminds the audience that Daniel Bryan proposed to Brie Bella over the weekend. Lawler is excited to see the development when Total Divas returns in November. He invites Daniel Bryan down to the ring. Orton’s music hits soon after and he walks down to join Lawler and Bryan. Orton takes on Bryan this Sunday at Battleground with the winner receiving the vacant WWE Championship. Lawler reminds the audience on the happenings after Bryan won the Title only to be stripped by Triple H. Orton claims that while he was upset HHH did not hand him the belt, the opportunity to win it again has filled him with passion. He is returning to the Viper of old. He brutalized Miz in front of his parents because he is an Apex Predator. Orton wins the Title at Battleground because he is genetically superior to his opponent.

Bryan compliments Orton on the promo. Bryan tries to get in Orton’s head by saying that Triple H is only motivating Orton because he wants to make money off of him. Bryan does not need such motivation. He achieves his own potential because of his own passion for the business. Bryan leads the crowd in a loud chant. Orton says that a chant won’t win Bryan the Title. Orton asks what could be so wrong with Brie Bella that she would settle for the likes of Daniel Bryan. Orton claims that one day Brie will realize that she isn’t sleeping with a true man but a barnyard animal.

Bryan lashes out and immediately flies at Orton. He punches him repeatedly and sends him out of the ring. The attack continues on the outside. Orton reverses a whip and sends Bryan into the steel steps. Orton rips Bryan’s shirt off and then sends him into the steel post time after time. By the fourth time Bryan is in pain. Orton grabs Bryan by the neck and lifts Bryan up to drop his midsection across the barricade. Orton punches his PPV opponent before rolling him back into the ring.

Brie Bella comes charging down to the ring. Orton sets the feet of Bryan up against the ring apron and delivers a suspended DDT on the outside. Brie can only watch on in horror as her fiancé is dismantled. Brie rushes over to check on her man. Orton rips the cover off of the commentators’ booth and tosses the monitors to the side. Orton yells to Brie as he lifts Bryan up and smashes his head against the booth. Orton stands on top of the booth and brings Bryan up with him. Orton leaps and delivers an RKO that collapses the table. Brie yells for Orton to stop the attack. Several referees have joined in the fray as Orton steps away from Bryan. Brie runs over to help Bryan as Orton takes a moment to stretch his leg. WWE will be live on PPV this Sunday as Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan fight for the WWE Championship.