Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
October 7, 2013
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Stephanie McMahon makes her way down to the ring with a sigh. She addresses the ruining of the WWE championship Match. She is livid over the fact that one selfish man has crushed the WWE Universe. She calls out the Big Show.

He makes his way down to the ring. She instructs him to shut up instead of talking. She says that stress is no excuse for knocking out officials, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. She asks what he has to say for himself. He utters that he is sorry. Stephanie says that Show is a sorry excuse for a human. Triple H has bailed him out and bought his mortgage. Show has no financial responsibility, which is the reason he is broke. She tells Big Show to man up. He asks if he can go.

Stephanie is not pleased. She says that she does not just own Big Show’s home, but she owns him as well. He has no free will. He cannot do anything in the company without either her or her husband’s permission. She tells Big Show to get down on his knees and beg. Show just shakes his head. Stephanie tells him that he is worthless and lacks a soul.

Big Show laughs. He says that he won’t apologize or beg. He knocked Orton out because he couldn’t take it anymore. He knocked out Daniel Bryan because she told him to do so. Stephanie says that it is typical that he won’t take responsibility. Stephanie claims that since she and Triple H weren’t at the show that it was the actions of Brad Maddox that influenced the giant. Show laughs off the accusation and says that everyone knows that Maddox is her puppet. Stephanie McMahon starts to slap Big Show in the face. She slaps him repeatedly while calling him a big baby. Ultimately she has had enough and commands Big Show to get out of the ring – because he is fired.


Damien Sandow v. Dolph Ziggler

Sandow sets in with a headlock at the start. Ziggler makes his way to his feet but is dropped with a knee to the gut. Sandow drops the Elbow of disdain as he works Ziggler on the mat. Sandow uses his boot to rough up Dolph’s face. A running thigh hits Dolph as he is positioned on the second rope. Cover, but Ziggler kicks out. Sandow continues with the control with a headscissors.

Ziggler breaks free but is pushed back into the corner. He fights forward with a few punches. Sandow knocks Ziggler off the apron, which sends him crashing to the outside.


Sandow is still in control and tries for a cover. Ziggler kicks out. Sandow returns to a rear choke. Ziggler escapes and runs the ropes. Sandow is still having none of it and clotheslines Dolph out of the ring. On the outside Sandow tosses him into the steel post. Sandow rolls him back into the ring and goes for the cover. Dolph kicks out. Sandow presses a knee against Ziggler’s back as he chokes him. Ziggler is whipped into the corner. Sandow charges but crashes shoulder first into the post as Ziggler moves away.

Ziggler hits a Thesz Press. He knocks Sandow out of the ring and follows after. Dolph stays on top of Sandow as he drops an elbow and then rolls him back into the ring. Dolph hits his 10 count punches of fury. Dolph with a high dropkick and a cover. Sandow kicks out. Ziggler heads to the apron and climbs to the top rope. Sandow springs to his feet and knocks his opponent back into the ring. Sandow whips him but Ziggler uses his speed to slide under his legs. Dolph hits the Fame-Asser for the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Brad Maddox is in his office. Stephanie approaches and says that she trusted him to be General Manager of RAW. She is furious that the Rhodes family won, the power went out, Scott Armstrong made an appearance in the Championship match, and Big Show even knocked everyone out. Maddox tries to mention Triple H, but Stephanie shuts him down. She tells him that he is lucky that he doesn’t face the same fate as Big Show. Maddox must go out in front of the WWE Universe and apologize for last night.


Natalya, Jojo & Eva Marie v. Aksana, Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes

Natalya starts the match against Aksana. Natalya kicks up out of a side choke. Natalya grabs her opponent and drags her to the corner. Eva gets the tag. She rolls around on the mat for a bit and attempts a roll up. Aksana pushes her down on the mat and drops a few elbows. Aksana goes for a cover, but Eva kicks out. Rosa gets the tag and goes to work on Eva. She quickly tags in Alicia. The tiny Fox manhandles the newbie. Natalya is knocked off the apron but is only down for a moment. Eva reaches the corner and hits an audible sigh of relief. Natalya locks on the Sharpshooter for the win.

Winners: Natalya, Jojo & Eva Marie

Brad Maddox is out on the entrance ramp to apologize for last night’s events. Maddox wants to ensure that there is a definitive winner. He announces that Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan will have their rematch at Hell in a Cell. There will be a Special Guest referee for the match. The WWE Universe will vote amongst three candidates. They are all Hall of Famers. Maddox points for the music and Booker T walks out.

Booker says that they should choose him for the job because they all know him. He is a six time World Heavyweight Champion. Everyone knows that he will do the right thing for the people. More “importantlier” (his word) he will do what is best for business.


Los Matadores v. Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre w/ Heath Slater

Diego starts the match against Jinder. He tags in his partner and they hit a double swing drop. Drew gets the tag and takes Fernando down with a backstretch. Fernando bounces of the second rope for a kick. Diego gets the tag and flattens Drew. He kicks Jinder off the apron and then continues the attack. Fernando comes back in and hits the same backdrop finisher with his partner that they finished their opponent’s off with last week.

Winners: Los Matadores

After the match Heath Slater runs into the ring. El Torito takes him out with a flying headscissors from the top rope that sends Slater to the outside.


Paul Heyman is in the ring with Ryback and Curtis Axel. Heyman once again puts over that he defeated CM Punk. He admits that last night Punk was able to pin Ryback. Heyman believes that the record books should show that Punk is a cheater. A picture of Heyman holding a kendo stick as the referee tells him to put it down is shown. Punk can be seen in the background kicking Ryback, though it isn’t the focus of the shot. Clearly this is not the graphic that Heyman was awaiting as it does not fully highlight Punk hitting the low blow. He stands in the ring shaking his head for an extended period of time.

CM Punk’s music hits to save the segment from this roadblock. Punk stands on the entrance ramp and stares into the ring. Punk’s amused that Heyman would call him a cheater. Punk knows that they are probably out in the ring to issue a challenge. Punk says that he accepts whatever match they want to have. Heyman says that Punk is bullying Ryback and tells Ryback to do something about it. Ryback takes the mic and claims that if Punk had any balls he would have hit him there long ago. Punk seems genuinely amused by the bizarre line. Ryback tells him to come down to the ring if he wants to bully him. Punk is about to walk to the ring but R-Truth’s music hits. He convinces Punk to let him tag along. It seems a de facto Tag Match is breaking out.

Curtis Axel & Ryback w/ Paul Heyman v. CM Punk & R-Truth

Ryback does not want to start the match against Punk so he tags in Axel. Punk hits a drop toehold and follows with a falling leg stretch. Truth gets the tag and drops a leg on the back of Axel’s neck. Truth is whipped into the ropes but bounces back with a fist.


Ryback gets the tag and begins to work Truth. He stretches him across the ring and tries to force a few covers. Ryback works his opponent’s abdominal area. Truth is able to block a splash. Ryback tries to lift him up but Truth fights free and hits a spinning heel kick. Punk is desperate for a tag. Truth finds Punk as Axel also gets the tag. Punk is full of energy as he charges towards the corner for a high knee. Punk climbs to the top rope and leaps for the Macho Elbow. Punk signals for the end. Ryback is knocked off of the apron. Punk lifts Axel up for the GTS. Ryback charges into the ring right after Punk hit his finisher. Punk knocks him out with a boot. Truth gets the tag and hits an Axe Kick for the win.

Winners: CM Punk & R-Truth


The next man out to compete for a guest referee spot – Bob Backlund. He says he loves the people. He should be picked because he has been both a good guy and a bad guy. He doesn’t care who wins the match. He is going off with an old school style promo. Backlund continues to yell at the audience as he commands them to stand up straight.

Kofi Kingston v. Randy Orton

Orton attempts a quick cover off a knee but Kofi kicks out. Orton knocks him out of the ring. Kofi is tossed into the barricade a few times. Orton tosses him back into the ring. Cover, but Kofi kicks out. Orton sets him up against the second rope and chokes him. Kofi blocks a whip and knocks Orton out of the ring. As Orton reenters Kofi begins to kick. He nails Orton a few times before sending him to the outside once again. Orton walks away to avoid an aerial assault. Back inside the ring Orton retakes control. He backs Kofi into the corner and punches him down to the mat. Kofi is gasping for air as he makes it back to his feet. Orton reverses a whip, which Kofi uses to try for a crossbody. Orton moves out of the way as Kofi hits the mat.


Back from the break and Orton has Kofi in a rear headlock. Kofi is sent into the corner but blocks a splash. This time he is successful with a crossbody. Orton misses on a clothesline but connects with a dropkick. Cover, but Kofi kicks out. Orton grabs Kofi by the braids and lifts him to his feet. Kofi is whipped towards the corner. He grabs Orton’s neck and hits a tornado DDT. Cover, but Orton kicks out Kofi charges for Trouble but Orton dodges. Orton dodges another attempt and then sends Kofi towards the corner. Kofi slides through the ropes and kicks Orton. He climbs up top and leaps for a crossbody. Cover, but Orton kicks out.

Kofi grabs Orton and flips through for the S.O.S. but Orton kicks free. Kofi drops Orton’s jaw against the top rope. He springboards into the ring from the apron but Orton catches him in a scoop slam. Orton grabs Kofi for a Suplex but finds himself tossed to the outside. Kofi tries a baseball slide but Orton moves out of the way. Orton grabs Kofi and tosses him back first into the barricade. Orton stomps across his opponent and then lifts him up and drops him gut first onto the barricade. Orton then pulls Kofi forward to connect with a tornado DDT. Orton rolls Kofi back into the ring. Orton lifts Kofi to his feet and connects with an RKO.

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match Orton is celebrating in the corner. Daniel Bryan charges into the ring from out of nowhere. Bryan clotheslines Orton out of the ring. Bryan follows immediately with a suicide dive. Orton goes crashing over the Commentators’ booth. Bryan leaps right over top and won’t stop the attack. A slew of referees and producers run down to pull Bryan off. Fit Finlay and Jamie Noble are in the bunch. Orton runs away to the back as Bryan charges behind.


Vickie Guerrero is in the back scolding an employee for vacation time. Alberto walks up to speak with her. Alberto wants to know when he will be the face of the WWE. After all, he is the only active Champion. Rio trusts Vickie. He continues to suck up to her and even calls her sexy. Del Rio appears smitten. He takes his scarf and places it around Vickie’s neck. Rio kisses her on the cheek and then walks away. Vickie takes the scarf off, sniffs it, and then drops it to the ground.

The final candidate to be Special Guest Referee is – Shawn Michaels. Well, this one is in the books. He attempts to make the case that he can be impartial despite his obvious ties to this match. Shawn is Triple H’s best friend. He also happens to be the man that trained Daniel Bryan. He guarantees that there will definitely be a new Champion. Michaels does not care about what is best for business. He claims to care about what is best for all of the fans.


Alberto Del Rio makes his way down to the ring. Vickie Guerrero comes out and announces that Rio will be involved in a match. She brings out his opponent – Ricardo Rodriguez.

Alberto Del Rio v. Ricardo Rodriguez

Vickie stops the match before it starts. She lets Del Rio know that he will defend his Championship at Hell in a Cell against --- JOHN CENA. Ricardo capitalizes on the surprise and rolls Alberto up to pick up the win.

Winner: Ricardo Rodriguez

After the match Ricardo is celebrating on the Commentator’s booth. Rio trips him up and he lands down hard. Rio grabs a steel chair. He places Ricardo’s arm between it like he did to RVD last night. Alberto stomps on the chair several times and then locks on a Cross-Arm Breaker. Referees rush to separate the two men.


Fandango w/ Summer Rae v. Zack Ryder

Fandango whips Zack into the ropes and catches him with a high thigh. Fandango gets behind his opponent for a choke. Ryder escapes and heads up high for a missile dropkick. Fandango drops into the corner. Zack charges for a Broskie Boot. Fandango rolls out of the ring to avoid the kick. Zack is able to hit it baseball slide style. Back inside the ring Fandango is looking for the close. Fandango slams Ryder in the middle of the ring. Fandango climbs to the top and leaps for a huge leg drop.

Winner: Fandango

After the match Jerry Lawler gets to his feet to announce the Special Guest Referee as voted on by the WWE Universe. Shawn Michaels is revealed as the winner by a landslide. Backlund looks visibly upset. Booker received almost none of the vote.


The Real Americans v. The Great Khali & Santino w/ Hornswoggle

Santino enjoys taking his time to run the ropes. He hits an inverted Atomic Drop. He feels bad for the skullduggery and looks for a shake. Swagger punches him in the jaw. Antonio gets the tag. A “We the People” chant breaks out. Cesaro keeps Santino grounded and tries for a cover. Santino gets his foot up on the mat. Santino drops down for a punch. Khali gets the tag. He pushes Cesaro away and then into the corner. Khali elbows Antonio across the shoulder blade several times. He follows with a chop. Swagger is knocked off the apron. Khali blocks a charge with a back elbow. Cesaro attacks the back of Khali’s leg. Cesaro grabs Khali and starts to swing him around. It is an absolutely incredibly feat of strength. Cover and the People win.

Winners: The Real Americans

After the match Swagger grabs Hornswoggle from ringside. He rolls him into the ring and towards Antonio. Cesaro begins a swing. Santino hits the ring to make the save with a Cobra strike. Khali is on hand to ensure that Swagger can’t make the save.

The Miz is shown walking in the back.



The Miz starts the introduction but the lights go out. The Wyatt Family makes their way down to the ring in darkness. When the lights come back on Luke and Rowan are already in the ring behind him. Miz scurries out of the ring. Bray gloats with his family over the fear that they have instilled.

Brad Maddox is in the office with Stephanie McMahon. Triple H joins them. He shares that he has spent a lot of time cleaning up Maddox’s mistake. Brad attempts a fix but Triple H stops him. Triple H says he is going to go out to face the ground and do what is best for business.


The Shield v. Goldust, Cody Rhodes & Daniel Bryan

Triple H makes his way down to join in on commentary. Rollins starts the match against Goldust. Rollins is tripped up by the speed but kicks out of a quick cover. Cody gets the tag and springboards in with a dropkick. Cover, but Rollins kicks out. Seth hits a punch to the face that floors Cody. Ambrose gets the tag. He delivers a few punches but misses on a back body drop. Cody hits a knee lift and a cover. Ambrose kicks out. Rhodes falls forward on a Suplex lift and goes for another cover. Ambrose kicks out. Rhodes stomps on his opponent and then tags in his brother. Dust drops a knee and goes for the cover. Ambrose kicks out and brings Cody back in to the match.

Ambrose shakes off a knee and whips Cody to the corner. Rhodes blocks a charge and climbs up for a moonsault. Roman provides a brief distraction. Ambrose rushes up and pushes Cody off the top and to the outside.


Ambrose is in control of Rhodes with a rear choke. Cody fights free and blocks a side drop in the corner. Rhodes flies off the top with a moonsault that connects. Bryan gets the tag as does Daniel Bryan. The crowd roars as Bryan flies into the ring with his signature high octane offensive. Cover, but Rollins kicks out. All hell breaks loose as everyone charges into the ring. Ultimately Rhodes clotheslines Reigns out of the ring. Bryan is left on the inside with Rollins. He locks on the Yes Lock.

Dean Ambrose grabs a chair and rushes into the ring. Cody is in the ring to stop the attack but does get hit with a steel chair. The referee calls for the bell.

Triple H gets to his feet and announces that this match will not have an uncertain ending. It is to be restarted as a No DQ match. Daniel Bryan flies out of the ring onto members of The Shield with a suicide dive. As Bryan celebrates the maneuver Randy Orton charges out of the crowd. Bryan is hit with an RKO on the outside. Randy rolls him back into the ring. Rollins covers Bryan for the win.

Winners: The Shield

After the match, The Shield continues to beat down their opponents. Triple H looks to walk towards the back. The Big Show’s music hits. Triple H heads into the ring to hide behind The Shield. Big Show walks down to the ring and heads inside. The Shield charges at Show but is quickly dismantled. Show starts to walk towards Triple H. The Shield has not been vanquished and they launch themselves at Big Show. Triple H takes his jacket off and commands the destruction. The Shield looks to lift Show up for their three man finisher. Big Show pushes them all away at once. Show now stands directly across from Triple H. Show reaches out and pops him right across the kisser with a Knockout Blow. Show exits the ring and heads towards the back.

Daniel Bryan rolls into the ring and sees the fallen Triple H. Bryan stands over top of him and starts to celebrate as the crowd joins in with the uncrowned Champion. Yes!