Memphis, Tennessee
October 21, 2013
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Triple H’s music hits. He is accompanied by Stephanie McMahon. They exchange a kiss before announcing a few matches for the WWE Hell in a Cell PPV. The main event will feature Daniel Bryan taking on Randy Orton in Hell in a Cell for the vacant WWE Championship. The referee for the match was voted on by the fans and will be WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels.

The Big Show appears on the Titantron via Satellite. Show is quite upset by the ramblings of Triple H. To retort Triple H responds and says that the Big Show’s free ride is now finished. Show responds that Trips is mad because Show is suing him for the millions of dollars still owed him on his contract as well as other litigations. Stephanie McMahon cuts Show off after he starts to attack her character and appearance.

Triple H introduces Dean Ambrose – but instead Daniel Bryan appears.


Daniel Bryan v. Dean Ambrose

Bryan and Ambrose exchange turnbuckle isolations. Bryan connects with a few kicks and then drops Ambrose off of an Irish Whip. Bryan leaps on his opponent’s back and wrenches his arm for a stretch. Ambrose fights to his feet. Bryan dodges a clothesline and tries to sneak in a pin. Ambrose kicks out. Bryan twists the arm of Ambrose, returns to kicks, then twists and shouts some more. Bryan whiffs on a dropkick. Ambrose drops an elbow and goes for the cover. Bryan kicks out. Ambrose stomps on Bryan’s wrist to try and limit the power of a potential Yes Lock. Bryan responds with a few more kicks and a rolling DDT. Bryan heads to the top turnbuckle. Ambrose scurries out of the ring to avoid the headbutt. Bryan slips to the apron and tries for a charging knee. Ambrose has the move scouted and slips to the side. Dean heads to commercial with an arm lariat.


Back from the break Ambrose is working on Bryan against the ropes. Ambrose attempts a few submissions designed to weaken Bryan’s arms. He hits a side slam. Ambrose keeps up the offensive with a legscissors to the head. Bryan mounts Ambrose from behind for a surfboard stretch. Bryan even yanks back on the neck for emphasis. Ambrose escapes with a knee to the eye. Bryan heads to the top rope but Ambrose follows right after for a Double Underhook Superplex from the second rope. Bryan manages to kick out.

AS the action continues in the ring Bryan starts to hulk up. He flies across the ring for a few kicks and then hits a hurricarana from the top that launches Ambrose towards the middle of the ring. Cover, but Ambrose kicks out. Ambrose tries a maneuver from the second tope himself but it still can’t dismantle Bryan. They brawl to the outside and then Bryan climbs up top for a flying headbutt. Ambrose kicks out of the cover. Dean cannot escape defeat forever as the Yes Lock provides his downfall.

Winner: Daniel Bryan


CM Punk’s music hits and he makes his way out to the entrance ramp with a microphone in hand. Punk is excited to have both Ryback and Heyman inside the Hell in a Cell. Punk says that he has no interest in pinning or submitting Paul Heyman. Instead, his plan is to put Ryback to sleep. Once the monster is taking care of then Punk will go to work on Heyman and drag his face across every surface of the structure. Punk vows that The Best in the World will walk out of the Cell.

Triple H is in the back with Vickie Guerrero and Stephanie. He tells Vickie not to screw things up tonight. Trips and Stephanie walk into their office to find Shawn Michaels. Stephanie is on the phone desperately searching for added security due to the Big Show threat. Michaels asks if Triple H really doesn’t think that Bryan could be Champion. Trips responds that this isn’t a wheat grass company. Shawn says that they used to say the same about good old HBK. Stephanie is furious that Show was able to interrupt the RAW feed. Shawn points out that they used to do it to Vince all the time. Stephanie says it was funny back then, but now things are serious.


Santino w/ The Great Khali & Hornswoggle v. Heath Slater w/ 3MB

Santino trots about the ring and tries to evade an attack. Santino and the rest of his stable are dressed as Elvis. Santino shakes his hips to fight free of submission. Slater pushes him back towards a corner. Santino reverses and starts to let in with a few punches. Santino reaches for the Cobra. It’s an Elvis Cobra to boot. Santino is knocked down to the mat and Slater jumps up for a turnbuckle leap. Santino kick jumps to his feet and hits the Cobra for the win.

Winner: Santino

After the match Santino grabs a microphone. He puts over Jerry Lawler as the true King of Memphis. Santino and Lawler dance atop the commentator’s booth.


Dolph Ziggler v. Randy Orton

They brawl outside of the ring at the start. Ziggler mounts Orton in the corner for his flurry of punches. The match continues as neither man can find a weakness to exploit. Orton sets in with a rear headlock to formulate his next game plan. Ziggler fights free with a jawbreaker. Dolph dodges a clothesline and hits one of his own. Dolph scores a near fall. Orton dodges a Fame-Asser. Ziggler blocks a suspended DDT and hits a running DDT. Cover, but Orton kicks out. Orton catches Dolph and tosses him overhead for an Exploder Suplex. Orton doesn’t create much lift and Ziggler lands hard on his shoulder. Orton hits a suspended DDT. Randy looks for the finish. Dolph blocks an RKO with a high dropkick. Cover, but Orton kicks out. Dolph misses a Zig Zag which allows Orton to hit the RKO for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton


The Bella Twins v. AJ & Tamina Snuka

Brie kicks the leg of Tamina and then tags in her twin. Nikki stays on the attack with a snapmare. Tamina tosses Nikki through the ropes. Nikki lands hard on her knee. Tamina connects with a vertical suplex and then drops a knee. Cover, but Nikki kicks out. Tamina plays with the rope to inflict damage on her opponent. AJ gets the tag and tries to choke her foe. AJ is pushed back into the corner. Brie gets the hot tag and tries to fire up the crowd. AJ is hit with an elbow followed by a missile dropkick. AJ kicks out of the cover. AJ looks for the mount but Brie cinches on a Half Crab. Tamina causes a distraction. It doesn’t matter as Brie is able to nail AJ with a running boot followed by a faceplant.

Winners: The Bella Twins

After the match, Tamina carries the fallen body of her partner out of the arena slung over her shoulder.


Renee Young is joined in the back by Paul Heyman, Ryback & Curtis Axel. Heyman is in full promo mode as he mocks CM Punk. Heyman launches into a rant about overflowing like lava. Big E. Langston walks into the shot and essentially challenges Axel to a match. Heyman gropes Axel as he holds him back and reminds him that he doesn’t give up his body for free – the encounter will have to happen in the ring.


The Miz & Kofi Kingston v. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan w/ Bray Wyatt

Luke and Miz start the match. Miz wants to take out his opponents early but instead finds himself catapulted neck first into the bottom rope. Cover, but Miz kicks out. Erick gets the tag. He slams Miz before bringing Luke back into the match. Harper with a gator roll followed by a side choke. Luke with a strong scoop slam and cover. Miz kicks out. Kofi gets the tag and tries to use his speed. Kofi reverses out of a whip with a tilt-a-whirl. Kofi flies off the top rope with a crossbody. Erick saves the cover. Kofi knocks Erick off the apron. Kofi turns to Harper but is met with a vicious arm lariat.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

After the match the Wyatt’s turn their attention to Kofi. Miz runs in for the save which turns into his undoing. Kofi is tossed to the outside. Miz’s arms are twisted up in the ropes. Bray has a microphone and enters the ring. He lectures Miz for a bit and instructs him to follow the buzzards.


Big E. Langston v. Curtis Axel w/ Ryback

Langston charges at Axel. Ryback does not exit the ring and goes right after Langston. The match never officially gets underway. They all roll and brawl to the outside. Langston tries to hold his own but the numbers game ultimately proves too great it seems. Langston manages to dodge a clothesline. Paul Heyman appears with a kendo stick and nails Langston in the back. It barely phases the big man. Ryback finally has an opening to work on Langston. CM Punk runs down with a kendo stick to make the save.

Vickie Guerrero appears and announces that this will now be a Tag Team match.


Big E. Langston & CM Punk v. Curtis Axel & Ryback

Punk gets into the ring with Axel. Ryback gets the tag as Punk is tripped up. Punk hits a few chops before being charged into the corner. Ryback whips Punk hard across the ring and into the corner. Ryback kicks Punk in the gut. Langston calls for the tag. Ryback keeps Punk isolated. Axel gets the tag and cinches on a side headlock. Punk gets to his feet and hits a crossbody cover from the second rope. Axel kicks out. Curtis stomps on Punk’s face. Ryback gets the tag and jumps for a splash. Cover, but Punk kicks out. Ryback gets behind Punk for a stretch. Punk jaw jacks to break free.

Langston and Axel get the tags. Langston is full of speed as he collides with Axel and then drops a huge splash. Langston pulls down his straps and tries to lift Axel to his feet. Punk flies in to stop a Ryback counter. Langston lifts Axel up on his shoulder and delivers the Big Ending.

Winners: Big E. Langston & CM Punk

After the match Punk charges off after Paul Heyman but loses him in the crowd.


Tons of Funk v. The Real Americans

Swagger and Tensai start the match. Cesaro gets the tag to try and take the big man down. Swagger is brought back in once Tensai is isolated. Swagger connects with a few kicks to the thigh. Swagger hits a bomb and then Cesaro leapfrogs. Colter is ranting and raving on commentary for this match. Brodus is made the legal man. Cesaro hits a Big Swing that disorientates the Dinosaur. Swagger gets the tag and knocks Tensai off the apron. Swagger covers Brodus and this match is over.

Winners: The Real Americans

After the match Zeb Colter gets in the ring with a microphone. Coming on the heels of his attack at the horns of El Torito, Colter unveils a bull rope as the newest addition to his arsenal.


John Cena return promo.


Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins w/ Dean Ambrose v. The Usos

Seth starts the match but Roman quickly gets the tag. The Usos also exchange a few tags as they attempt to ground Roman. Seth fights his way into the match and dodges a crossbody from Uso which sends him crashing into the second rope. Cover, but Uso kicks out. Roman gets the tag and attempts a cover. Uso kicks out. Roman has Uso out on the apron and attempts to suplex him into the ring. Jimmy blocks the attempt. Seth provides a distraction which allows Reigns to knock him out of the ring.

Cody & Goldust are on commentary for this match. The winner of this match will face them for the WWE Tag Team Championships at Hell in a Cell.


Rollins charges at Uso in the corner. Roman tags himself in as Rollins is sent to the outside. Uso flips over Roman’s back, kicks him, and makes the tag. Jimmy climbs to the top rope and leaps for a crossbody. Cover, but Roman kicks out. Rollins runs in as does Jey. They both end up on the outside. Jimmy pumps the crowd up as he charges towards Reigns in the corner. Roman charges right at him and levels him. Rollins runs into the ring and into a Samoan Drop from Jey. They both roll to the outside. Reigns hits a powerslam on Jimmy. Roman hits the steel post with his shoulder as Jimmy moves. Jimmy leaps from the top for a splash but Reigns gets his knees up.

Dean Ambrose starts to goad Cody and Goldust at ringside. Rollins joins in on the scuffle. Jey does as well which forces the referee to call for the bell.

Winners: No Contest

All hell breaks loose after the match. All three teams go after each other. No clear #1 Contender was announced for the PPV at this point.


The final segment features a WWE Championship contract signing between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. Triple H and Stephanie are the first out to the ring. They also bring out the Special Guest referee for the match – Shawn Michaels. Orton and Bryan each make their case that they should be the face of the company. Triple H compares Daniel Bryan to the likes of RVD & Chris Jericho. Triple H also says that if the WWE had gotten behind those kinds of guys as the face of the company then there would be no WWE today. He refers to Bryan as a B+ player. Bryan tells him to change from a suit to ring gear. Triple retorts that he only faces stars. Triple H wouldn’t waste his time on Bryan. He also adds that Shawn Michaels shouldn’t have spent his time training Daniel Bryan.

Michaels is not pleased by this gesture. He claims that Bryan is in fact quite excellent. Shawn asks what happened to the Triple H of old. They used to do so many crazy things together. From attacking WCW to playing strip poker. Orton is worried that Michaels is out to get him. Michaels says that he has no agenda other than to fulfill the fans’ desire to have the match called down the middle. Michaels doesn’t understand why Triple dislikes Bryan so much. Whether it is because of size or because no matter what challenges that Triple H threw his way – Bryan always overcame the odds. Randy Orton pledges to send Daniel Bryan straight to hell.

A video appears on the Titantron. It shows The Big Show driving the front of a Semi-Truck into the arena. He parks the truck to the side of the entrance ramp. Show leads the crowd in a chant. Show signals for Orton to turn around. When Randy turns, he turns right into a running knee. Bryan exits the ring and heads on top of the truck to celebrate with Big Show.