Dallas, Texas
December 16, 2013
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Last night Randy Orton slithered his way up a ladder to unify the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships. What will the Apex Predator have in store for HIS WWE Universe tonight?

Monday Night RAW kicks off with the entire locker room, including John Cena, on the entrance ramp as they await the emergence of Randy Orton. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon stand in a black carpeted ring. They welcome us to a historic edition of RAW and proclaim the start of a new era. There is no longer a World Heavyweight or a WWE Champion – there is only a WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Orton’s music hits. The Superstars split to allow Randy Orton to pass and make his way to the ring. Daniel Bryan and John Cena can only look on as Orton passes their ranks.

“Isn’t it a nice feeling when you’re faith is rewarded? But then again you didn’t have faith in me to begin with”. These are Orton’s first words as Champion. He claims that he does not look for cheap shots, but will seize on them when they are available. Orton reminds the audience of last week’s RAW and the legends in the ring. He says that none of them in the ring could compare to his accomplishments. Orton looks towards the entrance ramp of Superstars and claims that they belong separated. He is far superior to any of them. Orton says that he is the Champion of Champions.

“You’re an idiot,” replies John Cena. Randy Orton is not pleased with the interruption. Cena simply wants to give the cliff notes of Orton’s speech. In the process he saves the WWE Universe twenty minutes of promo time. Cena reminds Orton of the words of Steve Austin regarding the holder of the Championship – “put up or shut up”.

Orton is furious and says that he will not grant Cena his rematch tonight. Cena claims that he doesn’t want it for himself tonight. The crowd begins to chant for Bryan. Cena says that tonight Randy Orton should face Daniel Bryan. The crowd is in agreement. Orton doesn’t care what the fans think. Cena responds that Orton does care about the Championship so he should put it all on the line tonight. Orton clutches his belts against his chest. Cena notes that he must be scared. Orton replies that he isn’t scared. The fact of the matter is that Orton doesn’t have to listen to the fans, wrestlers or anybody.

“Except us,” notes Stephanie McMahon. Orton replies that there is no way that the Title shot tonight would be best for business. Stephanie and Triple H take a moment to confer together. Triple H agrees with Orton. He does not deserve a shot at the Championship tonight. Stephanie says that she does not understand why but the fans did vote Bryan the Superstar of the year. Triple H says that they always listen to the fans. He asks if that is a match that they would like to see. Orton says that he was just in a TLC Match last night so there is no way he can fight. Triple H retorts that there is no better way to kick off the Champion of Champions era. The crowd erupts. Triple H announces that tonight’s main event will pit the Champion of Champions against the Superstar of the Year. Yes!

Cody Rhodes and Goldust v. Big Show and Rey Mysterio

The fans voted to choose the opponents for the Rhodes Brothers for this match. Cody starts the match off against Rey Mysterio and tries to ground the high flyer. Rey sends Cody out of the ring and follows right after for a splash by sliding across the ring on his chest. Back inside the ring Cody is able to snag a disaster kick which allows Goldust to get the tag. He works Rey for a moment before letting Cody back in the ring. This proves to be a flaw as Rey uses his speed to bring the team’s giant into the ring.

After a commercial break Big Show has Cody lifted high into the air for slam. Show cannot capitalize with a cover so he delivers a hard chop. Cody’s attempts to fight back are stalled by Big Show’s strength. As Cody is placed in a Sleeper there is an interesting turn of events outside the ring. Lawler, Cole & JBL give it a couple goes at taking a selfie.

As Cody is bashed in the corner the fans begin to chant for Goldust. Show delivers another chop and an elbow for a pin attempt. Show decides to take to the air and climbs up to the second rope for an elbow. The entire ring shakes as Big Show crashes and misses.

Goldust gets the hot tag and looks to take advantage of Show’s miss. Goldust manages a cover but no luck. Show delivers chokeslam and a cover. Cody makes the save. Show responds by shoving him out of the ring by his neck. Goldust leaps for a crossbody but nobody is home. Show delivers a Knockout Blow as Goldust charges towards him. Rey gets the tag and stands on top of Show’s shoulders. He flops down for a splash and picks up the victory.

Winners: Big Show and Rey Mysterio

After the match Big Show and Rey check on their opponents. They help Goldust to his feet.

CM Punk will face The Shield later tonight. The fans will vote via the WWE App to determine his tag team partners.


“This time he has a gavel to get the attention of the audience. Over half a billion dollars is at stake this weekend in the lottery. However I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news, because none of you will be fortunate enough to win even a cent of that lottery. You will be forced to return to your ramshackle homes and your miserable lowly lifestyles. Happy Holidays.”

Kane, Stephanie & Triple H are in an office together. Randy Orton charges in furiously. He doesn’t understand how he has to defend his Championship only 24 hours after his TLC match. Stephanie reminds him that last night Daniel Bryan was decimated at the hands of the Wyatt Family. Stephanie says that there is a lot of responsibility that comes along with being the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. There is a lot more to being Champion than meets the eye. Triple H tells Orton that every single night he has to show the fans why he is the Champion. He assures him not to worry because they have his back. Orton hurries off and slams the door behind him.

Fandango w/ Summer Rae v. Dolph Ziggler

Fandango immediately heads to work on the back of Ziggler. He tosses him into the ropes and then follows with a vertical suplex. Fandango can’t capitalize on a cover so he goes for a choke. Ziggler tries to fight out but gets caught with a heel kick. Ziggler starts to fight back but can’t sneak in a pin. Fandango is upset and viciously elbows Ziggler across the collarbone. Meanwhile Summer Rae plays with her hair and struts outside the ring. Ziggler senses an opening and quickly rolls up Fandango for the win. Fandango and Summer Rae are completely shocked.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

The Real Americans w/ Zeb Colter v. Mark Henry and Big E Langston

Langston leaps over Swagger at the start and delivers a shoulder block. Swagger brings in Cesaro but he also falls victim to a quick shoulder block. Swagger is back in. Instead of Langston staying in the ring it is time for Mark Henry. He goes to work on Swagger with a headbutt and a front facing whip into the corner. Langston adds to the offense but quickly exchanges tags until he ultimately ends up back in the ring with Swagger. Langston delivers a ten count punch in the corner and a cover but no luck. Zeb Colter scours on from the outside.

Antonio Cesaro gets the tag in time to meet a headbutt from Mark Henry. Swagger comes in and looks for a shoulder block but is clobbered with a clothesline. Langston is brought back in to help Henry deliver a double shoulder block. Cesaro is the unlucky member of the Real Americans that becomes the legal man. Langston lifts him up high overhead before dropping him down stomach first. Cesaro heads out of the ring and tries to regroup with Swagger and Colter. As Cesaro climbs onto the apron Langston uses a hip toss to bring him inside.

Jack Swagger gets in a cheap shot as he pulls the feet of Langston to trip him up and get him out of the ring. Swagger tosses him straight into the announce table.

Back from a commercial break Langston is being held in an abdominal stretch by Cesaro in the middle of the ring. Langston attempts to get to the corner but Cesaro uses all of his strength to trip him up for a take down. Cesaro dead lifts Langston off the mat for a Gut Wrench. Swagger gets the tag and continues the isolation. Langston is kneeling as Cesaro gets the tag and mushroom stomps him straight on the back. It’s time for Swagger to reenter and help his team keep control. He barrels Cesaro towards the corner and they look for a double back drop. Langston blocks and sends Swagger out of the ring. He delivers a belly-to-belly suplex on Cesaro and scurries towards the corner.

Cesaro is helpless against the sheer size of Mark Henry. He delivers a few headbutts including one a la Junkyard Dog. Henry lifts Cesaro up on his shoulder and walks around before delivering a powerslam. Swagger makes the save but is sent right back out with a shoulder block. Langston gets the tag and is able to stop a potential swing on Mark Henry. With straps down Langston reveals his pecs and delivers a Big Ending.

Winners: Mark Henry and Big E. Langston

Next week will be the battle for Christmas on RAW. Damien Sandow threatens to cancel Christmas as a bad Santa, but good Santa Mark Henry will try to save the day.

Tons of Funk w/ The Funkadactyls v. Ryback and Curtis Axel

Sweet T hopes that his team can find unity after Clay lost to R-Truth last week on RAW. Xavier Woods and R-Truth are on commentary for this match. Clay starts the match off against Curtis Axel but it isn’t long before the tag partners are brought into the ring. Sweet T desperately needs a tag to save himself from Ryback, but Clay decides to jump off the apron and deny him the tag. Ryback responds by delivering a Shell Shock to Sweet T and picks up the pinfall.

Winners: Ryback and Curtis Axel

After the match Clay reenters the ring and delivers two splashes to his teammate. Truth and Woods are not pleased and decide to come to the rescue. They deliver a double drop kick that knocks Clay out of the ring. Clay screams that he is the main event player and demands they stay out of his business.

Truth and Woods know that the Funkadactyls have not had anyone to really dance with lately given the dissention of Tons of Funk. The Funkadactyls respond to the invitation and join Woods and Truth in the ring to dance. Clay is on the entrance ramp and can only scream in anguish as he loses his dancers.

CM Punk’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. He reminds the audience that he fully believed that he would lose his handicap match against The Shield. But, he was able to somehow sneak in a victory. He knows that it is far from over, but this has never been about The Shield. Even though the Authority does not want to admit that they sent The Shield, Punk still believes in a conspiracy. Punk readily admits that he doesn’t do well with Authority. He proved that last week when he punched Triple H in the mouth. Punk calls out the Authority to confront him.

Instead of the Authority – it’s Shawn Michaels that appears! He dances his way down to the ring. Before he can speak Punk says that he wasn’t finished. He calls out to Stephanie that the Best in the World is waiting whenever she wants to speak. Punk then asks if HBK has something to say to him. The fans chant, “you sold out”. HBK says that he understands having issues with Authority. HBK says that Punk’s issue should really be with Hunter, it should be with him. After all it was HBK that kicked him last week. Punk replies that if HBK ever does kick him again then he will kick him right back. HBK says that a kick might hurt him, but what he is going to now is going to hurt more. Shawn Michaels introduces the Shield.

The Shield v. CM Punk and The Usos

Ambrose and Jey start the match. Punk gets the tag after Ambrose is pushed towards the corner. As Punk comes in Ambrose sneaks over to tag in Rollins. As Punk and company work the quick tags the Usos are able to deliver a double elbow drop. Jey is the legal man as he traps Rollins in an arm bar. The crowd is behind the Usos as they keep Rollins isolated. Action spills to the outside of the ring as the show heads to commercial.

Back from the break Jey goes to town on Seth Rollins. Reigns tries to make a save from the apron but Uso knocks him off. The distraction is enough for Ambrose to get the tag as does Jimmy. Ambrose grabs the legs of Jimmy and stomps on his chest repeatedly. Ambrose traps the arm of Jimmy and twists hard. Reigns gets the tag and uses his power to slam Jey hard. Rollins pushes Jimmy up to the corner as he gets the tag. He sets up for a Superplex. Jimmy fights it off and pushes him towards the ring. He leaps in for a crossbody. Ambrose gets the tag to become the legal man. Punk charges in off the hot tag. Rollins and Ambrose are both in corners and both meet high knees. As they stumble forward Punk delivers a double neckbreaker. Ambrose is hit with a brain buster. The Shield charges in as does The Usos. Reigns and Rollins are knocked out of the ring which sets up for some flying Usos. Rollins pushes an Uso into a barricade so Punk flies out with a suicide dive.

Punk blocks an Ambrose dive and climbs to the top rope. Punk delivers an elbow and goes for the cover. Ambrose kicks out. Reigns jumps up on the apron but Punk pushes him back. Ambrose staggers to his feet and sneaks in a tag to Reigns. Punk lifts Ambrose up for the GTS. He is forced to drop him as Reigns charges forward for a vicious Spear.

Winners: The Shield

The Wyatt Family appears on the Titantron. Bray calls out to Sister Abigail. He claims that he knows now what he must do. If Daniel Bryan will not play with the sinners then he will die with the Saints.

AJ Lee, Tamina and Alicia Fox v. Natalya and The Bella Twins

Alicia starts the match off with Attitude against Natalya. She attempts a tilt-a-whirl but ends up on Natalya’s knee. Brie gets the tag and climbs up the turnbuckle. Alicia grabs her by the leg and pulls her into the ring for a cover. No luck. Alicia continues to work on Brie with a few kicks. Tamina gets the tag and the powerhouse enters the ring. Tamina tosses Brie hard into the corner. She then uses the ropes for leverage to choke her opponent. Tamina applies a rear choke and then drags Brie by the hair as she lifts her up for a Samoan Drop. AJ gets the tag. She skips around the ring at the start. Nikki gets the tag as AJ skips and gets tripped up. Nikki lifts AJ up for her power pump but Tamina enters the ring and delivers a Superkick. Nikki immediately clutches her nose and is bleeding. Natalya runs in to send her out of the ring. AJ gets the tag and delivers a Shining Wizard for the win.

Winners: AJ Lee, Tamina and Alicia Fox

Renee Young is in the back with Randy Orton. He is furious that he has to defend his Championship against a troll that he has defeated several times. Orton claims that what is truly best for business would be if everyone in the WWE Universe bends over and kisses his ass. Renee chooses not to pucker up.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Randy Orton (Champion) v. Daniel Bryan

Orton and Bryan brawl in the corner at the start. Orton exits the ring to catch his breath. Orton attempts a stretch but Bryan counters out and traps the leg of Orton. He falls back on it repeatedly to compound the damage. Orton again exits the ring to catch his breath. Orton gets back in the ring and delivers a headbutt followed by several punches. Orton delivers a high suplex that knocks the wind out of Bryan. Bryan grabs the leg of Orton and continues to go to work. He kicks it repeatedly from every angle. Bryan pulls Orton towards the corner and slams the leg of Orton against the steel post. Bryan delivers an uppercut.

Orton starts to fight back after a kick to the gut. He delivers an uppercut of his own followed by another. Both men begin to exchange uppercuts. Bryan whips Orton into the ropes and delivers a knee to the midsection.

The action continues as Bryan flips over the head of Orton. Orton responds with a hard arm lariat. Orton attempts a cover but Bryan fights it off. Orton continues to counter the attempts of Bryan and plants him hard on the mat. Orton taunts the audience after stomping on him repeatedly. Bryan gets back to his feet and unloads with a flurry of offense. Bryan hits a dropkick that knocks Orton straight out of the ring. Bryan attempts to follow right after with a suicide dive. Orton sidesteps so Bryan falls hard to the mat.

Back from the last break of the show, Bryan is tossed into the barricade. The action makes its way back into the ring. Bryan flips out of the corner and delivers a flying lariat off of a charge. Bryan’s left arm has been carefully worked during the match and he continues to clutch it. Orton is in the corner and Bryan delivers a flying knee. Orton is placed on the top rope in a seated position. Bryan hits a hurricarana and immediately covers the Champion. Orton kicks out. Bryan is sent over the top rope but he attempts to skin the cat. Orton responds by kicking Bryan in the gut and then delivering a suspended DDT.

Orton falls down to the mat and begins to pound. He looks for an RKO but Bryan counters into a roll up. Orton kicks out. Bryan immediately kicks Orton in the temple and tries again. Orton kicks out. Orton continues to clutch at his mouth and it does appear as though a tooth has at least been loosened. Bryan climbs to the top rope but Orton halts his progress. Orton climbs up after Bryan and looks for a Superplex. Bryan blocks and sends Orton towards the middle of the ring. Bryan is perched up high and leaps halfway across the ring to deliver a headbutt. Cover, but Orton kicks out.

Orton is sent to the corner and Bryan charges after. Orton sidesteps which causes Bryan to crash down hard. Bryan struggles to his feet so Orton tries for a Roll up. Bryan counters it into a Yes Lock in the middle of the ring. Orton is just able to make it to the bottom rope. Orton heads out of the ring to catch his breath. Bryan will not let him as he flies right out with a suicide dive. Bryan proceeds to toss Orton into the barricade and back into the ring. Bryan climbs up high and delivers a missile dropkick. He covers Orton, but Orton is able to kick out. Bryan kicks up a la his mentor. Orton decides to deliver a low blow which causes the disqualification.

Winner via DQ: Daniel Bryan

John Cena’s music hits and he immediately charges down to the ring to help his friend. Cena tackles Orton and then tosses him out of the ring. Cena turns his attention to Bryan to make sure that he is okay. Orton slithers back into the ring and sneaks in an RKO. Randy Orton stands triumphant over the fallen bodies of both Daniel Bryan and John Cena with his Titles raised up high as the show goes off the air.