WWF Monday Night Raw
Episode 008

New York City, New York
March 8, 1993

This episode of Monday Night Raw has been prerecorded.

The Megamaniacs, in a pre-recorded interview, say that they accept Money, Inc's challenge and are ready for them at WrestleMania. 

Money, Inc. (WWF Tag Team Champions) vs. El Matador and Virgil - Non-title match
Lots of great wrestling from these four men.  "Irwin" chants are heard throughout the match.  Irwin does a Suplex on Virgil while he is distracted by DiBiase and gets the pin. 

Video is shown of Tatanka's victories over Shawn Michaels (non-title, of course).

Rick "The Model" Martel comes to the ring to meet one of the Raw girls. 

Tatanka vs. Phil Apollo
Shawn is interviewed on the phone during the match.  Tatanka dominates the match, but Apollo gets in a few decent moves.  Tatanka gets the easy win with a Tomahawk Drop. 

WrestleMania IX Report with "Mean" Gene Okerlund

Rick Martell comes out again to help out another Raw girl.

Papa Shango vs. Mike Edwards
Shango dominates the match against this jobber.  Shango goes for pins, but lifts Edwards up before the three count.  Shango does a Shoulderbreaker on Edwards and gets the pin. 

Bob Backlund vs. Tony Demoro
The two get some amateur moves on each other, but Backlund dominates.  A double underhood suplex on Demoro.  Backlund then gets a pin with a "very cute pinning combination" (according to Macho Man).

Rob Bartlett interviews Rick Martell.  He asks him why he has been interrupting the Raw girls.  He says they don't have any class. 

Rick "The Model" Martell vs. Mr. Perfect
Lots of great wrestling moves between the two men.  Perfect blocks a top rope jump.  During the commercial break, Mr. Perfect wins.  We come back and he is exiting as the winner.  Footage shows that he won with the Perfect Plex.  Perfect comes back to the ring with the two Raw girls that Martell dealt with.

Next week: Kamala, Razor Ramon and Typhoon vs. Bam Bam Bigelow