WWF Monday Night Raw
Episode 012

Mid Hudson Civic Center
Poughkeepsie, New York
April 12, 1993

The Beverly Brothers give their advice to Money, Inc about wrestling the Steiner Brothers.

Vince McMahon, Macho Man Randy Savage and Rob Bartlett host this episode of Monday Night Raw.

Irwin R Shyster with Ted DiBiase vs. Scott Steiner with Rick Steiner
The match is slow to start actually wrestling.  It is followed by some great high action moves from both men, but mostly Scott.  Ted DiBiase attacks Scott with out the referee seeing it.  Then Rick gets ready to attack Ted as they go to commercial break.  IRS does a piledriver on Scott, but only gets a two.  IRS misses a top rope jump.  Scott does a Back Body Drop and a Double Underhood Suplex.  He goes for the pin, but DiBiase interferes, then Rick comes in.  The bell is rung as all four men fight.  As they attack some more, the Beverly Brothers come in to attack the Steiners some more.  As the fight ends, there ends up some dissention between the Beverly brothers and Money Inc.

There is a WrestleMania IX replay, tonight after Monday Night Raw on Pay-Per-View.

Tatanka vs. Von Krus
During the match, Doink comes out.  Tatanka manages to keep the upper hand for the entire match.  He wins with the Papoose to Go.  He is still undefeated. 

WrestleMania IX Report with Sean Mooney.  There is a replay of the event on Pay-Per-View directly after Monday Night Raw.  Jack Tunney's decision is official that Hulk Hogan is the Champion.  Bobby Heenan says that the two Doinks seen at WrestleMania was just "an illusion."

Rob Bartlett has an exclusive interview with Luna Vachon.  She talks about Sensational Sherri and what she did at WrestleMania.  Sherri comes out.  Sherri attacks Luna, and then Bartlett.  Sherri does a Suplex on the outside of the ring.  They end up ripping each other's clothes off.  After the break, Macho Man talks to Sherri, but Luna comes back and they continue to fight, ripping more clothes off.  Sherri asks for a match with Luna.

Papa Shango vs. Scott Taylor
Bartlett makes it back to ringside and faints.  Shango dominates the match with his size.  Shango does a backbreaker move and gets the pin in this quick match. 

Friar Ferguson vs. Duffy
Ferguson uses his large size to his advantage.  He does a little dance for the crowd.  He does a Big Splash, but only gets a two.  Ferguson just drops on Duffy's face and pins him for a two.

Money, Inc is interviewed, talking about their match next week against the Beverly Brothers.