Monday Night Raw
Episode: 097

Manatee Civic Center
Palmetto, Florida
January 30, 1995

Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon host this episode of Monday Night Raw. 

Mabel with Mo vs. King Kong Bundy with Ted DiBiase
2 Man Royal Rumble Match
From the get go, both men try to throw each other over the top rope.  The crowd chants "Whoomp, there it is!"  Mabel misses an elbow drop.  IRS and Tatanka come out to help Bundy.  All three men are able to throw him over the top.  Lex Luger comes out to help Mo and Oscar with Mabel. 

Bam Bam Bigelow is shown backstage to give an apology for his actions at the Royal Rumble against Lawrence Taylor.  He says that he should have pushed him harder on the floor.  He says that he doesn't care about his thirty day suspension.  He challenges Lawrence Taylor to a wrestling match.

Hakushi with Shinja vs. Ricky Santana
Santana almost gets a quick pin at the start.  However, Hakushi manages to keep the upper hand in the rest of the match.  Hakushi does a Cartwheel Splash for the win.

Aldo Montoya, the Portuguese Man Of War vs. David Sierra
Montoya does some nice high flying moves on Sierra.  Montoya gets an easy win with a splash.

The locker room of the San Francisco 49ers say that they are going to WrestleMania!

Jerry Lawler comes out for the King's Court.  Mr. Bob Backlund is the guest.  Backlund says that he won't let go of his finishing move, the Cross Face Chicken Wing, until they scream out "I Quit!"  He puts Lawler in the hold! 

1-2-3 Kid and Bob Holly vs. The Smoking Gunns (WWF Tag Team Champions)
Rematch from last week's Monday Night Raw
Both teams get a few two counts at the early stage of the match.  When the Kid gets tagged in, he cleans house.  He misses a top rope jump and landed on his shoulder.  The referee calls to stop the match.  The winners of the match and still champions are the Smoking Gunns.  The officials are concerned about his health.  Vince says that he got up and walked out of the ring by himself. 

Kama vs. Jumbo Berretta
Kama dominates in this, his debut, match.  Kama does a Belly to Belly Suplex.  Kama puts him in a submission hold and gets him to submit.