Monday Night Raw
Episode: 100

Macon Coliseum
Macon, Georgia
February 27, 1995

Episode number 100 of Monday Night Raw is hosted by Vince McMahon and Jim Cornette.

Pre-recorded comments from Lex Luger regarding his opponent for tonight Tatanka.

Tatanka with Ted DiBiase vs. Lex Luger with Chief Jay Strongbow
Luger starts the match on fire!  Tatanka puts him in a bearhug.  Luger puts a sleeperhold on Tatanka.  Tatanka goes to Strongbow and destroys his headdress, but Strongbow Chops Tatanka several times.  Tatanka decides to leave ringside, but Luger gets him and carries him back to the ring.  A Powerslam by Luger.  Tatanka and DiBiase goes to leave the ringside again and they are counted out.  Luger is frustrated.  Luger runs to the back.

Footage from the weekend's Superstars where Jerry Lawler competed in a battle royal.

Owen Hart vs. Larry Santo
Hart dominates the match.  A top rope dropkick by Hart.  A Sharpshooter by Hart gets Santo to submit. 

Vince McMahon interviews Lawrence Taylor via satellite.  McMahon mentions that the newspapers have claimed a match is scheduled for WrestleMania.  Bam Bam Bigelow gets in on satellite, so it is a three-way interview.  Bigelow is ready for the match.

Doink the Clown with Dink vs. Bob Cook
Doink dominates the match and Dink taunts Cook.  The Whoopee Cushion gives Doink the win. 

Video package from the weekend's battle royal, where Shawn Michaels attacked the British Bulldog. 

Kama vs. Ken Raper
Kama dominates the match with his strength.  Kama gets Raper to submit with a chinlock.

McMahon and Cornette interview the British Bulldog.

Tomorrow at noon at the Harley Davidson Cafe in New York City, there is a WrestleMania XI press conference.