Monday Night Raw
Episode: 116

Struthers, Ohio
June 19, 1995

The show starts with the Undertaker entering the ring alongside Paul Bearer.  Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler are the hosts for tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw.

The Undertaker with Paul Bearer vs. Mike McReynolds
Undertaker dominates the match, with McReynolds barely getting in any moves. 'Taker does a Chokeslam, to the delight of Paul Bearer.  This is followed by a Tombstone Piledriver.  They put McReynolds in a bodybag.

Jerry Lawler talks about the disgusting state of his feet, which are in preparation for his match at the King of the Ring against Bret Hart.

Footage from last week's Monday Night Raw, where Bob Backlund destroys Man Mountain Rock's guitar.  This is followed by an interview by Rock.

Adam Bomb vs. Bill Payne
Bomb does a lot of heavy hitting moves, including a top rope clothesline for the pin in this easy match for the man from Three Mile Island.

Tatanka and Sid with Ted DiBiase vs. The Headshrinkers
Both teams get in some good moves.  Fatu does a little dancing in the ring.  Sid seems to dominate the match with his power.  After a commercial break, the 'Shrinkers start to dominate with some power moves by Seone, including a Piledriver on Tatanka.  A Powerbomb by Sid on Fatu.  Then a Powerbomb by Sid on Seone on the outside of the ring!  Tatanka rolls him in the ring and gets a three count. 

Footage of Diesel's injury and his feud with the Million Dollar Corporation.  Diesel and Bam Bam Bigelow are interviewed about their match against Tatanka and Sid at the King of the Ring.

More about Jerry Lawler and his feet.  He shows an exhibit at a torture museum talking about becoming the King at the King of the Ring.

Hunter Hearst-Helmsley vs. Buck Quartermaine
Helmsley dominates this match.  Helmsley gets the win with a Pedigree. 

Shawn Michaels vs. Gus Kantarrakis
Shawn dominates the match and even has time to sit down in the front row with the crowd.  A snap suplex on the floor.  A superkick on the outside.  Michaels breaks the counts and brings Gus back to the ring.  The crowd chants "One more time!" to Michaels.  Another superkick to Gus's face.  He sits on Gus's chest and gets a three count.  Kama comes out quickly but Micheals knocks him out of the ring.  The Undertaker comes back out to ringside!