Monday Night RAW

San Antonio, Texas
March 25, 1996

Shawn Michaels vs. Leif Cassidy
Michaels comes to the ring using his "Kliq Cam" to take footage of the crowd. He introduces Jose Lothario, who comes out to ringside and riles up the crowd. He will make Shawn Michaels the champion at WrestleMania. As the match starts, Bret Hart comes out to ringside and chases away commentator Jerry Lawler. Michaels keeps the upper hand in the match. Cassidy gets in a few moves and a two count. Cassidy messes up a Powerbomb into the ropes. Cassidy does a top rope suplex. Michaels does a top rope clothesline. Marty Jannetty comes out to interfere, but Bret Hart stop him. Shawn does a Superkick and pins Cassidy. Michaels goes out to Hart to argue with him. Vince McMahon interviews Bret Hart at ringside.

Aldo Montoya vs. Hunter Hearst-Hemlsey
Montoya gets a few moves in at the beginning of the match, but then Helmsley takes control. Montoya regains control and gets several near pinfalls, including one after a top rope flying body press. Helmsley does a Pedigree and gets the three count.

A video of Goldust at the scene of his match, a movie studio back lot with a mannequin dressed like Roddy Piper, his WrestleMania opponent. He talks and then destroys the mannequin.

The Undertaker and Paul Bearer is interviewed in the ring by Vince McMahon. They talk about his upcoming match at WrestleMania against Big Daddy Cool Diesel.

Footage of the training of Shawn Michaels, followed by some footage of Bret Hart.

Owen Hart with Jim E. Cornette and the British Bulldog vs. Ahmed Johnson
Diana Hart Smith is shown at ringside. Ahmed uses his strength on Hart and Hart uses some of his quickness on Ahmed. A Bearhug on Hart. Ahmed goes for a Pearl River Plunge, but Bulldog comes inside and attacks Ahmed. Vader comes out to save the day. Yokozuna and Jake Roberts comes out and everyone is fighting in the ring!

A music video made for Bret Hart is shown.