WWF Monday Night Raw

San Diego, California
August 3, 1998

The Nation comes out. The Rock and Owen get the microphone and they say they want a match now for the Tag Team Championship. Comissioner Slaughter comes out and shakes his head at the co-leaders of the Nation. Steve Austin comes out with the Undertaker. Then Kane and Mankind come out and attack the Undertaker.

Marc Mero with Jacqueline vs Golga with Sable ???
Sable comes out with Golga, who is dressed with a T-Shirt of Carman from South Park, a bag of cheezy poofs, and a cheezy poof on his head. Sable announces for people to come out and Kurrgan and Giant Silva come out in Tuxedoes singing the Miss America song. Luna comes out with flowers and an evening dress. Silva ends up chokeslamming Mero and Golga gets the win. During the match Luna attacked Jacki with her flowers

Brawl for All
Godfather vs Scorpio
Godfather took Severn's place because he withdrew from the tournament. Before the match began, Godfather said he would let Scorpio loose if he took a night with his three hoes. Scorpio turned it down and he lost the match.

New Age Outlaws vs Kane & Mankind with Paul Bearer
The New Age Outlaws come out and announce themselves as the soon to be WWF Tag Team Champions. During the match Kane does a double suplex on both Outlaws at once! Kane tombstoned Doggie to win, although he wasn't the legal Outlaw in the ring

Double J Jeff Jarrett with Tennessee Lee vs Hawk
Before the match Hawk apologized for his actions of last week. Hawk won the match with a neckbreaker. Southern Justice come out and attack Hawk. Darren Drozdov comes out to get Jeff Jarrett

Vince McMahon comes out and he says that the Undertaker and Steve Austin will lose the match tonight. Mr. McMahon calls out the Undertaker and wants him to explain his actions of last week and earlier tonight. Steve Austin comes out and gives his belt to the Undertaker, but Mr. Taker wants Austin to be a man and take what is his; he comes in and takes his tag team belt.

Number One Contendorship for the Intercontinental Belt
Triple H
with Chyna vs X-Pac
Although they are wrestling each other, they come out together. During the match Chyna grabs X-Pac's legs and attacks him. Triple H pedigrees X-Pac to win and get his chance at Summer Slam to win the Intercontinental Championship

Val Venis & Taka Mitchinoku vs Dick Togo & Funaki from Kaienti with Yamaguchi-San, his wife, and Teioh
During the match when Val tags in Taka, he gives the movie star a ddt and attacks Val! All the Japanese men attack Val. Taka says that Yamaguchi-San's wife is his sister. So her name is Mrs. Mitchinoku-Yamaguchi-San? They all drag him out back to the locker room.

D-Lo Brown (WWF European Champion) vs Dan Severn
Mark Henry comes out during the match. Steve Blackman comes out. Ken Shamrock comes out. Ken hits D-Lo and Mark Henry. D-Lo wins by DQ. As the champ exits, Edge attacks him.

Tiger Ali-Singh comes out with his servant and says he will give $500 for any women who will come out and strip for everyone. A large sized woman comes out [Tiger says that she is an average American women]. As she starts to take off her bra, he says that he'll give her the money if she puts on her clothes.

Rock & Owen Hart vs Steve Austin & The Undertaker (WWF Tag Team Champions)
The Undertaker tombstones Owen for the win. Then Mankind comes out and mandible claws him. Kane comes out with a chair and he hits. . .Mankind !?! The Undertaker gets the chair and hits. . . Mankind !?! Then the New Age Outlaws attack everyone