WWF Monday Night Raw

August 10, 1998
Omaha, Nebraska

Mankind comes out and sits in the ring talking about the truth. He calls out Vince McMahon to tell him the truth about Kane and Mankind. Mr. McMahon says that Kane and The Undertaker are one person. Kane and Paul Bearer, the fat man, come out. Vince says that Kane is the Undertaker and he'll pull off his mask if he doesn't take it off. As Vince goes for the mask, the lights go out. When they come on, Kane is gone from the ring, but the Undertaker is there. Then the Undertaker and Mankind attack each other.

Luna with the Parade of Human Oddities vs Jaqcueline with Marc Mero an her bikini contest trophy
Sable is once again with the Parade. Luna won this women's match with a little bit of Sable's help. Lawler and Ross constantly question why Sable would hang out with those men.

Brawl For All
Darren "Puke" Drozdov vs Savio Vega
Puke won this Brawl for All

LOD 2000 vs Southern Justice
As LOD 2000 come out, Hawk falls over on the ramp. He says that he is ok to wrestle. Mark and Chris come out and immediately attack the two 2000's. Puke comes down and comes in. Jarrett comes down, too, but he has a guitar with the words "Don't Piss Me Off" written on it. He used it on Droz and then shaves off some of his hair. This match was a no contest.

Will DX Split Up Today?
The New Age Outlaws come out. X-Pac comes out. Triple H & Chyna come out. X-Pac doesn't like Triple H. Everyone calls everyone else a jack-off. Triple H calls for a DX split, and the four guys start to take off their pants. Chyna comes over and stops them. She says (???She can talk???) that if anyone should start the DX split, it should be her, and she takes off her pants. Then everyone else does. Triple H looks for a crowd flasher, but no one does. :-(

Godfather vs Vader
Bart Gunn was at ringside before anyone came out. The Godfather says he'll let Vader take three of his "ho's" for the night nd they won't have to wrestle. Vader accepts and starts to leave, buty Bart comes in and knocks out Vader and attacks the Godfather. Vader is left laying on the ground at ringside.

A Joint Press Conference
Val Venis comes out with John Wayne Bobbitt, Mrs. Yamaguchi-San and an ice pack between his legs. He says that. . .everything is fine, thanks to the cold chopping block and a little shrinkage. Jerry Lawler makes a few jokes about Mr. Bobbitt. Then Val says that no women is worth the trouble that Taka's sister is worth, so he dumps her.

Brawl For All
Marc Mero vs Bradshaw
The match ended in a draw, so and extra round was added. Bradshaw won this match

Owen & The Rock vs New Age Outlaws vs Kane & Mankind vs The Undertaker & Steve Austin (WWF Tag Team Champs)--Four Corners Match for the WWF Tag Belts--Outlaws Rules (One member of a tag team can't pin the other member)
As the first two teams come out, Ken Shamrock comes out and attacks Owen, then the whole Nation and DX come out. Owen is too hurt, so D-Lo takes his place. Kane ended chokeslamming Undertaker once and then pins him for the win. Kane & Mankind are the WWF Tag Team Champions for a second time.