WWF Saturday Night Raw

September 5, 1998
New Haven, Connecticut

Vince McMahon comes out for an interview. He says that Kane and The Undertaker used to intimidate the other wrestlers, and know they can't scare kindergarteners. He calls them a name that the censors bleep out. They come out and chase him.

DOA with Paul Ellering vs Ken Shamrock and Steve Blackman
Kane and the Undertaker come out and attack Ken and Steve.

Val Venis vs Vader
Bradshaw comes out going to attack Vader, but Kane and the Undertaker come out and attack Val and Vader.

The Rock & Mark Henry vs The New Age Outlaws (WWF Tag Team Champions)
Chyna comes out during the match and takes down Mark Henry and starts to attack him.

Tiger Ali Singh with Babu
Singh comes out with Babu who is eating a can of sardines. He will give $500 to any woman that will French Kiss Babu, who hasn't brushed his teeth in days. A women comes in and has to kiss him for five seconds, which takes a long time since he pauses in his count several times.

Southern Justive vs Headbangers
Southern Justice won with the Problem Solver

D-Lo Brown (European Champion) vs X-Pac
Jeff Jarrett comes out and attacks X-Pac. Kane and the Undertaker come out. The Rock comes out to help D-Lo. D-Lo leaves and Kane and The Undertaker attack the Rock.

Mark Mero with Jacqueline vs Edge
Gangrel comes out and attacks Edge. Kane and The Undertaker come out and attacks Mark Mero.

An in-depth interview with Al Snow by Jim Ross

The Oddities with the Insane Clown Possee vs LOD 2000 and Darren Drozdov
Hawk comes out first and dances with the Oddities. During the match Hawk attacks the Insane Clown Possee. Silva ends up pinning Hawk after a Powerbomb.

Scorpio vs Jeff Jarrett
Jeff Jarrett comes out with new music, a new outfit, and a new haircut. X-Pac comes out to attack Double J. Then Kane and the Undertaker come out.