Monday Night Raw

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
October 19, 1998

Every WWF wrestler comes out to the ring. Then Vince McMahon wheels himself out. He says that at Survivor Series there will be a 16 man tournament for the championship belt. He then talks about firing Steve Austin. He says "McMahon 3:16--I got the brass to fire your ass." Then Steve Austin is shown on the Titan tron with a shotgun in his truck.

Ken Shamrock (Intercontinental Champion) vs X-Pac (European Champion) with Chyna Non Title Match
Mankind comes out and gets into the ring. He gives a Mandible Claw, but Ken Shamrock reverses it into a belly to belly suplex. Then X-Pac does a face buster and gets a pin.

Headbangers vs LOD 2000 with Hawk
The Headbangers come out with plastic belts and imitate the New Age Outlaws. Darren Drozdov ends up pinning a Headbanger with a handful of tights.

The Undertaker and Paul Bearer come out. He talks about him joining forces with his former manager. Bearer says that he is done with Kane. The Undertaker says he is the one who set fire to the funeral parlor. Then Kane comes out with a casket. He challenges the Undertaker to a casket match later tonight.

Steve Blackman vs Jeff Jarrett with Deborah McMichaels
Jeff Jarrett comes out with Deborah McMichaels! During the match the Blue Blazer comes out and atttttacks Blackman. Then Al Snow comes out with Head and Jeff Jarrett hits him with his guitar.

Vince McMahon is shown going to his limo to leave the arean, but inside is Steve Austin! He attacks him and wheels Vince back to his room.

The Rock vs D'Lo Brown (with Mark Henry)
The Rock gets the Rock Bottom for the pin, and the Mark and D'Lo both attack him.

Tiger Ali Singh comes out with Babu. He says he will give someone $500 if they can eat one of Babu's kielbasas that he is cooking whole! Babu picks a women out of the crowd and does that. He throws the money onto the floor. Then the Godfather comes out and says he could have got her for longer and it would've cost less. Then the two fight each other.

Mankind vs Val Venis with Terri Runnels
Mankind, during the match, pulls out Mr. Socko. Ken Shamrock comes out and hits Mankind's knee with a chair. Val then gets Mankind for the pin. Mankind and Ken Shamrock attack each other. After they leave, Goldust comes up on the Titantron and talks to Val.

Kane vs The Undertaker with Paul Bearer in a Casket Match
Both of them end up in the casket with the lid down, but they bust it open and brake it. Kane chases after Paul Bearer, and the Undertaker chases after Kane. They end up fighting into the backstage area.

Steve Austin wheels out Mr. McMahon into the ring. Steve brought with him his bow and arrow and a gun. He gave Vince a letter. He makes Mr. McMahon get on his knees in the middle of the ring. He aims the gun at his head. He pulls the trigger and a hankerchief comes out that says "Bang 3:16" Steve throws Vince back onto the wheelchair and shows the world Vince's wet pants!