Baltimore, Maryland
November 30, 1998

As RAW kicked off live from Baltimore, Maryland, the Headbangers and the Insane Clown Posse hit the ring. Backstage, Federation cameras picked up Stone Cold Steve Austin arriving at the arena wielding a shovel! He immediately walked toward the ring and stunned everyone inside. Then he grabbed the microphone and said Rock Bottom: In Your House is 13 days away "but Stone Cold ain't gonna wait that long"! He promised before the night was over "Undertaker's gonna be wearing this damn shovel upside his head"! The Rattlesnake marched backstage to search for the Phenom.

The duo being heavily courted by Mr. McMahon, the New Age Outlaws, took on Gangrel and Edge of the Brood. As the match got underway, all the members of Team Corporate came out to the entrance. The match ended when Christian came in and walloped Billy Gunn with one of the Tag Team Title belts. The referee disqualified the Brood, who ganged up on the champions. But the Big Boss Man and Ken Shamrock came down and fought off the goth faction.

Backstage Austin continued to search for the Undertaker. When he looked in one of the meat locker rooms, Undertaker came and closed to door behind him, locking him in!

Then the Undertaker came to the ring and called out Kane. The Big Red Machine answered, and the two went at it tooth-and-nail until a group of men from a mental institution came out carrying straight jackets chased Kane through the crowd.

Meanwhile, in Baltimore, Mark Henry was ready for his big date with Chyna. He had dressed up in his Sunday best and rented a limousine. He even convinced D'Lo to come along and drive the limo! When "Sexual Chocolate" arrived to pick up Chyna, she just wanted to get the night over.

Back at the arena, X-Pac had a little "sumptin sumptin" to say. He said he's been getting a lot of questions about the New Age Outlaws, but "if you want to know about the New Age Outlaws, you can ask the New Age Outlaws". Then he turned his attention to the new commissioner, Shawn Michaels! Last week Michaels pummeled him with a chair, costing him the match against The Rock, so this week the degenerate said, "I'm gonna kick your ass and I'm not gonna use a chair"! Michaels came out and said that if X-Pac was looking for a fight, he would get one later in the night against Ken Shamrock. And it wouldn't be the Intercontinental Title that was on the line, it would be 'Pac's European Championship!

Meanwhile, backstage, Stone Cold had somehow escaped from the meat locker!

Owen Hart joined Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross for commentary during the next match: Jeff Jarrett against Goldust. The Bizarre One had Jarrett set up for the Shattered Dreams, but Debra got in front of him. From behind, Owen came in and attacked Goldust! Then a superstar dressed in the Blue Blazer outfit appeared and…attacked Owen!?! The Blazer ripped off the mask, and it was Steve Blackman! The Lethal Weapon took it to the "retired" Calgary native until Federation officials could finally pry them apart.

Then it was time for the Ladder Match for the Hardcore Championship as Mankind, escorted by his friends from the J.O.B. Squad, took on the Big Boss Man, who was accompanied by Commissioner Shawn Michaels. The Heartbreak Kid immediately sent the Squad back to the locker room and joined JR and the King for commentary. Mankind looked to have the match won, but The Rock came down and pushed him off the ladder and eventually gave him the Rock Bottom. Then he held the ladder for the Boss Man, who climbed it and became the new Hardcore Champion! Afterwards, Michaels, The Rock and the Boss Man threw a few cheap shots at an already beaten Mankind.

Backstage, Undertaker and Paul Bearer found Kane! The brothers battled again, and eventually the Undertaker knocked out his brother with a steel chair. He sent Bearer out to find the workers from the mental institution and then he started to stuff his brother into a body bag. However, the Rattlesnake appeared and nailed the Undertaker with the shovel, breaking off the steel end and knocking the Phenom cold!

In the ring, "Marvelous" Marc Mero said if he could not beat Baltimore native Duane Gill, he would retire! Mero dominated the Light Heavyweight Champion, and set him up for his Marvelocity finishing manuever. However, when he climbed to the top rope, the Blue Meanie emerged from the crowd and pushed him off, and Gill covered him for the pin!

As Shawn Michaels had ordered only minutes ago, X-Pac took on Ken Shamrock, who was accompanied by Michaels, and the European Title was on the line. X-Pac had the upper hand and nailed the Intercontinental Champion with the X-Factor, but HBK pulled the referee out of the ring. With the referee's back turned, the Big Boss Man hit the ring and assaulted X-Pac with the nightstick. Shamrock slapped on the ankle lock, but Triple H came out and saved X-Pac! The World's Most Dangerous Man won the match by disqualification, but the degenerate retained the title. The crowd went crazy for Triple H's return, and Team Corporate was livid that its plan failed!

In the city of Baltimore, Mark Henry and Chyna did a little dancing-although the Ninth Wonder of the World didn't seem to be into it. "Sexual Chocolate" went to "powder his nose" and three men approached Chyna. When one of them insulted her, she nailed him with a forearm. Henry came back out and realized what was going on, and he put a beating on all three of men. Then Chyna and Mark Henry left-together!

Val Venis, accompanied by The Godfather and the hos, took on Tiger Ali Singh, with Babu, in one-on-one competition. Terri Runnels and Jacqueline came down to the ring, and Terri nailed the Big Valbowski with a low blow! The referee called for the bell, and then the Acolytes appeared and assaulted Tiger and Babu!

Backstage, Paul Bearer watched an ambulance drive away carrying what he thought was Kane, but what he didn't know at the time was that it was really the Undertaker!

Shane McMahon came out and said the fans were about to see a "lesson in humility". Sable got her start modeling products and that was exactly what she was going to do. The femme fatale came out and showed off the new Attitude Cologne for Men and Eau de Toilette for Women. But she sprayed it in Shane's face, and the owner's son was clearly agitated.

Al Snow took on The Rock in the next match. Snow went for a clothesline on the Corporate Champion, but The Rock ducked and Al inadvertently knocked out the official. The referee, therefore, did not make the count after Snow hit The Rock with Head. Ken Shamrock and the Big Boss Man came out and distracted Snow, allowing The Rock to recover and hit the leader of the J.O.B. Squad with a second Rock Bottom and get the win. After the match, a brawl broke out among Mankind, Team Corporate and the J.O.B. Squad.

Backstage Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kane found Paul Bearer, who was frantically looking for the Undertaker, and they dragged him out to the ring. Austin used the same scissors that Bearer used last week to cut off the mortician's shirt. Then Kane and Austin took Bearer outside and stuffed him head first into the Baltimore sewer!