Tacoma, Washington
December 14, 1998

As if Mr. McMahon and Shawn Michaels weren't out to get DX already, the degenerates started RAW by impersonating the Corportation! It was Triple H as "The Crock," X-Pac as Ken Shamrock, Chyna as the Big Boss Man, Road Dog as Mr. McMahon and Billy Gunn, wearing a diaper and carrying a silver spoon, as Shane. Plus, two minis attached to "Mr. McMahon's" behind played the stooges while Jason Sensation--dropping the ball--got the role of Shawn! After "Team Corporate" said their final "two words", Commissioner Michaels, the Big Boss Man, The Rock and Ken Shamrock of the real Team Corporate came out!

Michaels said that since he has a sense of humor too, Ken Shamrock and the Big Boss Man would get a rematch for the Tag Team Championship later on RAW! The Rock then challenged Triple H to a non-title match, but HHH reminded The Rock that last time there was gold on the line, Hunter walked out with it. This angered the champion, who then put his title on the line!

The first match of the night featured The Godfather and Val Venis teaming up to face Christian and Edge of the Brood. Venis surprised Christian and quickly applied the Fisherman's Suplex for the three count. An angry Gangrel grabbed the microphone after the match and said that before the night was over, there was going to be a blood bath!

After the break, Kevin Kelly interviewed the "Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman, who vowed that he would unmask the Blue Blazer and prove that it was Owen Hart. The Blazer then had a match against Goldust! The Bizarre One hit the Blazer with the Curtain Call and then set him up for the Shattered Dreams, but Jeff Jarrett came out from behind and saved the Blazer. As Goldust and Jarrett battled outside the ring, Steve Blackman came out and pulled off the Blazer's mask, revealing Owen Hart underneath!

Next up, Jacqueline and Terri Runnels accompanied D'Lo Brown and "Sexual Chocolate" Mark Henry to the ring. Henry even had a new Barry White-like entrance music. "Sexual Chocolate" grabbed a microphone and announced that, later in the evening during his date with Chyna, the Ninth Wonder of the World brought him up to her hotel room and then "invited me to slip into something more comfortable…her bed!" Henry even said D'Lo caught the whole thing on tape! Then D'Lo and "Sexual Chocolate" had a tag team match against Bob Holly and Scorpio of the J.O.B. Squad. While Terri Runnels distracted the other members of the Squad-including Al Snow, Duane Gill and the newly inducted Blue Meanie-Jacqueline came off the top rope and nailed Holly with the missile dropkick. Mark Henry caught him and planted him with a powerslam to pick up the victory.

As Commissioner Michaels had ordered, the New Age Outlaws put their titles on the line for the second time in as many days against Ken Shamrock and the Big Boss Man, who were accompanied by Michaels. HBK grabbed a chair and the Boss Man's nightstick-both of which would become more important later-and took a seat next to the ring. With the referee distracted, Ken Shamrock used the chair on Billy Gunn's leg, and later Michaels nailed the Road Dog with it right in the spine. Eventually, Michaels clobbered Gunn with the nightstick, knocking him out completely, and Shamrock slapped on the ankle lock. When the referee saw Gunn was out cold, he called for the bell, and awarded the Tag Team Championship to the Big Boss Man and Ken Shamrock!

Mr. McMahon and Shane came out and said they had a bad taste in their mouth-not only because they had tasted Mr. Socko last night at Rock Bottom-but also because Stone Cold Steve Austin had qualified for the Royal Rumble and Kane had helped him! To punish Kane and Mankind, he ordered them into a no-holds-barred match later on RAW. Then he turned his attention to Austin. First he announced that whoever throws the Rattlesnake over the top rope, eliminating him from the Royal Rumble, "will be $100,000 richer". Then they used the "Corporate Tumbler" to select which number Austin would enter the Rumble. The owner selected number one! Shane said that since it was the holiday season, they should give Austin another chance and select again. Shane reached in and-what a coincidence!-he also selected number one!

Mr. McMahon said he was going to announce one more participant for the Rumble. He gave Shane the honor of introducing him…Vincent K. McMahon! The owner confirmed that in fact he would be a part of the Rumble on January 24 in Anaheim, California. They drew Mr. McMahon's number for the Rumble and selected-what a coincidence-number 30! Just then, Mankind came up on the TitanTron and said that, instead of Kane, he wanted to face Mr. McMahon in a no-holds-barred brawl!

The next match was a "Guitar on the Pole" match between Jeff Jarrett and Steve Blackman. Before the bout got underway, Debra announced that she just might strip again on RAW! She entered the ring on more than one occasion to distract Blackman-which gave Jarrett the opportunity to grab the guitar. But Blackman moved out of the way! Eventually the referee was knocked out of the ring, and Owen Hart came down with another guitar, knocked Blackman cold and pushed the referee back into the ring. Jarrett got the win, and Owen got a measure of revenge.

In the backstage area, the words "Blood Bath" were written in huge red letters on the wall of Tiger Ali Singh's dressing room. Tiger did not want to go to the ring to face Gangrel, but the stooges ordered him out anyway! After he appeared, the lights went out! Tiger tried to go back to the locker room, but all three members of the Brood attacked him. When the lights came back on, he was covered in a thick red substance.

The no-holds-barred match was up next, and Mankind came out, followed by Kane. The two superstars battled, pummeling each other with the steel steps. Mankind clotheslined the Big Red Machine over the top rope, then Mr. McMahon came out and said that if the Deranged One wanted a fight, he could have one-outside in the parking lot. Back in the ring a half-dozen orderlies carrying a straitjacket went after Kane, and with the help of Ken Shamrock and the Big Boss Man, they strapped him in it and carried him away!

In the parking lot, Mankind was beating the living hell out of the owner and the stooges until The Rock came from behind and grabbed him, hitting him with the Rock Bottom on a car, caving in the hood!

Triple H got his golden opportunity next as he took on The Rock with the Federation Championship on the line. The challenger came out with Chyna, while Commissioner Michaels flanked the champion. Chyna nailed The Rock with a low blow, and HHH hit him with a DDT, but the champion kicked out. Later, Michaels assaulted Triple H with the belt, but HHH kicked out! Triple H hit the Pedigree, but the referee was outside attending to Chyna and Michaels. Suddenly, someone who looked to be about 7 feet hit the ring and nailed the challenger with a modified high-impact powerslam, and The Rock covered him for the win. Michael Cole remembered that the 7 footer was Motley Crue's bodyguard!