WWF Raw is War

Tuscon ,Arizona
February 1, 1999

RAW from Arizona kicked off with Shane McMahon and members of the Corporation walking toward the ring. Shane announced that Mr. McMahon was on "special assignment" in Victoria, Texas-the hometown of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Apparently the owner wanted to provoke the Rattlesnake into attacking him, so Mr. McMahon could break his contract and fire him!

A cage was hanging overhead, and Shane ordered it lowered. As it came down, Shane badmouthed X-Pac! What he didn't know was that X-Pac himself was sitting atop the cage! X-Pac jumped down and pummeled the owner, but Chyna ran in from behind and low blowed the degenerate, and then she held him while Shane beat on him!

Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock joined Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler for commentary during the next match, Badd Ass Billy Gunn against Val Venis. Shamrock said he had promised his sister that he wouldn't lay a hand on Val, but he couldn't keep that promise for very long. When Val started gyrating in the ring, Shamrock couldn't take it anymore, and he picked up a chair, ran in the ring, and clocked the adult film star with it. Billy Gunn grabbed the chair and ran Shamrock off. However, when Val recovered, he saw Gunn with the chair and assumed that Mr. Ass had hit him! He attacked Billy Gunn!

Backstage, Mankind was spending the $100,000 that he stole last week from Shane's trust fund. The Rock, who was supposed to get that money, was irate!

Kevin Kelly interviewed Debra, but for the second straight week, Mark Henry interrupted the proceedings and propositioned Debra. However, the new Tag Team Champions, Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart, attacked "Sexual Chocolate"!

Terri Runnels was upset at the Big Bossman for calling her a "b*tch" earlier in the evening, so she called him out and ordered her personal servant for the last few weeks, D'Lo Brown, to take him on! D'Lo was in control and hit Bossman with the 'Lo Down, but PMS distracted the referee! Bossman recovered and nailed the former European Champion with a sidewalk slam to get the win. PMS walked away triumphantly, and "Sexual Chocolate" came down to save D'Lo from serving even more hard time.

After the break, the Blue Meanie came out to work the crowd into a frenzy as a dancing "RAW Boy". However, he was quickly attacked from behind by Goldust and given the Shattered Dreams! Meanwhile, backstage the same doctor that had examined Terri Runnels after her fall weeks ago on RAW was checking out D'Lo Brown. He informed D'Lo and Mark Henry that Terri was not and never had been pregnant!

After assaulting George "The Animal" Steele last week, Droz took on Kurrgan on this week's episode. The former Denver Bronco grabbed what looked like a broom handle from under the ring and rammed it into the 7 footer's throat. He then finished him off with a football tackle from the top rope. Droz continued to beat on Kurrgan after the bell, but the Oddities came out to run him off.

Midian and Viscera teamed up in what became a Handicap Match against all three members of the Brood. The Undertaker was supposed to be on the Ministry's team, but just looked on from his perch near the entrance area. The Acolytes came out and ganged up with the other members of the Ministry to attack the Brood as the referee called for a disqualification. Several officials came out to help the Brood, but for some reason Edge, Christian and Gangrel threw them out of the ring! As a result, they took even more punishment. Bradshaw put a noose around Gangrel's neck and hung him over the ropes! Meanwhile, the Undertaker merely stood and watched.

The new World Wrestling Federation Champion, Mankind, came out next. But before he could do much celebrating with the fans, The Rock crashed the party. He challenged the Deranged One to a Last Man Standing match for the championship at St. Valentine's Day Massacre-and Mankind quickly accepted.

Two superstars that will face off at St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Al Snow and Road Dogg, teamed up for a Hardcore Rules tag team match against the Acolytes. Al Snow and Faarooq battled all the way through the crowd and outside the arena. Snow placed Faarooq on a table and was set to splash him when Viscera appeared, caught Snow, and drove him down onto the concrete outside the arena. Faarooq recovered and headed back toward the ring to double team the Road Dogg. After the Acolytes put the Dogg headfirst through a table, they pinned him and got the win. Afterwards, the entire Ministry, including three druids, attacked Road Dogg. The lights went out and the Undertaker appeared, and the Ministry members unhooded the druids to reveal they were the Brood!

After the break, an angry Road Dogg went to find Al Snow. The Hardcore Champion thought Snow had abandoned him midway through the match, and he nailed him with a steel chair!

In Victoria, Texas, Mr. McMahon found Stone Cold Steve Austin in a local bar. But Austin refused to hit him until it was "nice and legal" at St. Valentine's Day Massacre. However, after Austin went back to his house, the Victoria locals did not show the owner and the stooges the same courtesy.

In a steel cage match, Triple H took on Kane! After Kane hit HHH with a chokeslam, he tried to escape, but X-Pac ran out and slammed the door twice into the Big Red Machine's head! Kane then tried to escape by climbing up and over the cage, but X-Pac climbed up the other side and pummeled the 7-foot monster. On the opposite end of the cage, Triple H began to scale. Chyna ran out went inside the cage and grabbed the DX leader's foot. However, HHH shook her off and climbed up and over! Chyna grabbed the microphone and said that the fun for DX would end in two weeks at St. Valentine's Day Massacre!