WWF Raw is War

Chatanooga, Tennessee
February 22, 1999

A capacity crowd looked on as Mr. McMahon made his way to the ring to start RAW IS WAR. The owner brought out "the single most awesome force in the World Wrestling Federation today", Paul Wight, and officially welcomed him to the Federation. Wight promised that things will never be the same, and said last week on RAW he "single handedly" put the WWF title around The Rock's waist. Upon hearing those remarks, the champion made his way from the back and confronted Wight face to face. Then Mankind showed up and said he wanted to prove to Commissioner Michaels that he could be a good referee-so he volunteered to officiate a Wight-Rock title match later on RAW. To the chagrin of Mr. McMahon, both superstars agreed to the idea!

In the first match of the night, Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock, better known as Public Enemy, made their Federation debut as they took on Edge and Gangrel of the Brood. PE had the advantage, but Christian interrupted the proceedings by entering the ring and causing a disqualification. Suddenly the lights went out and Rocco and Grunge became the victims of a blood bath!

In a match to determine the number-one contender for the Intercontinental Championship, Badd Ass Billy Gunn took on Ken Shamrock. Meanwhile, current titleholder Val Venis joined Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler for commentary. After Mr. Ass was tossed outside the ring, Val "volunteered" to help out and tossed him back into the squared circle. When the World's Most Dangerous Man got a glimpse of the adult film star, he jumped outside the ring and attacked him! Gunn climbed back outside the ring and all three superstars battled! As officials tried to separate them, Ryan Shamrock emerged, and her big brother grabbed her and dragged her back to the locker room area.

After the break, Kevin Kelly interviewed Sable. The femme fatale denied that fans have begun to resent her new attitude-they love everything she does, she said. The Women's Champion spotted her biggest fan--the one that's been following her around the country for weeks--and called her into the ring. Sable said she's sick and tired of all the wannabes and told her fan to hit the road. But Luna emerged from the back and said not all women can be like Sable--and the only reason the femme fatale is Women's Champion is because of her looks. Luna and the fan walked off together but from behind Sable clocked them both with the Women's Title!

Next up, D'Lo Brown came out challenged both Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart! D'Lo is livid after the Tag Team Champions and Debra injured both Mark Henry and Ivory. Jeff and Owen came out with Debra and the champions had a Handicap Match with D'Lo! During the match, PMS came out and as D'Lo had his back turned, Jacqueline jumped from the top rope nailed D'Lo with a missile dropkick to the back of the head. D'Lo went flying right into a spinning heel kick by Owen, and was pinned. After the match, Jarrett and Owen added insult to injury by further double teaming the former European Champion.

Wearing a shirt that resembled a referee’s, Mankind came out to be the special referee for the Federation Title match between The Rock and Paul Wight. Before the match got underway, Mr. McMahon walked out and claimed the match was not going to happen. However, The Rock's music started, the champion walked out, and he called out Paul Wight to get the match underway. Wight and The Rock shoved each other a few times, and then Wight kicked Mankind in the head! Before Mick Foley could figure out what hit him, Wight, the champion, and Mr. McMahon had ganged up on him!

Up next, the "Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman took on the recently reinstated Droz. The former football star had been suspended for two weeks after assaulting Kevin Kelly. It was Blackman who pulled Droz away from Kelly, and Droz who knocked out Blackman during the Lethal Weapon's Hardcore Title match last week. In this match, Blackman was able to get the win after his patented thrust kick. But Droz attacked the Lethal Weapon after the match with his own nunchakus!

In a non-title match, Goldust took on Val Venis. The Blue Meanie came out midway through the match, presumably to distract Goldust. However, the Meanie attacked Val, planting him with a DDT outside the ring, and tossing him back in the ring to set Goldust up for the pin! As he walked back to the locker room, the Meanie could be seen saying "you're welcome" to the Bizarre One.

Former tag team partners collided for the Hardcore Title when champion Hardcore Holly took on Bart Gunn, fresh off an extended tour of Japan. Holly smashed a pitcher of water over Gunn's face, and followed up with repeated chair shots to the skull. Gunn returned the favor by breaking a glass mug over Holly's face, and then slamming the ring bell over his head. Later, the superstars battled into the crowd and up the steel entranceway, and sprayed each other with a fire extinguisher. After Bart broke open a bag of flour over Holly's head, a huge man with a mask came out and attacked Gunn from behind, throwing him 15 feet off the entranceway and through a table! Holly climbed down and covered him for the pin.

If X-Pac wanted a chance to regain the European Title from Shane at WrestleMania XV, he had to get past the Ninth Wonder of the World first. Chyna immediately went for the Bronco Buster, but X-Pac moved out of the way and began frantically chasing Shane around the ring. As the referee ran after them, Triple H seemed to come out of nowhere and he grabbed Chyna and delivered the Pedigree. The Ninth Wonder of the World was knocked cold, and X-Pac merely had to climb back into the ring and make the cover. After the match, X-Pac promised he would see Shane at WrestleMania, "and there's nothing you or your dad can do about it".

The first Inferno Match ever on RAW took place next when Kane took on Undertaker. Mr. McMahon was irate after getting a letter-its contents still unknown-from the Undertaker last week on RAW and he wanted the Phenom to burn in Hell. As the two superstars battled in a ring surrounded by flames, Paul Bearer came out and gave a black box to Mr. McMahon, who joined Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler for commentary during the match. The owner opened the box to reveal a stuffed bear inside. Mr. McMahon was noticeably upset, completely oblivious to the match, and he walked after Paul Bearer, asking him "what are you doing?" Eventually the Undertaker won the match after Kane's right foot caught on fire. But Mr. McMahon did not even notice. The Lord of Darkness grabbed the bear out of the owner's hands and set it on fire as the owner dropped to his knees and pleaded with the Undertaker.