Raw is War

San Jose, California
March 15, 1999

The Federation Champion, The Rock, came out as RAW kicked off live from San Jose, California. The Rock demanded answers from Mr. McMahon. The owner, not pleased that he had been called out, reminded the champion that the owner had given him everything he had. He told The Rock that Paul Wight may not be as smart as they are, but he was a valuable member of the Corporation. The "Big Show" immediately emerged from the back angered at what the owner had just said. Tension between the two rose to the point where Mr. McMahon slapped Wight and the "Big Show" grabbed the owner and ordered him to never do that again. Mr. McMahon seemed to realize that he had crossed the line and, in attempt to bring the Corporation back together, he ordered Wight and The Rock to team up to face Mankind and Stone Cold Steve Austin on RAW!

As the Corporation walked to the backstage area, a construction crew came out and started building some sort of contraption next to Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler's announce table. It was unclear what they were making and for what purpose.

The Intercontinental Title was on the line as champion Val Venis took on the Road Dogg. The match went back and forth and there were several near falls, but after Val missed the Money Shot, the Dogg took control. The challenger planted the adult film star with a stiff DDT and covered him for the pin to become the new Intercontinental Champion! Billy Gunn came out to congratulate his teammate. After the break, DX conducted an interview in the locker room, where Mr. Ass said he was happy for the Road Dogg, but he wanted a shot at the title.

Shane came out with Mr. McMahon and said defeating X-Pac at WrestleMania would be as easy as "1-2-3…kid". To prove how tough he is, Shane said he was going to defend the title against not one, but two superstars--former tag team champions the Legion of Doom! But the L.O.D. turned out to be the Stooges of Doom, as Mr. Patterson and Mr. Brisco emerged from the back dressed as Hawk and Animal. Shane showed "Hawk" and "Animal" all the moves he learned growing up on the mean streets of Greenwich. One of those moves involved clobbering both men with the European belt and then covering them for the pin.

But all the laughing quickly came to an end when, as Shane and Mr. McMahon walked back to the locker room victoriously, a shot of the owner's house came up on the Titan Tron. The Undertaker could be heard saying, "she's not home yet", but when she got there, the Ministry would be waiting for her! All the way across the country in San Jose, Mr. McMahon looked on helplessly. After the break, cameras picked up Mr. McMahon desperately making phone calls to security in Greenwich.

After the break, Jim Ross and "Dr. Death" Steve Williams came out and unveiled what had been constructed at ringside--a new announce table just for JR! As "Dr. Death" stood by for protection, JR sat down and resumed his duties as a commentator. So there were three commentators, not necessarily by choice, for the next match-a tag team title match featuring Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart against the Public Enemy! Rumors have been flying that the P.E. have not been welcomed into the Federation because of their past with other promotions. Nothing was done to dispel those rumors in this match. Jarrett clobbered Johnny Grudge with the guitar, right in front of the referee, but the official still made the three count after the champion went for the cover.

Backstage, Shane anxiously picked up the phone, thinking it was the police. But Shane handed the phone to his father after realizing it was the Undertaker! The Lord of Darkness told the owner, "it's almost 10 o'clock. Do you want to know where your family is?"

While tensions rose at the two commentator's tables, the Big Boss Man met Midian in a Hard Time Match inside a steel cage. Midian was apparently the only member of the Ministry around--the others were at Mr. McMahon's home in Greenwich. All the members of the Corporation came out and took Midian hostage. Mr. McMahon threatened to destroy Midian if the Undertaker did not leave his house at once. The Undertaker didn't seem to mind-saying the entire Ministry was willing to be sacrificed for him-and he remained at Mr. McMahon's house as a car drove up.

Sable had promised to show the fans in San Jose everything from her Playboy shoot. But when the photos came up on the Titan Tron, everything the fans really wanted to see had been covered! Sable said that from now on there are no freebies and if people want to see her they're going to have to pay! Suddenly Tori emerged from the back and said she has realized that Sable is just a woman and is no better than she or anyone else! Tori said she wasn't afraid to give the fans what they wanted, and she stripped down to her bra and panties! But before she did that, she challenged the femme fatale to a match at WrestleMania! Sable accepted the challenge, saying she would put Tori on the map before dropping the bomb on her!

Attempting to become the second member of the New Age Outlaws to win a single's title on RAW, Badd Ass Billy Gunn challenged Hardcore Holly for the Hardcore Championship. The champion broke a glass over Mr. Ass's head and then followed up with a chair shot to the skull. But somehow Billy Gunn kicked out. Hardcore Holly argued with the official, giving Gunn the opportunity to recover. He picked up Holly and threw him over the top rope down on JR's announce table, breaking the table. Then Billy hit Holly with a Rocker dropper on the chair and pinned him to become the new Hardcore Champion! JR and "Dr. Death" seemed to be upset at Holly for breaking the announcer's table.

In Greenwich, police tried in vain to find the Undertaker and the Ministry. When the police were unable to locate anyone on Mr. McMahon's property, the stooges tried to assure the owner that everything was okay. However, the Undertaker once again popped up on TV, and told the owner that he "knows when she gets home" and he'll be waiting for her! Cameras picked up the Undertaker symbol burning in Mr. McMahon's front yard!

Triple H, who will face Kane at WrestleMania, didn't want to wait until March 28 and he called out the Big Red Machine on RAW. Kane came out and the archrivals had a brawl in and out of the ring. Mr. McMahon came out and pleaded with Kane to come with him-hoping that the Big Red Machine could talk some sense into his brother. But Kane took off his mask, and it was the Undertaker underneath! Undertaker grabbed the owner and said, "it's just that simple…anytime, anywhere, anyplace!"

In a huge tag team match, Paul Wight and The Rock teamed up to face Mankind and Stone Cold Steve Austin! Wight and The Rock seemed to be able to keep their egos and check and work together as a team. All four superstars battled in the ring and the action spilled to the outside. In a WrestleMania preview, Mankind battled Paul Wight on one side and Austin went after The Rock on the other. It was complete anarchy outside the ring. As RAW came to an end, Wight, who was supposedly there to protect The Rock, was immersed in his own battle and was paying no attention to the champion