Raw is War

Meadowlands, New York, New York
March 29, 1999

New World Wrestling Federation Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin walked out to the ring as a jacked crowd in the Continental Airlines Arena looked on live! The Rattlesnake called out Mr. McMahon, saying he wanted to relinquish his title! Mr. McMahon came out suspicious that it was all a trick. But Austin handed over the gold as promised. As the fans looked on in shock, Austin asked for footage to be shown from Breakdown: In Your House last September when Mr. McMahon ran off with Austin's custom made Rattlesnake championship. Austin gave Mr. McMahon two hours to retrieve that championship--or he was going to beat the hell out of the owner! Mr. McMahon reminded Austin of his contract, which stipulates that Austin cannot touch the owner unless provoked. But Austin had some more footage--from WrestleMania last night when the owner interrupted the main event to kick Austin repeatedly. The champion pointed out that was sufficient provocation--and he reminded Mr. McMahon that he had two hours!

In a women's tag team match, Tori teamed up with Ivory to face Sable and Jacqueline. Ivory chased Terri Runnels, who had burned her Sunday night with a lit cigar, away from the ringside area. That left Tori alone to face two opponents. But Sable took her Federation Women's Title and clocked Jacqueline with it from behind! Tori seized the opportunity, rolled Jacqueline into a backslide and got the pin! After the match, the lights went out and the Ministry of Darkness emerged from the back! The Undertaker grabbed the Femme Fatale around the neck and demanded that Mr. McMahon come out or he would he hurt his "precious meal ticket." The owner made his way out, looked around a bit, and then suddenly panicked and sprinted back to the locker room in search of his daughter Stephanie. When he got back to his room, his daughter Stephanie had disappeared!

A furious X-Pac made his way out to the ring and said DX would live on, even without Triple H! He told Hunter that tonight he was the hunted-"your ass is grass, and I'm gonna smoke it," X-Pac told him!

One night after being kicked out of the Corporation and arrested, Paul Wight took on Test! The Big Show completely dismantled Test within one minute, finishing him off with a chokeslam. When Wight first came to the Federation, Mr. McMahon said things were going to change. After the match, The Big Show promised that before RAW was over he was going to make the owner eat those words!

Next up, "Dr. Death" Steve Williams challenged for the Hardcore Championship as he faced Hardcore Holly! "Dr. Death" eventually delivered his patented Oklahoma Stampede powerslam through a table! But the referee had been inadvertently knocked out and could not make the three count. Al Snow came through the crowd and practically decapitated Williams with a frying pan. He dragged Holly over on top of Williams, eventually the referee administered the three count, and Holly retained the title. As he left the ring area, Snow could be overheard saying, "nobody's gonna beat Holly for my title"--except, it seems, for Al Snow himself.

One night after a outstanding match with Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock looked to put on an equally fantastic match on RAW against Badd Ass Billy Gunn. The two superstars did in fact have a tremendous contest--and The Rock got the win after catching Mr. Ass with a Rock Bottom and following up with the Corporate Elbow.

Ken Shamrock promised Mr. McMahon that he would find the whereabouts of Stephanie during his match with Gangrel--even if he had to beat it out of him. Shamrock came out in his zone, and he was more aggressive than ever. He repeatedly screamed at Gangrel during the match, "Where is she?" Shamrock won the match after getting Gangrel to submit to the ankle lock, but he wouldn't let go because Gangrel refused to disclose the location of Stephanie. The lights went out and Shamrock became the victim of a blood bath. But the "World's Most Dangerous Man" grabbed Christian as he tried to escape. Even covered in blood, Shamrock slapped on the ankle lock and wouldn't let go until Christian told him that Stephanie was in the basement.

The Intercontinental Championship was on the line as Road Dogg took on Goldust, accompanied by the Blue Meanie. Goldust went for the Curtain Call, but the champion wiggled his way out. He bounced off the ropes and the Meanie smashed him in the face with the Intercontinental Title! This time Goldust successfully hit the Curtain Call, and pinned the Dogg to become a three-time Intercontinental Champion! After the match, Goldust said he had successfully found the missing piece of the puzzle, and soon he would reveal exactly what that missing piece is! Who, or what, he is talking about is anyone’s guess!

Down in the basement, Ken Shamrock found Stephanie McMahon. She was an emotional wreck. Shamrock picked her up and carried her away. Reunited with his daughter, Mr. McMahon had fury in his eyes while Stephanie wept on his shoulder.

One night after a successful title defense, Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett put the Tag Team Championship on the line against Hawk and Animal, the Legion of Doom, accompanied by Paul Ellering. Owen Hart was the victim of a Doomsday Device, but the referee was distracted as Debra and Ellering exchanged words outside the ring. Jarrett grabbed his guitar and broke it over Animal's head! Owen covered and the champions retained their titles again!

One of Mr. McMahon's servants delivered Austin's custom made title from Greenwich. Mr. McMahon told Shane that his family had gone through enough traumas for one night. He instructed Shane to find Austin and just give him the gold, because "this night is over" and Mr. McMahon was taking Stephanie home. However, once Vince left, Shane told Ken Shamrock to go get The Rock because "this night is far from over."

Two former longtime friends squared off next in a true grudge match as X-Pac took on Triple H, accompanied by Shane McMahon and Chyna. The match turned out to be three on one, and the referee eventually called for a disqualification after Chyna came in the ring and floored X-Pac with a clothesline. Shane, Chyna and Triple H ganged up on the degenerate, and HHH even administered the Pedigree. Suddenly the lights went out and Kane emerged. Once again, the Corporate teamed up, as Chyna distracted Kane and Hunter clobbered him with a chair. But Kane sat up and chased the Corporate members back to the locker room.

Shane, who had been hiding behind Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler since Kane came out, went back into the ring and said that if Austin wanted his title, he would have to get it from the superstar who was wearing it--The Rock! The former champion came out wearing Austin's championship, and after a few minutes Austin could not stand to watch from the back any longer. He emerged in street clothes and attacked the Miami, Florida native, and even stunned Shane! Soon the other members of the Corporation came out and attacked Austin. Test, Ken Shamrock, Triple H and The Rock all assaulted the Rattlesnake until Paul Wight made his way to the ring! Wight and Austin managed to fight off the Corporation, and RAW came to an end with Wight chokeslamming Triple H!