Raw is War

Orlando Arena, Orlando, Florida
May 10, 1999

The Big Red Machine was out for revenge, and as RAW IS WAR kicked off live from the Orlando "O-rena," Kane got the opportunity as he took on Badd Ass Billy Gunn in singles competition. Kane put a beating on Billy Gunn like never before for Mr. Ass; however, Kane caught his feet in the bottom two ropes, leaving himself wide open to be pummeled by the former New Age Outlaw. As Kane lie helplessly, X-Pac and Road Dogg came out to his aid. Although he didn't even have enough time to put shoes on, Road Dogg battled his former tag team partner, who he will face at Over The Edge, through the crowd. Meanwhile, X-Pac tried to free Kane from the ropes, but D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry seized the opportunity and attacked them. D'Lo and "Sexual Chocolate" will challenge X-Pac and Kane for the Tag Team Championship at Over The Edge. Kane finally freed himself and he and X-Pac chased the challengers and Ivory back to the locker room.

The Union went to the ring next with Vince McMahon and three officers in riot gear and called out the Corporate Ministry. Shane and his crew answered the challenge and promised to destroy the Union. They began marching to the ring, but were interrupted when "Sexy Boy" blared over the loudspeakers and Commissioner Shawn Michaels appeared on the TitanTron. Michaels asserted his authority as commissioner by appointing Vince McMahon as the second guest referee in the main event, Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Undertaker, at Over The Edge. Turning his attention to RAW, Michaels named himself booker for the day and immediately ordered no less than eight matches for the show! When Shane tried to overrule commissioner, saying Michaels was 2,000 miles away in San Antonio, Michaels interrupted again. He told the three armored guards in the ring to unmask themselves. The first was Pat Patterson, the third was Gerald Brisco, and the man in the middle was none other than the commissioner himself! Michaels grabbed the microphone and named himself the special referee for RAW's main event-Undertaker, Triple H and Shane vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and Vince McMahon.

In the first match of the night, made by Commissioner Michaels, Paul Bearer was ordered to take on the Big Show. Michaels said if anyone from the Corporate Ministry interfered, the commish would strip the Undertaker of his title shot at Over The Edge. Big Show came out first, and Bearer waited several moments before he finally showed his face. As he stood on the entranceway, he waved his finger as if to say he wouldn't be "competing" with the Big Show. But Michaels emerged from the back with nightstick in hand and ordered the Fat Man to go to the ring, where he was knocked out almost immediately by the Big Show. As Bearer lay unconscious in the middle of the ring, the Big Show grabbed the microphone and asked Michaels, who joined Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler for commentary, if he would wave the no interference stipulation so the Undertaker could came out and take a beating. Michaels agreed and the Lord of Darkness arrived, but so did the rest of the Corporate Ministry right behind him! Shane's crew ganged up on the Big Show, but the Union arrived, 2x4s in hand, and ran them off.

Next up, Commissioner Michaels ordered Sable to defend the Federation Women's Championship in an Evening Gown Match against Debra! As the match got underway, Val Venis arrived to show his support to Debra. He distracted the blonde bombshell and Sable promptly tore Debra's gown off. Nicole Bass chased Val back to the locker room, but as the adult film star raced up the entrance ramp, he was met by a guitar shot from Jeff Jarrett! Back in the ring, Commissioner Michaels said he had a different view of the rules for the Evening Gown Match-in his opinion, the women that gets her gown ripped off is the winner-so he declared Debra the new Women's Champion! Sable and her bodyguard Nicole Bass screamed at Michaels, but his decision was final.

In a Nightstick on Pole Match, Test battled the Big Boss Man. As Commissioner Michaels had ordered, the first competitor to grab it could "shove that stick where the sun doesn't shine." Test was able to grab the nightstick, but Boss Man pulled some sort of metal baton out of his uniform and used it to clobber Test. The Union member dropped the nightstick and the Boss Man picked it up, hit him again, and pinned him!

As RAW returned from commercial, an angry Val Venis challenged Jeff Jarrett to a match later on RAW!

The matches ordered by Commissioner Michaels continued as Viscera and Mideon teamed up for a Hardcore Handicap Match against Cactus Jack, one of the faces of Mick Foley, making his return for one night only. Although he was taking on two superstars, Cactus Jack isn't called the King of Hardcore for nothing. After knocking Viscera down to ringside, Cactus grabbed a steel chair and dove off the apron, nailing the huge Corporate Ministry member and getting the pin!

Another match booked by Michaels pitted tag team partners against each other as Bradshaw battled Faarooq in a Lumberjack Match, with the Union serving as the lumberjacks. After the tag team partners went at it tooth and nail for several minutes, other members of the Corporate Ministry tried to separate them. Just when it looked as if the entire Corporate Ministry was going to battle, the lumberjacks entered the ring and ran them off. However, Viscera wasn't quick enough to escape, and Mankind, Test, Big Show and Ken Shamrock assaulted him with the 2x4s!

In a rematch from last week, Pat Patterson and Gerry Brisco took on the Mean Street Posse. But this time, Commissioner Michaels said the losers would have to leave the Federation forever! After the Posse made its way out, Brisco and Patterson made their entrance-to the song "Real American"! At first, the youngsters showed they had learned a few wrestling moves as, with Patterson outside the ring, they double-teamed Brisco. But once Patterson recovered, the old men showed they still had some gas in the tank. Brisco slapped the figure four on Pete Gas, while Patterson flipped Rodney into a Boston Crab. Both men tapped out and were therefore forced to leave the Federation. Meanwhile, as "Real American" blared and the crowd went crazy, Patterson and Brisco got caught up in the moment and flexed their "pythons" for the fans. Patterson even ripped his shirt off!

Jeff Jarrett came out to the ring to accept Val Venis' challenge, and upon hearing Jarrett's comments, the Big Valbowski sprinted to the ring to get him some! Val set up Jarrett for the Money Shot, but Debra climbed up to the ring apron and removed her blouse! Val got off the ropes and went over to embrace Debra. But Debra dropped her newly won Women's Title to Jarrett, who used it to clobber Val behind the referee's back. Jarrett knocked out the adult film star and covered him for the three count.

Another Commissioner Michaels match pitted the "World's Most Dangerous Man" against the "World's Most Dangerous Woman" - Ken Shamrock vs. Chyna. However, in an interview with Michael Cole, Shamrock said he had learned growing up that he should never strike a woman. When he came out to the ring, he was provoked by both Chyna and Triple H. An angry Shamrock pummeled HHH and then turned around and dropped Chyna with a belly-to-belly suplex! Shamrock stomped out of the ring, kicked the ring steps, and then marched back to the locker room before he did something he would really regret!

In the six-man main event, Vince McMahon, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin took on Shane McMahon, Triple H and the Undertaker. Special referee Michaels was anything but strict, and he let all six men battle in and out of the ring. In the end, Shane found himself trapped in the ring with Vince and the Rattlesnake. Austin stunned Shane and Vince covered his son, but Austin prevented Vince from getting the pin…so the champion could stun Shane again make the pin himself! After the match, Austin and Michaels celebrated with a few cold ones as RAW went off the air!