Raw is War

St. Louis, Missouri
May 24, 1999

This week's show was dedicated to the late Owen Hart, who tragically died the previous night at the May 23's Over The Edge PPV after taking a fatal fall. The complete WWF roster, employees, and officials all gathered on the rampway and stage. Howard Finkel then had everyone stand for a 10-bell salute for Hart. As the bell rang, officials and wrestlers were shown in tears. A special video dedicated to Owen Hart, narrated by Vince McMahon, was then aired. The rest of the show featured special matches and pre-recorded interviews with WWF officials and wrestlers, giving their feelings and stories on Hart. Wrestlers and officials wore black bands around their arms, which read "OH" and "Owen." Owen Hart Memorial Tributes may be made directly to The Alberta Children's Hospital, 1820 Richmond Road S.W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2T 5C7

In Mick Foley's interview, he said his son Dewey was a big fan of Owen Hart. Dewey had long hair since Foley's wife liked it that way, but he eventually got a crew cut, to look like Owen Hart. His said his kids would chant, "Nugget" in their car, but they didn't now it was a chant out of disrespect. Foley said his would miss Hart and there would be a very special place in heaven for him.

Bradshaw talked about being on the road with Owen Hart, and how he didn't spend that much money. He said he hoped he realized Hart's family nothing can replace their father. He said Hart was a terrific person and would miss him a lot.

Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) defeated Test by making him submit to the Sharpshooter.
Jerry Lawler said the previous night was one of the most difficult nights of his life. He was amazed that the WWF superstars were able to work with Owen Hart on their minds. Jeff Jarrett got on the microphone and said, "Owen Hart never was a nugget, which got a big pop. As the match went on between Jarrett and Test, Debra got on the apron and opened her jacket, attracting Test. The crowd chanted, "Puppies." Debra ended up slapping Test, which let Jarrett catch him with his usual Reversed Russian Legsweep, but decided to finish Test off with the Sharpshooter victory, in memory of Hart.

Mark Henry receited a poem over the death of Owen Hart. He was very emotional.

Droz said he only knew Owen Hart for one year, but really liked him over that time period. He said Hart would go out of his way to help someone else and would always make the fans laugh. He talked about replacing Jeff Jarrett in an autograph session along with Hart, which was a fun experience. He said he felt for Hart's family. He said he would never forget him.

X-Pac and Kane defeated The Brood (Gangrel and Edge, w/Christian) via Pinfall, to let X-Pac and Kane retain the Tag Team Titles.
When Kane was tagged in, Gangrel and Edge attempted to double-team him, but were unsuccessful. Christian then got invlolved in the match, as The Brood always does. After X-Pac nailed Edge with the Bronco Buster, he and Kane took the victory after Kane dropped X-Pac on Gangrel for the pinfall.

Triple H and Chyna then gave their thought on Owen Hart. Chyna said Hart probably would be looking down at them in disappointment, since she and Triple H were the ones who always made fun of people and made them cry. Chyna said she and Hart would sometimes have contests to see who could have the biggest hair. She said she would miss him a lot. Triple H was very emotional. He said he was always around for the worst and the best, but Hart was always at his best. He said Hart would mae you laugh and make you mad. He said Hart was the only guy who, at the Royal Rumble PPV, schoolboyed him and wouldn't let him out. He said Hart lived for his kids and his wife. He said Hart would always be his friend, he loved him, and would never forget him.

WWF official, Dave Hebner talked about being close to Owen Hart for 10 years. He said Hart was a special person who would made you laugh and smile. He said he was a family man and loved his kids to death. He said we lost a great person, but Hart would always be in his heart.

The Hardy Boyz (w/Michael Hayes) defeated Taka Michinoku and Funaki with a Modified Jawbreaker by Matt Hardy.
Jim Ross said that the widow of Owen Hart, Martha, wanted to thank the fans for their support. The match between the two teams was an ahtletic, high-flying match. The Hardy Boyz took the win after Matt Hardy nailed Funaki with a Modified Neckbreaker (Diamond Cutter).

WWF Vice President of Talent Relations, Bruce Prichard, gave his thoughts on Owen Hart. He said Hart would always be remembered as a pratical joker and a great performer in the ring. He said he would always remember Hart as a great fan, who was a great man to his family. He said he would miss Hart every much.

Dustin Runnels (Goldust) talked about Owen Hart. He said Hart was a great family man and a prankster. He told a story when Hart played a joke at Harley Race's get together in Kansas City, Missuori, by putting an entire bottle of hot sauce in his chili. Race then went after Hart with a shocking weapon, and Hart went crazy. Runnels said he would miss Hart and he knew he was a great place.

Ken Shamrock defeated Hardcore Holly by making him submit to the Ankle Lock.

Faarooq said it was very hard to describe the death of Owen Hart and it was hard to put it into words. He said he has to leave his family when he is on the road, but the WWF was is his family on the road. He said everyone would miss Hart.

Test told a story about being in Chicago, Illinois for a house show, with bad weather in the area. He received a phone call, saying they needed Test to confirm whether or not the show would be cancelled. Test continued to say to the person over the phone he was not the person to talk to for that. That person who called Test ended up being Owen Hart.

Mankind defeated Billy Gunn by making him submit to the Mr. Socko Mandible Claw.
During the match, Jim Ross told a story where he couldn't find his hat, and Owen Hart ended up having it. Billy Gunn had the crowd to say "suck it" if they weren't down with Hart. He mooned Mankind in the middle of the match. When Gunn got on the apron with a chair, Mankind stuffed Mr. Socko down his throat for the win. Following the match, Mankind said, "Owen Hart, this one is for you .... Wooooo!"

An emotional Jeff Jarrett talked about Owen Hart. He said he was a tremendous friend to work with on the road for 12 days, 24 hours a day. He promised Hart that he would let Hart's kids know what a great father he was.

Edge mentioned how he had the honor to be in Owen Hart's last match, along with Christian taking on him and Jeff Jarrett. He said he wrestled Hart all over and was a tremendous wrestler. He said he was the leader of bands of the WWF wrestlers that they called the Canadian Mafia. Edge was going into tears in the end.

Mark Henry and D-Lo Brown (w/Ivory) defeated The Acolytes via Pinfall.
It was announced Owen Hart's funeral would take place on 5/31 at 11:00am. More information will be available on WWF.COM. When Faarooq held up Mark Henry for a kick, Henry got out of the way and Bradshaw hit Faarooq, which let D-Lo make the pinfall.

Pat Patterson spoke of Owen Hart. He said in 40 years in the business, Hart was a very special person. He said he was a great person and fun to be with. He said he would be missed greatly. Patterson emotinally thanked Hart for the person he was and said he would miss him.

Bob Holly spoke about Owen Hart. He said that the biggest thing that Hart did for him was thre years ago, when he volunteered to put Holly over in front of his home town of Mobile, Alabama.

Road Dogg and The Godfather went to a No-Contest, to let The Godfather retain the Intercontinental Title.
Road Dogg showed his respect for Owen Hart in his introducation. Jim Ross told a story where Hart pulled down his swimming trunks on a Wrestle Vessel cruise. Ross said he was embarrassed and had some serious shrinkage. The Godfather came down with his ho's. He offered Road Dogg to go with him to downtown St. Louis with the ho's. Road Dogg agreed and said they could also tell some Owen Hart stories.

Paul Bearer receited some of his own words in dedication of Owen Hart.

X-Pac spoke of Owen Hart and said he was one of the nicest guys who walked the face of the Earth. He said Hart was very funny and would miss him.

Triple H (w/Chyna) defeated Al Snow with the Pedigree, in a non-Hardcore Title match.

Road Dogg spoke of Owen Hart. It was visibly hard for him to speak, as he said Hart would be missed and said he was praying forh is family.

Gerald Brisco said Owen Hart gave him so much work into the buisness and never gave up.

In a Handicap Match, The Big Show defeated Goldust and The Blue Meanie with the Showstopper.

An emotional Debra spoke on Owen Hart. She said she would miss him very much. She said it was an honor working with him, and it was going to be really hard going to live events without Hart.

Shane McMahon said Owen Hart was always a prankster. He said he and Bret Hart once went upstairs to wake up The Blue Blazer, and tackled him down. The next day, Shane and Bret's things were missing. Shane said Hart would be truely missed. Shane was in tears.

The Rock defeated Val Venis with the People's Elbow.
Val Venis showed his respect for Owen Hart during his usual introduction. The Rock dedicated the People's Elbow to Owen Hart and successfully executed the maneuver after the Rock Bottom in a quick finish.

Stone Cold Steve Austin finished off the show by making a toast to Owen Hart with a few beers, as picture of Hart showed on the Titan Tron.