Raw is War

Moline, Illinois
May 31, 1999

The entire Corporate Ministry came out to start RAW, and Undertaker promised that tonight would be the night that he would deliver Stone Cold Steve Austin's "mind, body and soul" to the greater power. Suddenly Vince McMahon appeared and ordered the Lord of Darkness to take on the Rattlesnake later on RAW. Vince also said that after months of being physically and emotionally tortured by the Undertaker, the owner himself wanted to "get him some" of the Undertaker! Shane and Vince came to an agreement: if Vince could beat the Undertaker, the Lord of Darkness would put his title on the line against Austin on RAW. However, if Vince was to lose, Shane said that Austin would never again get a title shot! As the Corporate Ministry marched back to the locker room, a hooded druid that had accompanied them to ringside unmasked-and revealed himself to be Stone Cold Steve Austin! Fearless, Austin tried to take on the entire faction until the Union came out to even the odds and run the Corporate Ministry back to the locker room!

In singles competition, the Big Show took on Badd Ass Billy Gunn. Frustrated that he was continually overpowered by the Big Show, Mr. Ass tried to escape to the locker room. He was counted out, but he didn't manage to make it backstage. From behind, the Road Dogg came out and threw his former tag team partner back into the ring, where he was quickly chokeslammed by the Big Show.

Harry "Beaver" Cleavage (accompanied by Mrs. Cleavage) made his debut next as he took on Christian the Brood. The two superstars exchanged several high-impact maneuvers, but Michael Hayes and the Hardy Boyz were the deciding factors. While the Boyz grabbed Christians legs as he bounced of the ropes, Hayes shattered his walking stick over the Brood member's head. The Beav finished off Christian with a variation of an overhead suplex. After the match, Edge and Christian came out and joined Christian for a brawl with Hayes and the Hardys.

The Intercontinental Title was on the line as the Godfather defended against Jeff Jarrett, accompanied by Debra. With the Godfather firmly in control, Debra began her customary striptease. One of the Godfather's hos jumped up on the apron and did a little striptease of her own! The referee was distracted, and Jarrett clobbered the Godfather with Debra's Federation Women's Title! He covered the pimp as the referee turned around, and the Tennessee native became the new Intercontinental Champion!

Vince's ultimate challenge was up next, as he took on the Undertaker in the fight of his life. Of course, the Federation chairman could not physically match up with the Federation Champion. Vince resorted to a low blow to gain the advantage. But even that could not keep the Lord of Darkness down for long. As the Undertaker pummeled Vince in the corner, the referee tried to get a clean break. But a frustrated Undertaker shoved the referee-who immediately disqualified him and awarded the match to Vince! As a result, the Undertaker was forced to put the title on the line later in his match with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

After the match, Mankind came out and challenged Triple H to a no-holds-barred, falls-count-anywhere match for later on RAW! During the commercial, as Mankind made his way back to the locker room, the Big Bossman came out for his match with the Road Dogg. Bossman and Mankind ended up battling back down to the ring area, and as RAW came back from the break, they were still assaulting each other. When Road Dogg came out for the match, Mankind simply tossed the Bossman into the ring. The match got underway, but it didn't last long. A frustrated Bossman grabbed his nightstick and used it as a weapon, and the match ended in a disqualification. Referee Teddy Long was able to wrest the nightstick away from the Bossman, but the Corporate Ministry member pulled a chain out of his wrestling attire and used that to assault the Road Dogg even more!

The second of the night's three title matches was up next, as Kane and X-Pac put the Tag Team Championship on the line against the Acolytes. As the match got underway, Shane McMahon came out and plotted a strategy at ringside. As X-Pac went for the Bronco Buster on Bradshaw, Shane snatched a steel chair and put in right in X-Pac's path. The degenerate went crashing right into the chair. As Kane chased off Shane, Bradshaw delivered the Clothesline from Hell on X-Pac and the Acolytes became the new Tag Team Champions!

In singles competition, Ken Shamrock took on Val Venis, with Nicole Bass. Jeff Jarrett came out to brag a little bit about his new Intercontinental Title, and Shamrock was distracted. Val rolled him up into a small package for the win. Shamrock was not happy, and he dropped Val with a belly-to-belly suplex before running off to try to catch Jarrett. Val accosted Nicole Bass, asking her where she was as he was being attacked, but he quickly forgave her, saying "you can make it up to me right now!" The duo walked off arm in arm.

After the challenge was made earlier on RAW, it was time for Mankind and Triple H to get in on in a Hardcore Rules Match. In a match where there is no disqualification, Chyna's presence made it more like a Handicap Match. Chyna used the handle of a sledgehammer to low blow Mankind as he applied to Mandible Claw on Triple H. As HHH recovered, Mankind pulled out Mr. Socko and slapped the Claw on Chyna! However, Triple H did recover, and he picked up the sledgehammer and clubbed Mankind's knee! Mankind didn't have the leverage to kick out, and Triple H covered him for the pin. Mankind was clearly hurt, but the sadistic Triple H wasn't satisfied, and he attacked Mankind and his injured knee after the match. Finally The Rock came out and ran HHH and Chyna away. But the damage was done, and Mankind was taken to a nearby hospital.

Finally it was time for the main event. The Federation Championship was up for grabs as the Undertaker took on Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin was able to hit the champion with a stunner, but after he went for the cover, Paul Bearer pulled the referee outside the ring. The Corporate Ministry struck, as the entire faction ganged up on Austin until he was tied in the ropes and couldn't escape. Suddenly the Undertaker and the rest of the Corporate Ministry dropped to their knees and the greater power emerged from the back! However, he was covered in a black cloak and his identity was hidden underneath. The greater power approached Austin and the Rattlesnake apparently saw who it was--and Austin instantly spewed venom! His reaction was so filled with shock and hatred that it looked as if he had seen a ghost!