Raw is War

Boston, Massachusetts
June 7, 1999

Vince McMahon stepped into the ring as RAW IS WAR from a sold-out FleetCenter in Boston got underway. McMahon was wearing his fighting gear, and he immediately challenged Shane to an anything-goes battle later on RAW. Vince said the winner would get full controlling interest in the World Wrestling Federation, making it a no-holds-barred, winner-take-all match! Shane came out and immediately accepted, but unlike Vince had suspected, Shane insisted that he is not the "Greater Power." Shane added that the Undertaker and the rest of the Corporate Ministry were preparing to reveal the "Greater Power" to the entire world in just a few moments!

Next up, the Undertaker and the Corporate Ministry came out, and the Federation Champion announced that the day of reckoning had arrived as he introduced the "Greater Power." But before Shane unveiled this "Power" he insisted that Vince witness it for himself. Vince appeared on the TitanTron and demanded the "Greater Power" be revealed and when Shane finally took off the hood, it was none other than Vince McMahon!!!

Vince told the world that he would pay any price to make Stone Cold Steve Austin’s life a living hell! He thanked Shane, the Undertaker and the other members of the Corporate Ministry for helping him screw the Rattlesnake once again. However, before he could complete his little speech, Linda and Stephanie McMahon appeared on the entranceway. Stephanie couldn’t believe that Vince and Shane had put her through months of hell just to get Stone Cold. Vince tried to explain that it was just business. But Linda had a little business lesson of her own. She put to rest the myth that Shane and Vince each owned 50 percent of the company—in fact, Shane, Vince, Stephanie and Linda each own 25 percent. Linda said she had called a special meeting earlier in the day and stepped down as the CEO of Titan Sports, and handed off 50 percent of the company to her hand-picked successor—Stone Cold Steve Austin!!!

The new CEO came out with a clipboard and got right down to business. Austin said that at a date to be determined, he would get a title shot and "I will take back my WWF title." But the first order of business was getting back at Vince and Shane. He ordered the two of them into a Handicap Match at the King of the Ring against himself, the new CEO! And he also had an agenda for RAW. First, after Shane McMahon screwed X-Pac and Kane last week, Stone Cold gave the former Tag Team Champions a chance at revenge as he gave them a Handicap Match against Shane! Also, Austin allowed the three remaining members of the Union (with the fourth, Mankind, recovering from a knee injury) an opportunity to meet anyone in the ring that they chose! Finally, Austin ordered Triple H to have one of his legs put in a cast so he could have a special "Cast Match," against The Rock!

Austin retreated to his dressing room for a little meeting with Stephanie and Linda. Linda McMahon presented the Rattlesnake with his first "corporate gift," a briefcase. Austin opened it to reveal several cans of beer inside, and he, Stephanie and Linda opened three cans and had a toast!

Back in the ring, the Acolytes defended their Tag Team Titles against Gangrel and Edge of the Brood. After the Hardy Boyz and Michael Hayes came out, Bradshaw finished off Gangrel with the Clothesline from Hell. After the match, the Hardys and Hayes ganged up on Christian before Edge ran them off.

Next up, the Union came to the ring to fill in the "blank check" that Stone Cold had given them earlier. First, the Big Show said he wanted to get a piece of the Undertaker, with the title on the line! Then, Ken Shamrock said Jeff Jarrett was going to have to wait, because Shamrock wanted Vince McMahon in the Lion’s Den! Shamrock said Vince humiliated him when he used Shamrock to find Stephanie weeks ago, and Shamrock said he was going to abuse Vince later on RAW! Finally, once Test realized that he could "meet" anyone he wanted in the ring, he called out Stephanie McMahon, got on one knee and asked her on a date! Stephanie gladly accepted. Meanwhile, Vince and Shane, sitting backstage, were irate that Stephanie had agreed to date a wrestler!


Kane and X-Pac got the chance to take out their aggression on the man who cost them the Tag Team Titles, Shane McMahon! After X-Pac pummeled Shane with several punches and kicks, and a vicious spinning-heel kick, the Mean Streets Posse (disguised in Mankind masks) rescued Shane, and the "Boy Wonder" sprinted away. However, Rodney and Pete Gas were not so lucky. Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson cut off the rich snobs and tossed them back into the ring, were they were the victims of chokeslams, Tombstone piledrivers, and Bronco Busters!

After the break, Michael Cole got a word with Debra, who was scheduled to defend the Federation Women’s Championship against Nicole Bass. However, Debra said she had 30 days to defend the title, and so she declined to do so on RAW. However, she said if Nicole wanted some competition, she would take her on in a Bikini Contest! If Nicole won, she would get a title match next week on RAW. But if Debra won, Nicole would have to, in Debra’s words, "leave my puppies alone."

It was the first-ever "Cast Match" as The Rock (with a cast over the broken bone in his left forearm) took on Triple H, who was having trouble walking after Federation officials (by orders of the new CEO) molded a cast over his entire right leg. The Rock clobbered Triple H across the spine with a steel chair, and then dropped him with the Rock Bottom! However, before the People’s Champion could use the People’s Elbow, the Undertaker interrupted and hit The Rock with a chokeslam and then a Tombstone on the chair! The Big Show ran off the Lord of Darkness, but the damage had been done, and The Rock was hurt badly.

If Nicole Bass wanted a shot at the Women’s Championship, she would first have to defeat Debra in a Bikini Contest. But Debra, dressed in a skimpy two piece silver garb adorned with hearts, was able to get the crowd on her side and defeat Bass, who was clad in a green two piece. Val Venis, angry that his woman had lost, grabbed Jeff Jarrett and instructed Nicole Bass to hit him with a guitar, but Debra pulled her man out of the way, and Bass clobbered the Big Valbowski! After Val recovered, he berated Nicole for her constant screw-ups. Nicole said "screw you" and simply walked away, apparently kicking Val Venis to the curb. Val, who is used to doing the dumping himself, was not happy with the role reversal and he chased after the world’s largest female bodybuilder.

After getting clobbered with a chair on HEAT by "Badd Ass" Billy Gunn, the Godfather was out for revenge when he took on Mr. Ass in singles competition. As the Godfather came charging after the former New Age Outlaw, Mr. Ass lowered the top rope, and the pimp spilled to the outside of the ring. As the referee administered the ten count, the Road Dogg came from behind and dropped his former tag team partner with a pumphandle slam! When the Godfather climbed back in the ring, he dropped a leg for good measure and pinned Mr. Ass!

The Hardcore Title was on the line as Al Snow took on Droz! The two superstars didn’t step foot into the ring for a second. They eventually battled into the sports-bar located within the arena and used all sorts of objects to clobber each other. Snow was able to retain his title after pummeling Droz with some sort of sculpture from the bar!

Ken Shamrock was ready to "get him some" of Vince McMahon inside the Lion’s Den. However, as Shamrock tried to make his way inside the cell, Jeff Jarrett sneaked up from behind and annihilated him with a steel chair! The "World’s Most Dangerous Man" was knocked unconscious, and Vince put on the ankle-lock. When Shamrock couldn’t respond to the referee, the official stopped the match and Vince got the victory!

The Federation Championship was up for grabs as the Undertaker defended against the Big Show. The match came to a dramatic end when the Big Show delivered the Show Stopper to the Undertaker, and the champion dropped through the canvas!!! The members of the Corporate Ministry ran down to the ring and were chokeslammed for their trouble by the Big Show. Meanwhile, the Undertaker was able to escape back to the locker room with his championship as RAW came to an end!