Raw is War

The Hive, Charlotee, North Carolina
June 28, 1999

With Shane McMahon proudly clutching the briefcase and balloons and confetti falling from above, the Corporate Ministry walked to the ring as RAW kicked off live from the sold-out Charlotte Coliseum. Mr. McMahon declared that it was a night of celebration and he guaranteed that the show would be one that fans would never forget. Shane took the honor of officially firing Stone Cold Steve Austin as CEO, and Vince said the Rattlesnake would be dropped down to the bottom level of the ladder. In fact, Vince had booked him into a preliminary match on RAW, and ordered him to help disassemble the ring after the show and carry it to the next town. In a gesture of Corporate unity, Mr. McMahon invited the Undertaker to defend the title against Triple H in Buffalo, N.Y., July 25 at Fully Loaded. As the celebration continued, the Big Bossman came out, told the McMahons, "I love you guys," and then the Corporate Ministry had a group hug.

But the party came to an abrupt end as Stone Cold Steve Austin hit the scene! The Rattlesnake said he anticipated that the McMahons would screw him at King of the Ring, so he took out a little insurance policy. Just before King of the Ring-while he was still CEO-Austin wrote himself a new contract. That old clause that Austin could not attack McMahon unless physically provoked? "Well," Austin said, "that's all been changed." With his new contract, Austin could whoop Mr. McMahon's ass anytime he wanted! Austin also announced that his new contract called for a WWF Title match later on RAW against the Undertaker. And he had also included a special stipulation-if any member of the Corporate Ministry interfered, Undertaker would be disqualified and the title would change hands!

Ken Shamrock came out next for his no-holds-barred weapons match with the "Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman. Even though he should have been in the hospital after injuries sustained last night, Shamrock took on the man who apparently is the McMahons' hired gun. Blackman came out with his duffel bag full of weapons, and he completely brutalized Shamrock. Shamrock once again started bleeding from the mouth. Blackman clobbered him over the skull with a kendo stick, knocking him cold, and then the "Lethal Weapon" calmly picked up his belongings and walked away mid-match. Shamrock was hurt badly, but he once again refused medical attention!

Michael Cole interviewed the 1999 King of the Ring, "Badd Ass" Billy Gunn. Mr. Ass issued an open challenge to all Federation Superstars, and when Triple H and Chyna came to the ring, it looked like he had a few takers. But Triple H said he strictly had business on his mind. He said that now that Road Dogg and X-Pac are the two remaining members of D-Generation X, they are getting all the royalties from DX merchandise. Triple H said that since he was completely focused on winning the World Wrestling Federation Championship, he was offering to "lend" Chyna to Mr. Ass. Together, Mr. Ass and Chyna would take down Road Dogg and X-Pac, take over DX, and see their royalty checks increase dramatically. Just as Mr. Ass took him up on the offer, The Rock appeared and went after Triple H! The Rock wanted revenge after Triple H cost him the Federation Championship at King of the Ring, and the two superstars had to be separated by Federation officials.

Back in the locker room, Michael Cole interviewed Chaz, who was known last week as Harry "Beaver" Cleavage. Chaz said he's had all the gimmicks, and with the help of his girlfriend Marianna he has decided to just be himself-a kid from New Jersey that likes to have fun. Chaz got a chance to prove himself immediately, as he took on Meat (accompanied by PMS) in singles competition. After Meat was distracted when Marianna pushed Terri Runnels off the ring apron, Chaz finished off the PMS sex slave with a rather potent slam maneuver.

Earlier on RAW, GTV cameras picked up Test walking Stephanie McMahon out of a Charlotte hotel room, and giving her a little kiss. Backstage on RAW, Terry Taylor attempted to get a word with Test, but he was ganged attacked and brutally assaulted by Shane McMahon and his Mean Street Posse. Later in the show, Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler got word that Test had suffered a concussion.

Next up, Hardcore Holly made an unannounced appearance and called out Kane! The Big Red Machine was obliged to answer the challenge, and an impromptu match got underway. When Hardcore Holly distracted the referee, the Big Show emerged from the back and chokeslammed Kane! Holly covered Kane with one foot and scored a huge upset victory. But when Holly stood over the Big Red Machine and talked a little trash after the match, Kane sat up, grabbed Holly around the neck and delivered a chokeslam! Kane went on to chokeslam Holly three more times before the former Hardcore Champion could be rescued and rolled out of the ring by Federation officials.

After The Rock attacked Triple H earlier, the McMahons immediately signed a match pitting the archrivals against each other on RAW! It may have been a set up from the beginning. As The Rock trapped Triple H in the corner and was set to stomp away, Mr. Ass came from behind and bashed The Rock over the head with a club! The referee called for a disqualification, but the damage was done, and The Rock was hurt. Backstage, Michael Cole tried to get a word with The Rock, but all he could find were Droz and Prince Albert, who were double teaming Val Venis.

Back in the ring, the Godfather (with four Carolina hos) took on Edge. Just as the match got underway, Prince Albert and Droz came out, and as Droz distracted the referee, the Prince hit the Godfather with his patented finishing maneuver. Even Edge may not have realized what was going on, but one spear later, the Brood member got the victory via pinfall! After the match, Droz and the Prince trapped the Godfather in the ropes, and then grabbed one the hos and tried to pierce her tongue! When Edge realized what was going on, he came back in the ring and saved the ho, and once the Godfather got himself untangled, he and Edge fought off the Prince and Droz. The ho was especially grateful to Edge for helping out, and she escorted him back to the locker room. Federation cameras picked up Gangrel and Christian looking on in the crowd, and Gangrel was shaking his head.

After taking one of the Tag Team Titles a few weeks ago, Mr. Ass had to "defend" that title against Bradshaw of the Acolytes. Things appeared grim for the Acolytes when Faarooq accidentally hit his tag team partner with the other tag team belt. But as Mr. Ass set up for the Fame-Ass-Er, X-Pac seemed to appear out of nowhere and he dropped Mr. Ass from behind. Bradshaw delivered the Clothesline from Hell, and the Acolytes "regained" full control over the Tag Team Championship. After the match, Chyna attacked X-Pac, but Road Dogg came out and the remaining members of DX fought off Mr. Ass and Chyna!

The new World Wrestling Federation Women's Champion, Ivory, came out next with Nicole Bass and told the fans that there would be "no more Barbie doll lipstick losers. I don't just walk it or talk it or take it off…I just do it." But Ivory said there was no competition for her in the Federation, so she challenged any fan in the crowd to take her on. One woman jumped over the guardrail, but she was stopped by head security guard Jim Dotson. Ivory convinced Jim to let the woman go, but once the fan sized up Ivory, she backed away. However, Ivory went after the fan and assaulted her, and then Nicole Bass delivered a powerbomb! Ivory seemed to be done, as she helped the woman up, but then Ivory attacked her again. Dotson sprung back into action, but this time he found himself in the unusual position of pulling one of the superstars off a fan!

The Intercontinental Championship was on the line as Jeff Jarrett, accompanied by Debra, took on X-Pac. Mr. Ass once again tried to interfere, grabbing Jarrett's guitar and swinging at X-Pac, but X-Pac ducked and delivered a spinning heel kick to the 1999 King of the Ring, knocking him down and out of the ring. Debra tried to distract X-Pac by unbuttoning her blouse, but as Jarrett attacked from behind, X-Pac turned around in the nick of time and bashed Jarrett over the head with his guitar. However, Debra distracted the referee, and Mr. Ass made his way back in the ring and dropped X-Pac with the Fame-Ass-Er. A groggy Jarrett covered the challenger and was luckily able to retain his title. Moments after the match ended, Chyna and Mr. Ass were at it again with the Road Dogg and X-Pac until they were divided up by Federation officials.

Mr. McMahon had promised a night that we would never forget. And although it may not have been what he had in mind, a Federation Championship match between the Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin meant Vince's guarantee proved valid. As stipulated in Austin's new contract, there would be no Corporate interference in the match. After wiggling his way out of an attempted Tombstone, Austin was able to hit a stunner! But as the referee administered the three count, Paul Bearer pulled him out of the ring. Austin went out and knocked Bearer cold, went back in the ring and delivered another stunner! This time the referee counted to three and Austin became the new World Wrestling Federation Champion! The Undertaker was irate, and he clobbered the Rattlesnake with the Federation Championship after the match, busting Austin wide open. Undertaker continued to pulverize Austin as RAW went off the air!