Raw is War

Fayetteville, North Carolina
July 5, 1999

To start off RAW, new World Wrestling Federation Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin came to the ring with the gold en tow, and addressed the fans about his upcoming "First Blood Match" with the Undertaker at Fully Loaded. This brought out Vince McMahon, who stated he was so sickened by Austin’s reign that he offered up a new stipulation to the Rattlesnake. If Austin can win at the Pay-Per-View, no one will ever hear from Vince again! However, if Stone Cold loses he will never get another title shot again!

Led by Michael Hayes, the upstart Hardy Boyz took on Federation Tag Team Champions the Acolytes. Thanks to an amazing aerial assault, Matt and Jeff were able to keep Bradshaw and Faarooq off balance throughout the bout. However, after Hayes’ walking stick was smashed over the head of Bradshaw, the Hardyz pulled off a huge upset and captured the Tag Team gold!

Following a word from the new champs, the Godfather was slated to take on Gangrel. Prior to the bout, the Pimp introduced his latest hos--Droz and Prince Albert—who had been caught by "GTV" earlier getting dressed! But, it was the pierced pair that ended up assaulting the Godfather and Val Venis. After the Las Vegas native got the win over Gangrel, the Prince and Droz unleashed a beating on their enemies!

The Hardcore Title was on the line as Al Snow defended against D’Lo Brown. It wasn’t long before the action spilled out into the backstage catering area—where Mideon interfered on behalf of Snow! After Al got the win, European Champion Mideon mocked D’Lo!

Hoping to gain a measure of revenge against the Mean Street Posse, Test took on newcomer Joey Abs. However, during the bout Shane McMahon came down the entrance ramp with Stephanie en tow. After Pete Gas and Rodney joined Joey in the beat down on Test, Stephanie ran to the superstar’s aid!

Road Dogg, who had been blamed earlier in the night for vandalizing Chyna’s car, took on Val Venis. Minutes into the contest, local police—with X-Pac following in handcuffs—entered the ring and arrested the Dogg! Minutes later, ‘Pac and Road Dogg were taken away in a cop car!

After being upset by Edge on RAW, the Big Boss Man served a little hard time to the Brood member by assaulting him with the nightstick. Gangrel attempted to help Edge, but got beaten down as well by the Cobb County native. However, thanks to Christian, Edge and Gangrel escaped with their careers intact.

New Jersey native Chaz, with girlfriend Marianna, garnered an Intercontinental Championship bout against Jeff Jarrett. During the bout, Debra got up on the apron to reveal her puppies—only to have Marianna get in her face! With everyone’s attention diverted, Jarrett clobbered his opponent for the win, but continued the assault after the match. However, Chaz’s former Headbanger partner Thrasher came to his rescue…nearly hitting a home run swing with the guitar on Jarrett.

Up next, Meat took on the 1999 King of the Ring Mr. Ass, accompanied by Chyna. Meat looked to have the upper hand on Billy Gunn, but it was the King’s Fame-Asser that eventually put the newcomer away. Following the bout, King Ass and Chyna laid out Jacqueline and Meat and spraypainted the letters "DX" across them!

The Big Show and the self-proclaimed "Big Shot" Hardcore Holly teamed up after a commercial break to take on Kane in a handicap match! After the Big Show was able to level the Big Red Machine, Holly took over. However, the match took an unexpected turn of events when the Undertaker came to ringside. With the Big Show’s attention diverted, Kane nailed Holly with a chokeslam for the win. Complete chaos broke out when, along with Kane, the Man from the Darkside annihilated their nemesis! Thanks to a chair shot by the Phenom, the Big Shot was busted wide open—no doubt a message to Stone Cold!

After the steel cage was lowered for the main event, Triple H waited for the entrance of the most electrifying superstar in sports-entertainment…The Rock! During the bout, Hunter was able to gain the upper hand by using a pair of handcuffs to assault the People’s Champ. Minutes later, Chyna got involved when she slammed the steel door in The Rock’s head…allowing Hunter to exit the cage. However, with the referee down, the brutality continued as both competitors brawled up the entrance ramp and back into the cage. Later, with both superstars perched on the top of the cage, Hunter delivered a viscous chair shot to The Rock. But when Triple H tried to come down he got caught up in the ropes! This mistake bought the People’s Champ the opportunity to gather his senses and climb down for the win! However, The Rock’s celebration was short-lived as King Ass joined Hunter and Chyna is beating down their foe as RAW went off the air.