Raw is War

Milwaukee, Wisconson
August 16, 1999

Triple H was not in a good mood as RAW from Milwaukee got underway. But he was very polite as he introduced Chyna, the new No. 1 contender, and asked her for a match with that distinction on the line. Chyna pondered briefly and then declined his challenge. But HHH wouldn't take no for an answer. He tore into the "Ninth Wonder of the World," claiming that he made her, and he could break her just as easily. Chyna was irate, and she told Triple H to give it a shot-she didn't think he had the balls to beat her!

In the first match of the night, the Road Dogg took on Al Snow. Road Dogg threw a few stinging left jabs, stunning Snow, but when the D-O-double-G went for the big right hand, Snow dodged him and Road Dogg clobbered the referee! Snow wrapped his opponent into the Texas Cloverleaf, but with the official knocked out, the Big Boss Man appeared and bashed Snow with his nightstick. Road Dogg made the cover as the official came to and administered the three count!

Along with Paul Bearer, the Big Show and the Undertaker appeared and declared, "What used to be known as SummerSlam will now be known as Armageddon, and whoever shows up will be hurt." Suddenly the "Y2J problem" himself appeared, and Chris Jericho chastised the two monsters for boring the crowd. Undertaker was not amused and said that if Jericho ever interrupted him again, it will be the last time.

Triple H took on Chyna in a desperate attempt to regain his title of No. 1 contender and compete for the Federation Championship at SummerSlam. But a wrench was thrown into that plan by Mankind! The Deranged One reappeared on the scene after three months away to nurse a knee that required surgery after Triple H took a sledgehammer to it. Mankind gained a measure of revenge when he clobbered Hunter with the steel ring steps. Chyna promptly pinned him to maintain her status as No. 1 contender. After the match, Mankind asked Chyna for a match for her title. But Chyna gave him a low blow from behind as her way of saying no. Commissioner Michaels appeared for the second time in as many weeks and overruled her, forcing her into a match against Mankind!

Less than a week before he challenges Shane McMahon in a "Love Her or Leave Her" match at SummerSlam, Test took on Steve Blackman. The "Lethal Weapon" brought his duffel bag full of weapons to the ring, and as the match got underway Shane McMahon appeared and grabbed a Kendo stick. He caused a disqualification when he climbed into the ring, but he didn't care. He was more concerned about putting a beating on Test. Blackman and Shane double teamed Test until Ken Shamrock appeared. The "Lethal Weapon" took out Shamrock with the Kendo stick, cracking it over his head, and then he and Shane turned their attention back to Test. Shane whipped Test repeatedly in the rib area with the stick, causing Test to keel over in pain.

The Tag Team Titles were on the line as the Acolytes looked to regain the championship from X-Pac and Kane. As the contest got underway, the Undertaker and the Big Show appeared on the entranceway. The champions were able to retain their titles after Kane nailed Bradshaw with the chokeslam, but after the match the angry Acolytes gave both X-Pac and Kane tandem powerbombs and left them lying on the canvas.

Hardcore Holly doesn't like to be backed into a corner, but that's exactly what guys like the Undertaker have done! So Holly had to go out and get himself "another super heavyweight" (in addition to himself, of course). He introduced us to his cousin, Crash Holly. Crash looked just like Hardcore, from the short blonde hair to the tights and the rugged build. Crash looked to be about 5-foot-9, 200 pounds-looked that way. He couldn't really BE that way, of course, being that he's a super heavyweight. Crash also showed that his attitude is just like his slightly bigger cousin as he got right into the face of Hardcore. In fact, the cousins came to blows and battled through the crowd! Later in the show, cameras picked them up still fighting on top of the SummerSlam Stone Cold beer truck. Neither one could get the other to stay down!

As Commissioner Michaels had ordered earlier, Mankind took on Chyna. Several Federation officials attempted to prevent Triple H from coming out to the ring area, but the Greenwich native got around them. When Chyna saw him, she was distracted, and Mankind was able to grab Mr. Socko and knock her out with the Mandible Claw. After the match, it was anarchy in the ring as Triple H, Chyna and Mankind battled and several officials tried to separate them. Shane McMahon appeared and said as the owner of the Federation he was ordering a match between Triple H and Mankind to determine the undisputed No. 1 contender and was appointing himself referee. Commissioner Michaels agreed to allow the match, but he made it falls count anywhere and no holds barred, and he named himself the second referee.

Next up, Mr. Ass appeared and revealed that his "money maker" had a rash on it. But he said at SummerSlam, he would make The Rock's face look at lot worse than his ass. The People's Champion came out and brought out the woman that had rubbed the "Oriental leaves" on Mr. Ass' behind last week. The Rock revealed that it wasn't Oriental leaves -- it was poison ivy! The Rock marched down to the ring and went after Mr. Ass for a SummerSlam preview. The superstars battled to the outside of the ring where Mr. Ass grabbed the Kendo stick Shane McMahon had used earlier and annihilated The Rock with it! Backstage, The Rock promised that after he beats Mr. Ass at SummerSlam, he would force him to kiss the People's Ass!

Stone Cold Steve Austin, who provided guest commentary during the match, could finally find out who he would be facing at SummerSlam as Mankind took on Triple H in a falls-count-anywhere, no-holds-barred contest. Mankind slapped the Mandible Claw on his opponent, but Triple H delivered a belly-to-back suplex, and dropped Mankind on to a steel chair that was lying in the ring. Both superstars ended up on their backs and each had one arm covering the other. Michaels and Shane both counted to three, but they argued over who had won, since both superstars were technically "covering" each other. The ring announcer finally reported that both men would be declared the winners and there would be a Triple Threat Match at SummerSlam. After knocking down Shane McMahon with a right hook, the Rattlesnake walked away. Meanwhile in the ring, his two SummerSlam opponents went through referees and officials to fight each other.