Raw is War

GeorgiaDome, Atlanta, Georgia
October 11, 1999

Prior to the start of RAW, a short tribute was aired celebrating the life of the late Federation legend, Gorilla Monsoon.

Atlanta was rocking as RAW kicked off from the Georgia Dome with a bang! Federation owner Vince McMahon opened the show by introducing none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Texas Rattlesnake made it clear that he was ready to face Triple H at No Mercy, and that he would be more than willing to take on the champion that night in Atlanta. This challenge was immediately taken
up by Triple H, who came down to ringside, slapping Jim Ross as he did so. This enraged the announcer to the point where he actually attacked the champion with an electric fan, distracting Triple H long enough for the Rattlesnake to get his hands on the Greenwich native. The battle made its way inside of the ring, with Ross being allowed to get in a few shots at the champion. The melee was broken up by the intervention of Chyna, but before Triple H left the ringside area, he challenged Austin and Ross to a tag team match against himself and the Ninth Wonder of the World!

Billy Gunn was next up, taking on Crash Holly in a match which saw both the Road Dogg and Hardcore Holly seconding their partners at ringside. The match was over in the blink of an eye, with Mr. Ass taking the win after dropping Crash with a Fame-asser. After the match, Hardcore Holly ran into the ring, using his ever-present scale to KO both of the New Age Outlaws.

Backstage, Mankind made it clear that he was looking for a solid commitment from The Rock, as to whether or not to continue the Rock 'N' Sock Connection.

The Women's Champion, Ivory, then came to ringside to face off against Mae Young in a non-title match. Before the legend could even get ready for the bout, she found herself being bashed with Ivory's title match. This brought out the Fabulous Moolah to save her friend and run off the champion!

Terry Taylor then caught up with the Bulldog backstage, with the UK native making clear his ill intentions for The Rock at No Mercy.

RAW then went to a special interview with Shane and Stephanie McMahon, where the emotional trauma of Stephanie's amnesia was made abundantly clear as she couldn't even remember her fiancÚ, Test.

A white stretch limo then pulled up to the Georgia Dome, exited by Mark Henry and a beautiful female companion who was later revealed to be his therapist!

Round Four of the Terri Invitational was next up, with Edge and Christian facing off against the Brood. As is always the case when these two teams face off, the action was fast-paced and high flying. Unfortunately, no winner was decided on this night, as referee Tim White disqualified both teams.

X-Pac was then shown backstage, telling Kane not to interfere in his match later in the night.

The Rock finally made his return to Atlanta, arriving at the Georgia Dome in his own black limousine. The People's Champ then granted an interview, making it clear that he didn't care about Mankind, the Bulldog or Kevin Kelly! Mankind then appeared to confront The Rock, but before tensions could boil over, Vince McMahon appeared, announcing that the duo would face off against the Bulldog and Val Venis later in the night.

X-Pac then came out to face off against Faarooq in singles competition. Whereas fellow Acolyte Bradshaw seconded Faarooq, the degenerate went at it alone in this contest. X-Pac's speed and agility paid off well in bout, capitalizing on a Faarooq miscue to take the win. After the pinfall was counted, both Acolytes began to beat down X-Pac, bringing out Kane, who, per the degenerate's orders stood back, and allowed the assault to continue for a period before finally running in to clean house!

Federation cameras then replayed Mark Henry's second session to cure his sexual addiction.

Y2J then hit Atlanta, as Chris Jericho and Curtis Hughes teamed up to take on the newly reformed Headbangers. The former Tag Champs showed that they haven't lost a step, as they brought the fight to Jericho and his bodyguard. The dissention between Jericho and Hughes hit its peak, as Y2J wound up abandoning the big man, leaving him easy prey for the 'Banger's stagedive, and an ensuing three-count.

The Big Show was then shown doing his best to cope with the revelation that his father was terminally ill. D'Lo Brown did his best to console Show, but to no avail.

The longest Ho Train in history rolled into the Georgia Dome, as the Godfather faced off against Mark Henry. The contest was fought under "HoJack rules," with the Godfather's hos taking on the role usually reserved for Federation lumberjacks! When Sexual Chocolate was tossed outside of the ring, he seemed to almost enjoy the attention of the hos. In fact, he was so taken with hos, he was easy prey for the Godfather, who collected another win!

The Big Boss Man was up next, facing off against the Big Show. Before the bout began, the Boss Man infuriated the Show by stating that he didn't care about the condition of his father. The Show began to assault the Boss Man mercilessly, stopped only when the former corrections officer began to use his trusty nightstick. Al Snow then appeared, but after a brief flurry of offense, he too fell to the weapon.

One of the most unusual tag matches in Federation history then took place, with Triple H and Chyna facing off against Jim Ross and Stone Cold Steve Austin. While Chyna choked Ross outside of the ring, Austin and Triple H took their war all through the Georgia Dome. As this duo battled in the bowels of the building, Chyna continued to assault Ross. JR looked as if he was about to be beaten by the Ninth Wonder of the World until Jeff Jarrett ran in to knock her out with a toaster! Chyna was then deposited into a laundry bin and wheeled backstage, just as Austin and Triple H re-emerged from the back. The two continued to war until the Rattlesnake finally managed to lay out the champion, leaving him virtually unconscious inside of a beer wagon!

The main event of the evening saw The Rock 'N' Sock Connection taking on Val Venis and the Bulldog. Mankind came down to ringside carrying a tray of dog excrement that had been collected from the backstage area at the request of the People's Champion. The match itself was very closely contested, with the momentum swinging between the two teams at an incredible pace. Eventually Mankind chased Venis into the locker room area, leaving the Bulldog wide open for a Rock Bottom… into the excrement! The Rock 'n' Sock Connection, despite their internal strife, managed to rack up another win.

Before RAW went off the air, Federation cameras picked up on a brawl between Triple H and Steve Austin in the backstage area, which ended with the champion being thrown into a darkened room, populated by a real, live rattlesnake!