Raw is War

Providence Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island
October 25, 1999

RAW started off with a backstage look at Vince McMahon discussing the Tag Title situation with the New Age Outlaws. The Outlaws demanded a title shot against the Hollys, but McMahon informed them that the Hollys were to be facing Edge and Christian. Triple H barged in angrily, demanding that his scheduled title defense against Mankind be cancelled. After a few heated words were exchanged between the Outlaws and Triple H, McMahon decided that the title match would stand, and that the Outlaws, at their own request, would take on Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock later in the evening!

Meanwhile, the Godfather was looking for Mark Henry, and found the near 400-pounder with about twelve hos. The duo made their way to ringside as the Godfather prepared to take on Viscera, who was accompanied by Mideon. Viscera grabbed the mic and demanded a Winner-Take-All (the Hos!) Match, and he promised Henry that if Viscera won, "Sexual Chocolate" could have all the hos he wants any time he wants. Mideon interjected himself early, and was sent to the back by referee Tim White. When the Godfather set Viscera up for a Ho Train, Henry nailed the pimp from behind, allowing Viscera to gain the pinfall victory. When two hos attended to the fallen Godfather, Viscera returned to the ring and demolished both of the ladies!

The Rock then reacted to having to team with Stone Cold later in the evening. The People's Champ told Austin that this night would prepare the Rattlesnake for being in the same ring with him at SummerSlam. Meanwhile, the Dudley Boyz laughed as the injured hos were taken away in an ambulance.

The Tag Team Champions, the Hollys, made their way to the ring to defend the belts against Edge and Christian. The action was fast and furious, with all four men in the ring for much of the match. After Edge drilled Crash Holly with a spear, he was attacked by the returning Scott Taylor and Brian Christopher while going for the cover. The Hardys ran out to aid Edge and Christian, and the four young superstars cleared the ring.

Michael Cole interviewed the Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young in the ring. Moolah announced that she wanted to retire and return the title since she was too old to give the deserved attention to the title. Ivory came out to insult Moolah, reminding the champ of her return-match clause. Ivory then attacked Mae Young and defeated Moolah in a quick match to become the Women's Champion for a second time.

The Big Show and Prince Albert went head-to-head in one-on-one competition. The Boss Man quickly appeared and addressed Show from the entranceway. The Cobb County native told Show that he went to the hospital to see the Show's father, and that he pulled the plug on him. Boss Man showed Show his father's watch, and after Albert attacked the Big Show from behind, the Boss Man nailed Show with a hammer, and then proceeded to demolish his father's watch!

Chris Jericho told Chyna and D'Lo Brown to team up against him and a "common" fan that he would choose out of the audience.

Chyna headed to the ring with Miss Kitty, followed by European Champion D'Lo Brown. Y2J made his usual entrance, and then selected a red-haired "female" audience member to team with. Jericho and Brown pulled out all the stops early. After Jericho's partner tagged in, Chyna speared "her" and ripped away "her" clothing to reveal Stevie Richards! After Chyna pinned Stevie for the victory, Jericho powerbombed his partner and locked him in the Walls of Jericho.

Mankind then battled Triple H for the Federation Championship. Hunter used the stairs to his advantage, pummeling Mankind with the steel steps. The champ concentrated on his opponent's injured shoulder and arm, but Mick Foley battled back with a double-arm DDT. Mankind pulled out Mr. Socko, and applied the Mandible Claw even after being nearly hung by his neck in the ring ropes! Hunter escaped and the two fought into the crowd. "The Game" then returned to the ring with a chair, but Mankind fired back with a shot to the head with the title belt. Hunter kicked out, but received another Mandible Claw for his efforts. It appeared that Foley had the title won until Val Venis attacked the challenger with a chair. Al Snow rushed to ringside to aid his fellow hardcore superstar, and Mankind won via disqualification.

Stone Cold Steve Austin told Michael Cole that he respected The Rock and that he would team with him, but that the pair was in no way friends. Michael Hayes spoke with Stephanie McMahon, who told him that she was near-100 percent, and that she wanted Test to beat an apology out of the Bulldog. Immediately after, Kane explained to X-Pac that Tori told Kane not to make fun of Buh Buh Ray Dudley and that X-Pac was to stay out of Kane's match with Buh Buh Ray no matter what. The Dudelys viciously assaulted the degenerate and the Big Red Machine, with Buh Buh Ray stealing Kane's speaking device.

Buh Buh Ray and Kane went toe-to-toe in the ring. The Big Red Machine dominated the entire bout, virtually battling both Dudleys at the same time. Kane won the bout by disqualification when D-Von interfered, but the half-brothers pounded on Kane until X-Pac rushed to the ring to aid his friend at Tori's request.

The British Bulldog then took on Test in a Steel Cage Match. The two superstars went at each other like rabid dogs, and each competitor had fire in his eyes. Bulldog hammered Test with a vertical suplex and a powerslam, but Test recovered before his opponent could escape. Test threw the Bulldog down to the mat and elbowed him from the top of the cage! The Mean Street Posse appeared and entered the cage to attack Test. Suddenly, Shane McMahon ran out, scaled the outside of the cage, and leaped from the top onto the Posse! Meanwhile, the Bulldog disappeared from the ring area. The Posse regained control and obliterated their former friend with spears and powerbombs until Test reappeared to help his brother-in-law-to-be.

Cameras followed the Acolytes into a local bar, where they were verbally harassed by a few of the patrons, one of whom claimed to be an arm-wrestling champion. The "champ" took on Bradshaw in an arm-wrestling contest, which Bradshaw won after Faarooq quick-counted. When one of the patrons made repeated racial insults toward Faarooq, the Acolytes completely demolished the bar and several of the locals! The two partners then flipped some change at the bartender and enjoyed a couple cold brews while leaving.

The New Age Outlaws took on Stone Cold and The Rock in tag competition. Billy Gunn took control early, pounding Austin with a flurry of fists. The Rattlesnake gained control after a Lou Thesz Press. After The Rock tagged in, Badd Ass nailed him with a neckbreaker. The Outlaws tagged frequently to stay fresh, but the "Great One" attempted an early People's Elbow before Road Dogg escaped. The action spilled out of the ring momentarily, and the Outlaws regained control when the match returned to the inside. Though the Outlaws employed superior tag-team continuity, The Rock and Austin kept the match even. After The Rock nearly won with a DDT, Triple H ran to the ring in an attempt to interfere. Stone Cold stopped "The Game" while Rock hit Road Dogg with a Samoan Drop and flattened Badd Ass with a Rock Bottom. Suddenly, X-Pac drilled Rock with a spinning heel kick! Hunter joined X-Pac and the Outlaws in the ring to continue the carnage on The Rock and Stone Cold. RAW went off the air as DX seemingly had reformed!