Raw is War

Washington, DC
November 1, 1999

RAW got off to a fast start as The Rock made his way into the ring to make clear his plans for his upcoming title shot at Survivor Series. The People's Champ made it known that he planned on taking the fight to both Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin, and that he would leave the pay-per-view with the Federation Title. The Rock then talked about his utter hatred for the Road Dogg, calling out the degenerate so that The Rock would have a chance to lay the smack down on the D-O-Double G.

This brought out the Dogg, who immediately charged the ring. A match between the two superstars then kicked off, with the contest being even more brutal than anyone could have expected. Unfortunately, it was also more short-lived than expected, with the other three members of DX appearing to help out their comrade. The Rock was beaten down until Vince McMahon appeared from the back to break up the melee.

RAW then went backstage, with Vince McMahon making it clear that "it would not be a DX night," a claim that was rebuffed by Triple H.

Michael Cole then interviewed the Big Show, with the behemoth stating that even he doesn't know just how much he's capable of doing to the Boss Man. Before the interview could be concluded, the Boss Man and Prince Albert threw a canister of tear gas into the room, disabling the Show and making him an easy target for the malicious duo.

An eight-man tag team match was next up, with Edge and Christian teaming with the Hardy Boyz to take on Too Cool and the Hardcore Hollys. As would be expected with these young superstars, the action was fast and furious, with Edge taking the win for his team after spearing Crash in the middle of the ring.

X-Pac was then to be interviewed backstage, but the degenerate was interrupted by Tori, who took him to task for turning his back on Kane. X-Pac then left the segment, but not before revealing that Tori and Kane were romantically linked.

Mick Foley was then shown signing copies of his book, while Al Snow sat beside him, counting off all of the jokes that were written at his expense.

The Boss Man and Prince Albert then walked down to the ring, pushing a cart full of weapons. The duo made it clear that they were angry with Al Snow for his part in the Big Show's attack on them last week on SmackDown! The former corrections officer then called out Snow for a Hardcore Championship match. Snow accepted, but he didn't come alone for this bout, bringing Mankind down to the ring to make it a hardcore tag team match! Although The Big Show wasn't there to see it, he would have loved to see this bout, as Snow and Mankind pulled out all of the stops, winning the contest after several intense minutes of competition.

During the Hardcore tag team match, Val Venis was shown throwing Foley's signed books into a trashcan. The can was then doused with lighter fluid and set ablaze, utterly destroying the editions. After Venis left, Foley tried to put out the flames, but it was too late to preserve the precious volumes.

Chyna was next up on RAW, taking on Stevie Richards in singles competition. Richards was dressed as Chris Jericho, and he did his best to capture all of Y2J's mannerisms. This apparently annoyed Chyna, who treated Richards exactly as she would the real Jericho, defeating him in short order. After the final bell had rung on Richards, the real Jericho ran into the ring to mount a sneak attack on the Ninth Wonder of the World, leaving her lying prone in the ring.

Stone Cold Steve Austin then came out to take on Mr. Ass in one-on-one competition. The Rattlesnake brought the fight to the degenerate, with the fight quickly going outside of the ring. This may not have been the best tactic, as Austin was split open across the forehead, giving the advantage to Billy Gunn. Austin turned the momentum back into his direction, and when DX tried to save Gunn, the Rattlesnake chased them all off with a steel chair.

Next on the card was a bout between Test and Val Venis, with Stephanie McMahon providing color commentary. Stephanie's support may have given Test a boost, since he managed to hold his own against Venis. No conclusive winner could be found in this contest though, as Mankind ran into to attack Venis, continuing their feud. Post-match, Stephanie broke with tradition, asking Test to marry her… a proposal that he accepted.

At the decree of Vince McMahon, Kane then faced off against X-Pac. Almost as soon as the match had begun, the rest of DX ran out to assault the Big Red Machine. Although he tried to stand against the barrage, Kane was no match for all four of the degenerates, and was left unconscious in the ring while DX celebrated.

A short vignette then aired on RAW, showcasing Kurt Angle's Olympic accomplishments.

DX was then shown backstage, engaged in a shouting match with Vince McMahon. In a rage, the chairman then announced that Triple H would have to defend his Federation Championship against Shane McMahon later in the show.

The Dudley Boyz then made then way into the ring to square off against the Headbangers. Although the Dudleys did their best to manhandle the former tag Champions, the 'Bangers used their experience to steal a win away from their opponents. After the bout had ended, the Mean Street Posse ran into the ring, viscously attacking the Headbangers.

The main event of the evening saw Shane McMahon challenge for Triple H's Federation Championship. This match was not lacking for star power, as Vince McMahon served as the special guest ring announcer, Stone Cold provided color commentary, Kane was the special enforcer and The Rock acted as timekeeper. As would be expected, the rest of DX accompanied Triple H for the bout.

The match itself saw several shifts in momentum, as both Shane and Triple H seemed on the verge of winning at different points. At one point, Shane even hit Triple H with a pedigree, with the degenerate barely kicking out from the move. Triple H regained control of the match, but the referee was accidentally knocked out before Shane could fall victim to a three-count. Vince McMahon then tried to interfere on Shane's behalf, but he accidentally clobbered his own son, allowing the degenerate to take the win as RAW went off the air!