Raw is War

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
November 15, 1999

RAW kicked off live from Pittsburgh with a bang, as DX made an appearance, complete with their classic entrance music. Triple H made it clear that he was not happy that the Big Show took the Federation Championship at Survivor Series. He also made it known that he blamed the entire situation on Vince McMahon, calling out the Federation owner from the backstage area.

McMahon seemed unfazed by DX's threats, showing footage of Stone Cold being hit by a car at the pay-per-view. McMahon blamed the attack on DX, with the degenerates denying the assault. Their denials were moot, as several uniformed officers came from the back to take away DX for questioning.

After a short break, Mankind made his way to the ring to take on Val Venis in singles competition. These two superstars have had quite a feud of late, and the action between the two was as intense as it's ever been. Although the Big Valbowski put forth a valiant effort, he eventually fell to a mandible claw submission!

DX was shown backstage, being grilled by the police. The degenerates didn't take too well to the questioning, with Triple H speculating that Mr. McMahon was the one behind the attack on Austin.

Test and Stephanie McMahon were then shown arriving at the arena. The pair met up with Luna, who gave the couple a stuffed squirrel as a gift. The fiancées were gracious as always, despite the odd present.

A ho train pulled into Pittsburgh, as the Godfather took on Kurt Angle in singles competition. Angle wore his gold medals to the ring, and relied heavily on amateur-style wrestling maneuvers to take the fight to the former Intercontinental Champion. The end of the match came when the Godfather was distracted by a fan, and Angle capitalized on the moment, hitting his opponent with a reverse fireman's carry into a pinfall.

A rather dejected Chris Jericho was next on the card, taking on Gangrel in singles competition. The fanged one was accompanied by Luna for the contest. Before the bout could commence, Chyna and Miss Kitty appeared from the back, offering to give Jericho a sex change, in reference to a boast that Y2J had made at the pay-per-view. The two women eventually distracted Jericho to the point where he actually lost the match to Gangrel!

Federation cameras then went backstage, catching the Acolytes in a card game. The Acolytes were told that four men were looking for them, apparently looking for revenge after a past brawl. Of course, Bradshaw and Faarooq were looking for a fight, quickly dispensing the men and returning to their game.

The Big Show then came out to defend his newly-won Federation Championship against the Bulldog. The bout didn't last long, as the Show quickly defeated his opponent, laying out the entire Mean Street Posse in the process.

Backstage, The Rock was cutting a promo about his upcoming match against the Bossman when the police investigators appeared. The duo began to question The People's Champ about the assault on Austin, revealing that the car used was actually registered to The Rock!

The investigators then moved on to Jerry Lawler, who implicated Good Ol' JR in the assault on Stone Cold!

The Road Dogg was next on RAW, taking on Al Snow (and Head). The Crown Prince of Hardcore lived up to his title, bringing the fight to the D-O-Double G. At one point, Snow hit a picture-perfect moonsault from the top rope, but it wasn't enough, as the Dogg took the win with a pumphandle slam. After the match, Mick Foley came from the back to console his friend with a rousing rendition of "For he's a jolly good fellow."

RAW took a turn for the strange, as Chris Jericho grabbed a cameraman, dragging him into a dark room where Chyna was immobilized in a chair. Y2J began to berate Chyna, demanding that she admit he was the better man at the pay-per-view. When she refused, he hit her on the hand several times with a hammer, causing her to wail in agony.

Test and Mr. Ass locked up next, with the two superstars pulling out all of the stops in the contest. The degenerate concentrated his attack on Test's already-broken nose, but Test managed to steal away the victory. Post-match, Mr. Ass hit his Fame-Asser, further damaging Test's nose.

RAW then took a brief look at Arnold Schwarzenegger's appearance on SmackDown!.

Before the next match took the air, Vince McMahon came to ringside to provide color commentary for the match between Triple H and Kane. The Big Red Machine used his superior strength to toss the former Champion around the ring throughout the early stages of the match, with Triple H using his speed to regain the advantage. Triple H then went outside of the ring, attacking McMahon! This brought the chairman into the ring, giving a DQ win to the degenerate!

The main event of the evening saw The Rock taking on the Big Boss Man in a Hardcore match to determine the No.1 contender for The Big Show's title. While one would assume that the Boss Man would hold the advantage in such a contest, The People's Champ was more than ready to mix it up with the former corrections officer. Prince Albert intervened on behalf of the Boss Man, but his interference backfired, giving the advantage back to The Rock. The Boss Man did manage to take advantage of a momentary lapse in The Rock's concentration, pulling off an upset win! After the fall had been counted, The Rock went berserk, attacking his adversaries, along with several Federation officials! These attacks continued, right up until RAW went off the air!