Raw is War

Buffalo, New York
November 22, 1999

BeforeRAW kicked off, Shane McMahon alerted Vince's associates that he was concerned with what his father would do to D Generation-X when he finally got his hands on them. The group quickly scoured the backstage area to find Vince.

The electrifying crowd erupted when Mankind's music hit to kick off RAW, live from Buffalo. Alongside Al Snow, Mankind prepared to take on the Holly cousins. Crash was equipped with his usual scale, while Hardcore came to ringside with an Al Snow/Hardcore Holly action figure set, claiming Christmas will be ruined due to the fact that the Al Snow/Hardcore Holly figure set has been pulled from the shelves. The action quickly ensued after Hardcore Holly's remarks. Snow and Hardcore took to the crowd, while Mankind and Crash went at it at ringside. Mankind and Al Snow took the early advantage. However, the Hollys scored the victory when Hardcore reversed a Snow Plow with a drop kick from the top rope.

Back from commercial break, Shane and Test continued to look for Vince. The duo found him sitting in a car outside the arena. The owner of the World Wrestling Federation was armed with a baseball bat.

Next up, Kurt Angle competed against Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry. Before the match started, Angle grabbed the microphone to address the crowd. Angle claimed that Henry did not pull through for the USA during the 1996 Olympics. He then asked the crowd to cheer for him rather than Henry, who he claims was out at a topless bar the night before his competition at the Olympics. Henry quickly attacked Angle. After a series of power maneuvers, Henry fell victim to a Kurt Angle suplex. Angle walked away with yet another victory.

After the match, Vince McMahon rammed the Lincoln he was driving into a limo carrying DX. The degenerates quickly retreated. The car was not as lucky, as Vince absolutely destroyed the car.

Alongside 5 fine hos, the Godfather made his way to ringside to take on Chris Jericho. In usual Y2J fashion, Jericho proclaimed that RAW IS JERICHO. Godfather then attacked Jericho from behind. The action was fast and furious. After several minutes, the match took to ringside. When the two found their way back into the ring, Jericho landed a moonsault from the second rope. The move proved to be enough for the victory.

After the match, the police placed Vince McMahon under arrest for assaulting DX. A handcuffed McMahon was then attacked by Triple H. The police quickly separated the two before Triple H could seriously injure the owner.

In tag team action, Edge and Christian competed against the Dudley Boyz. The match began before the beautiful Lilian Garcia could finish the pre match introductions. The power of the Dudleyz proved to be superior over Edge and Christian's agility in the early going. However, Edge and Christian gained control when Edge reversed a D-Von suplex. Edge and Christain gained the victory after a double superplex on D-Von Dudley.

Backstage, Michael Cole asked The Rock who his partner would be later in the evening. The Rock was more interested in picking on Al Snow and Mankind who happened to be nearby.

After the commercial break, cameras watched as Stephanie McMahon opened gifts at her wedding shower. The most notable gifts included handcuffs, leather and a whip given to the bride-to-be by Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah.

Up next, Jeff Hardy, alongside Matt and Terri, battled X-Pac. This match was both scientific and high-flying from the beginning. Midway through the match, a spinning heel kick nearly dismembered Jeff. X-Pac had the clear advantage until Matt interfered on behalf of his brother. Just when it appeared as though Jeff had the match in hand, DX emerged to aid their fellow degenerate. X-Pac landed the X Factor, giving him the win.

Cameras once again gave fans a chance to view Stephanie's wedding shower. This time, Fabulous Moolah kicked an inebriated Mae Young into the cake. Mae then retaliated but ended up getting more of the cake on Stephanie, rather than Moolah.

Next up, the Big Show defended the World Wrestling Federation Championship against Kane. Tori watched atop the ramp as her boyfriend challenged the champion. Kane appeared to have the match well in hand, however, he lost the match via count out when he left the ring to attack Big Vis, who was acting hostile towards Tori.

As RAW came back from commercial, Triple H's entrance theme played throughout the arena. The former champion was showered with boos from the fans in attendance, which was followed by a familiar chant. Triple H aired footage of Vince McMahon ramming DX's limo. Triple H then claimed that Vince was not only responsible for that attack, but the vehicular attack on Stone Cold Steve Austin at Survivor Series as well. After making the accusation, Triple H then went on to challenge Vince to a match at Armageddon. Shane McMahon came from the back to retaliate on behalf of his father. Shane told Triple H that his father would accept the challenge for Armageddon. Shane also informed Triple H that he would be taking on the Acolytes in a handicapped match later in the night.

Val Venis and British Bulldog then teamed up to take on Too Cool. Prior to the bout, Scotty Too Hotty and Grandmaster Sexy entertained the crowd with talented dance maneuvers. Before the match could become too involved, the Mean Street Posse interfered on behalf of the Bulldog. An all out brawl later ensued when Rakishi added to the mix.

In singles action, Test battled Road Dogg with Shane McMahon acting as special guest referee. Test defeated Road Dogg after a pump handle slam and some home cooking officiating.

In another tag team match, Hardcore Champion Big Boss Man teamed up with Prince Albert to take on The Rock and a partner of his choice. Leading into to the match, J.R. and the King speculated as to who The Rock would chose. However, neither of them believed it when he chose the people. The Great One then attacked Prince Albert to begin his two on one challenge. Backstage, Mankind and Al Snow looked on as Boss Man and the Prince dismantled The Rock. Finally, Mankind had enough. He made his way to the ring to serve as The Rock's tag team partner. The match ended when The Rock hit Prince Albert with the People's Elbow, and Mankind made the cover.

Before going to break, cameras looked on, as they did numerous times throughout the evening, at Vince McMahon at the police station. The Federation owner was sitting impatiently in his jail cell when officers informed him that bail had been set. Before letting him go, they told him not to go back to the arena.

In the final match of the evening, Triple H battled both Acolytes in a handicapped match. The two on one battle quickly leaned to the Acolytes' advantage. The match turned even uglier when Faarooq and Bradshaw took the match into the crowd. Finally, Triple H managed his way back to the ring. However, with no disqualification, the match remained just as brutal. Triple H then attempted to make his way back to the locker room when Vince McMahon snuck behind the degenerate with a steel chair. As RAW went off the air, Vince clobbered the former champion, then tossed him off of the ramp onto a table below.