Shotgun Saturday Night

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Shotgun Saturday Night
August 1, 1998

Marvelous Marc Mero with Jacqueline vs Dustin Runnels
Marvelous won with the Low Blow and the TKO when Jacki distracted the referee

Sable and Jacqueline from RAW
Jerry Lawler presents an award to the winner of the bikin contest from last night. The winner was. . .Jacki! Mr. McMahon said that body paint was not a bikini, so Sable was disqualified. Vince comes out and says he could easily replace her if she doesn't do what he says. She gives him the finger from behind and shows everyone her new Raw Bikini

The Undertaker and Steve Austin from RAW
The Undertaker came out. He wanted an apology from Stone Cold Steve Austin from what happened on the pay per view last night. Then Vince McMahon comes out and says he deserves an apology. He says that the main event for tonight is Stone Cold Steve Austin vs the New Age Outlaws for the tag team belts. Steve Austin comes out, and asks for Mr. McMahon to leave the ring. Austin gives the Undertaker the finger for his apology.

New Age Outlaws vs Steve Austin & The Undertaker (WWF Tag Team Champions)
Steve Austin stunned the Road Dog to win. The The Undertaker chockslammed Billy Gunn. Kane and Mankind attack Austin, after the champs drank a Steveweiser.

Triple Threat Match from RAW
Triple H with Chyna vs X-Pac vs The Rock (Intercontinental Champion)
The Rock lost his match by a countout, but he retained his belt. The two DX members were attacking each other during the match.

D-Lo Brown vs Vader from RAW
D-Lo Brown (European Champion) vs Vader [Non-Title Match]
Vader took off D-Lo's chest protector and gave him a big splash outside of the ring. Vader won the match by a count out.

Val Venis vs Brian Christopher from RAW
Val Venis vs Brian Christopher with Scott Taylor

As the match begins, Kaienti and Yamaguchi-San come out with a sword and salami. Venis won the match with a Fisherman's Suplex. Then Taka came in to attack Too Much. Then Yamaguchi-San cut his salami with his sword and challenges Venis and Mitchinoku to a tag match next week.

Brawl for All Competition
Dr. Death Steve Williams vs Pierre--winner Dr. Death
Bob Holly vs Bart Gunn--winner Bart Gunn
Dr. Death Steve Williams vs Bart Gunn--winner Bart Gunn

WWF Sunday Night Heat is this Sunday

Summer Slam's main event is The Undertaker vs Steve Austin for the WWF Championship

WWF Action Figures STOMP 2 are now available to buy

Shotgun Saturday Night
August 8, 1998

•Edge p. Pierre
•Bart Gunn p. Pepe Gonzalez

•The Tag Title Match from Raw.
•Kurrgan Sings!!!! And Golga flattens Mero in the process.
•Tiger Ali Singh's "Dog Food Deal" from Heat that was done before the show started.
•Bart now uses the Brawl For All music, and is nicknamed Lefty.

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Shotgun Saturday Night
August 15, 1998

Faarooq & Scorpio vs The Headbangers
Scorpio won the match with the 450 Splash

Undertaker and Steve Austin from Raw
Clips are shown from various Raws and Heats from up to two weeks ago with The Undertaker and Steve Austin together and apart.

Degeneration-X from Raw
The New Age Outlaws come out. X-Pac comes out. Triple H & Chyna come out. X-Pac doesn't like Triple H. Everyone calls everyone else a jack-off. Triple H calls for a DX split, and the four guys start to take off their pants. Chyna comes over and stops them. She says (???She can talk???) that if anyone should start the DX split, it should be her, and she takes off her pants. Then everyone else does. Triple H looks for a crowd flasher, but no one does. :-(

Val Venis & Kaienti
Clips are shown of Kaienti attacking Val, Val having fun with Mrs. Yamaguchi-San, and Kaienti almost "choppy choppy Val's pee pee." Val and Mr. Bobbitt's joint press conference is also shown

Luna with Parade of Human Oddities vs Jacqueline with Marc Mero from Raw
Sable is once again with the Parade. Luna won this women's match with a little bit of Sable's help. Lawler and Ross constantly question why Sable would hang out with those men.

Skull & 8-Ball vs Sho Funaki and Dick Togo with the rest of Kaienti
DOA won becuase of Kaienti constant interferences.

The Godfather vs Vader from Raw
Bart Gunn was at ringside before anyone came out. The Godfather says he'll let Vader take three of his "ho's" for the night nd they won't have to wrestle. Vader accepts and starts to leave, buty Bart comes in and knocks out Vader and attacks the Godfather. Vader is left laying on the ground at ringside.

Shotgun Saturday Night
August 22, 1998

Papi Chulo vs Edge
Edge won this match after he did a top rope neckbreaker.

Undertaker interview from Heat
The Undertaker says that Austin will have a tough match ahead of him at Summer Slam.

Austin and the Confrontation from Raw
The Undertaker comes out and so does Austin. When Austin comes into the ring, the Undertaker turns around, but it is Kane, dressed like the Undertaker! They fight to the hurse. Steve Austin throws him into the casket and locks the door. Steve goes to the driver's seat, and the Undertaker is there. The hurse drives off and the show is over

DX/Nation Streetfight from Raw
DX vs The Nation--Rock, Mark, & D-Lo. The Nation won after using a ladder on Triple H, who was bleeding in his mouth.

Jacki vs Sable in an Arm Wrestling Match from Raw
As the match was happening, Jacki throws the table onto Sable. She takes back her trophy and attacks Sable with it. Then the Oddities come out and carry her away

Vader vs Jesus Castilla
Vader won after using a Vader Bomb

Al Snow & His Head
Al Snow and his head were shown at a bar, and the Head was drunk and laying on the floor

Brawl for All from Raw
The Godfather vs Bart Gunn
Bart won with a knock out after a knock down
Darren Drozdov vs Bradshaw
Bradshaw won this match

Bob Holly vs Scott Taylor with Brian Christopher
Bob Holly won with a leg drop off the top rope

Shotgun Saturday Night
August 29, 1998

D-Lo Brown (European Champion) vs Dustin Runnels
D-Lo faked a knee injury during the match. Then as Dustin went to help him up, he gave a Sky High and a Lo-Down to win this non-title match

Hell In the Cell from Raw
Paul Bearer comes out. Bearer wants Kane to destroy Mankind, but The Undertaker attacks Paul. Mankind comes out, only to be attacked by the two brothers. Kane and the Undertaker Spike Tombstoned Mankind. Steve Austin comes out, but a wall of fire erupts as he comes down the ramp. Austin says that he will take out either Kane or The Undertaker tonight. ---Kane with the Undertaker vs Mankind in a Hell in the Cell--- Match.Mankind tries to throw a chair on the roof to no avail. As Mankind climbs the top, the Undertaker throws him off onto a table. After a little bit, the ref locks Mankind and Kane alone in the cell. Kane tombstones Mankind on a chair. Mankind takes out the thumbtacks and gets Kane to land on them. All of a sudden, Steve Austin comes out from under the ring and attacks Kane. The Undertaker climbs to the roof and tries to break in, but the cell is raising--due to Vince McMahon!

Brawl for All Final--From Raw
Bart Gunn vs Bradshaw

Bart Gunn won with a Knock Out in the first round. He wins $75, 000, and Bradshaw gest $25,000.

Bob Holly vs Dick Togo with Yamaguchi-San
"What About Bob" Holly won with the Alabama Jam

The Headbangers vs the Pitbulls
The Headbangers won with the Stage Dive

Chyna & The Nation from Raw
Chyna comes out into the ring. So does The Rock--with the Nation. They bring out a ladder. The Rock says that the only reason that she called him out was because she wanted him for later tonight. D-Lo and Owen manage to hold her down. The camera shows that DX has a forklift blocking their door. The Rock goes to kiss her. . .but he stops and tells Mark Henry to kiss her. Just as he is about to smack her on the lips, Shawn Michaels comes out with a chair to stop them and save the day for Chyna!

DOA with Paul Ellering vs Devon Storm and Ace Darling
DOA won this match with a Double Powerbomb