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Shotgun Saturday Night--June 1999

July 3 | July 10 | July 17 | July 24 | July 31

Shotgun Saturday Night
July 3, 1999

Test vs Gangrel
After a few exchanged punches/kicks Test hit a nice looking powerslam on Gangrel. Both men worked good with each other. Later in the match Gangrel hit his side russian leg sweep. When Test got back on the offense he hit his gut wrench powerbomb. Test won with a Shawn Michael-like elbow.

The entire McMahon-Corporate Ministry-Austin interview was shown from Raw.

D'Lo Brown [With Mark Henry] vs Viscera [With Mideon]
Mideon was wearing the European title . Before the match began the crowd chanted "D'lo." D'lo tried knocking down Viscera with a few clotheslines but that didn't work. He then tried again, this time bouncing off the ropes but Viscera met him with a spinning heel kick. A few minutes later D'lo went for his sky high but had no luck as Viscera reversed it and threw him on his back. D'lo got Viscera down near the turnbuckle after Viscera missed a running splash, then Mark Henry and Mideon started to fight one another on the apron but D'lo hit his Frog Splash on Viscera. The ref was still trying to seperate Henry from Mideon so Mideon creeped back into the ring with the European Strap and nailed D'lo with it allowing Viscera to pin him. D'lo needs to win the European title as soon as possible.

Highlights of the Rock vs Triple H from RAW IS WAR were shown.

Meat [With Terri Runnels, Ryan Shamrock, and Jackie] vs Brad Anderson
Meat won with a Meat Grinder

Interview: the Hardy Boys and Michael Hayes.
Hayes talked about how he didn't want to be apart of the "seniors tour" and said he wants to return to the business he loves which is why he is with the Hardys. He said he wanted to make the Hardys realize the potential they have. Matt spoke for a few seconds talking about how they wrote the book of Backyard wrestling. Jeff then spoke about out how they were "green" at first and they keep improving/learning everyday, so don't underestimate them. After Jeff spoke, the Acolytes came out and literally destroyed Hayes and the Hardys. The Boys and Hayes didn't get any offense in.

Al Snow vs Brooklyn Brawler
Harvey Whippleman was the ref for this. Snow got a big pop. In the finish, Snow used Head and smashed both Whippleman and Brawler with it and left.

Shotgun Saturday Night
July 10, 1999

From RAW: The Hardy Boyz won the Tag Team Championships from the Acolytes

Chaz vs Donnie Parker
Chaz won with a Splash off of the top rope

From RAW: The Road Dogg and X-Pac were arrested

A segment about the tattoos of various WWF superstars

From RAW: Austin winning the WWF Championship, and how the main event for Fully Loaded came about

Christian vs Chuck Coates
Christian easily won his match

From RAW: The Rock vs Triple H in a cage

Shotgun Saturday Night
July 17, 1999

Acolytes vs Danny O'Brien and Flash Flannigan
The two teams fought to the outside of the ring for a considerable amount of time. The match was just ended without any mention of the winners.

From RAW: Kane and his actions

From RAW: Edge and Ganrel

Tracey Smothers vs Michael Hayes
Hayes easily won his match. The Acolytes came out after and Double Powerbombed the victor.

Jeff Jarrett (Intercontinental Champion) with Debra vs The Blue Meanie
After Debra distracted the Blue Meanie, Jeff Jarrett managed to roll him up for a pin to retain his title.

From RAW: Steve Austin's actions

Clips of Jesse Ventura's press conference were shown

Road Dogg and X-Pac vs D'Lo Brown and Meat (with PMS)
The Road Dogg pinned Meat with a Pump Handle Slam after Jacqueline interferred and Triple H and Chyna appeared on the Titantron. After the match D'Lo hit Meat for losing and X-Pac and The Road Dogg called out Triple H and Chyna. The four fought on the rampway as the show ended.

Shotgun Saturday Night
July 24, 1999

Meat with PMS vs The Blue Meanie
Jacki came up on the apron to distract the Blue Meanie. Meat got a backwards DDT and the pin for the win

From RAW: The Undertaker vs Triple H

D'Lo Brown vs Doug Bashem
D'Lo won with the Lo Down

From RAW: Kane's actions to his brother, the Undertaker

Big Bossman, Viscera, and Mideon vs Flash Flannigan, Dismore, and Miller
The Bossman won the six man tag match with a Sidewalk Slam. He then handcuffed the loser to the ropes and beat him with his nightstick.

Chaz with Mariana vs Tracey Smothers
Chaz won with a modified Death Valley Driver

Shotgun Saturday Night
July 31, 1999

Test vs Lou Marconi
After a Pump Handle Slam and an Elbow off the Top Rope, Test won

From RAW: Vince McMahon says good bye

Mideon vs Steve Casey
Mideon won his match with a neckbreaker

From RAW: The Undertaker attacking X-Pac; Big Show and Undertaker vs Kane

Big Bossman vs Chaz with Mariana
Big Bossman wins with the Sidewalk Slam and then cuffs Chaz and attacks him with his nightstick

From RAW: The Rock vs Billy Gunn & Chyna

Meat with PMS vs Joey Abs with Rodney
Meat wins with the Meat Grinder