Tampa, Florida
April 13, 2000

The sold out Ice Palce in Tampa, Fla. hosted this week's SmackDown! Rikishi Phatu challenged Eddie Guerrero for the European Championship in the first match of the evening. As has been the case the past few weeks, Chyna accompanied Guerrero to the ring. Several times during the match, it appeared as though Rikishi was going to walk out of the Ice Palace with the European Championship. However, a World Wrestling Federation title cannot change hands on a disqualification - Rikishi won the match via disqualification when Chyna interfered on behalf of Eddie Guerrero.

After the match, Triple H, Shane and Stephanie addressed the capacity crowd. Shane spoke first, commending Triple H for what he did to The Rock last Monday. Triple H and Shane then hugged in the middle of the ring. From there, Triple H spoke to a backstage Rock. He told The Rock that it doesn't matter how much blood, sweat and tears he loses, he will never be better that him. The Rock's music immediately hit the arena and The Great One appeared on the top of the ramp. The Rock informed Triple H that nothing could stop him from ending the champ's title reign at Backlash. From there, Triple H told The Rock to grab the Acolytes, he would get Bull Buchanan and Big Boss Man, and they would all compete in a six man tag team match later on in the evening.

Next up, the Hardys battled Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko of the Radicals. The speed and athleticism of both teams involved made this match an instant classic. Both teams also displayed great endurance, as this match never wanted to end. However, when it did end, it was the Hardys who walked out with their hands raised in victory after Jeff hit Dean with the senton bomb.

Federation Hardcore Champion Crash Holly defended his title against Perry Saturn. Saturn's hardcore background proved to be enough - the Radical pinned Crash for the title after kicking a baking pan in his face. However, immediately after the match, Tazz ran to the ring and Pearl Harbored Saturn. Tazz then pinned Saturn, thus capturing the Hardcore Championship. Not long thereafter, Crash hit Tazz with a steel baking pan, knocking him out long enough for the pin. Crash ran out with Hardcore Championship.

After the commercial break, Kurt Angle teamed up with Big Show - who was dressed in a kilt - to battle Edge and Christian for the Tag Team Championship. Prior to the match, the team of Angle and Big Show argued with each other regarding Show's appearance. Their disagreement followed them into the match, as well. Angle and Show battled outside of the ring and were eventually counted out.

Albert then took on Buh Buh Ray Dudley in one-on-one action. Despite their large size, this match was fast and furious. Buh Buh Ray was able to score the victory after he hit Albert with a modified 3D. After the match, T and A attempted to put Buh Buh through a table. Their plan backfired and it was Albert who ended up going through the table.

Fabulous Moolah and Terri teamed up to take on the duo of Mae Young and The Kat. Mae and Kat pulled off the victory after Mae hit Moolah with an elbow smash.

In handicapped action, Chris Jericho faced X-Pac and Road Dogg. Despite being outmanned, Y2J looked very impressive in this bout. However, he came up on the short end. After being distracted by Tori, X-Pac hit Y2J with the X-Factor, giving DX the victory.

After the commercial break, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley introduced the crowd to her new personal trainer, Muffy.

In the final match of the evening, Triple H teamed up with Bull Buchanan and Big Boss Man to fight The Rock and the Acolytes. The hatred amongst these six men really showed in this match. The match appeared to be over when Triple H attempted a Pedigree on Faarooq. However, The Rock interfered just in time, saving his team from the loss. Eventually, The Rock and Triple H found themselves alone in the ring. However, Shane quickly interfered. Shane then was Rock Bottomed through the announce table as SmackDown! went off the air.