Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
April 20, 2000

Emanating from the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, SmackDown! was set to follow up an emotionally charged RAW. The Road Dogg kicked things off in singles competition against Edge, one-half of the Federation’s Tag Team Champions. After non-stop action back and forth, Road Dogg reversed an Edge roll up and hooked his tights to gain the win.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley addressed the crowd. HHH denied that Monday on RAW was a bad day, claming he never lost the Federation Championship to Chris Jericho and that it’s not in the record books. HHH also claimed the record books will show that there was “a quick count by an incompetent official,” and that the McMahon-Helmsley regime fired that official (Earl Hebner). The champ, though, did have a problem with Linda McMahon’s big announcement and berated her for slapping her only daughter! There was also an issue with Stephanie’s “hot-headed brother,” who HHH referred to as a “momma’s boy!” Switching the subject to The Rock, his opponent at Backlash, Triple H announced a Lumberjack Match between The Rock and Jericho, adding that the lumberjacks were being hand-selected by Shane McMahon. Suddenly, out came Tazz, the ECW Champion! Tazz challenged The Game, saying the title didn’t have to be on the line. HHH accepted and vowed to prove the Federation’s superiority over ECW.

Backstage, Kurt Angle accepted Stephanie’s invitation to be a lumberjack in the main event. Mrs. Helmsley seemed a little smitten with the Olympic gold medallist!

Chyna gave Essa Rios a second chance to team with Eddie Guerrero, this time against the Dudley Boyz, before warning Lita not to screw up like she did on RAW (Guerrero was in a good mood after passing his GED test). The Dudleys went for 3-D but Guerrero pulled Buh Buh Ray out of the ring. Moments later, Lita attempted a swan dive on Buh Buh Ray but hit Guerrero instead! Rios then became a victim of 3-D to earn D-Von and Buh Buh Ray the win. Chyna made Lita pay after the match, throwing her to the Dudleys who put the vixen through a table!

The Radicals were successfully recruited by Shane to be lumberjacks.

Rikishi Phatu squared off against the Big Show, who was more in the mood to dance. Show grabbed the mic, calling Philadelphia his town, and challenged Rikishi to a dance contest! Show was up first, taking a page out of Too Cool’s book (Rikishi couldn’t help to crack a smile). Donning the shades, Rikishi mixed it up until he was jumped from behind by the Big Show. Later in the match, Show did his best imitation of Scotty Too Hotty and executed the Worm to the delight of the crowd. Rikishi recovered and took Show over the top rope with a clothesline, which resulted in a double countout. As Show walked back to the dressing room, Rikishi called him back to the ring to finish what he started. Rikishi put his yellow shades on Big Show, who returned the favor. The two got down much to the dismay of Kurt Angle, who watched from the back. Show extended his hand for a high five, but was greeted with a kick to the face!

Strictly for pride, Tazz got his match with Triple H, and took it straight to the Federation Champion. Tazz locked in the Tazzmission but Triple H countered with a low blow while Stephanie distracted the referee. Triple H nailed the Pedigree and seemed to have the match won until ECW’s Tommy Dreamer hit the apron! HHH nailed Dreamer with a right hand, but ECW’s “Innovator of Violence” came back with a chair. Aiming for Triple H, Dreamer accidentally hit Tazz with the chair and got Pedigreed for his efforts. HHH then covered the fallen Tazz for the win.

The Godfather led Philly’s finest hos to ringside as he and partner D’Lo Brown took on T & A with Trish Stratus. Standing at the entrance ramp was Buh Buh Ray Dudley, who couldn’t take his eyes off of Trish. Buh Buh made his way toward ringside but was talked out of it by D-Von. Godfather had Test in position for the Pimp Drop, but was hit by a misguided D’Lo flying forearm. Albert nailed Godfather with the sit-down powerbomb to earn the win for T & A. Godfather and D’Lo exchanged some words after the match before D’Lo hit Godfather with Sky High, much to the dismay of the crowd!

Christian attempted to avenge his brother’s earlier loss to Road Dogg in a match against X-Pac. Road Dogg’s interference efforts were thwarted by Edge, but it wasn’t enough to prevent X-Pac from hitting Christian with the X-Factor to win the match as Tori got the attention of the referee.

Because the use of tables, and the opportunity to hit 3-D on anyone except Shane, were part of the deal, the Dudleys agreed to be lumberjacks.

Kurt Angle sought retribution for WrestleMania in a one-on-one title match against Chris Benoit for the latter’s Intercontinental Championship. The amaetur skills of both grapplers were on display thoughout. Benoit prepared to finish Angle off with the swan dive until the Big Show shoved him off the top rope, giving Benoit the disqualification win. Show then chased Angle, his opponent at Backlash, to the back.

With great pleasure, Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan accepted Triple H’s invite to be lumberjacks. Ditto the rest of DX.

Crash Holly took a break from the 24-7 defense of his Hardcore Championship to visit the circus. He was approached by two clowns who recognized him immediately. No wonder, it was Pete Gas of the Mean Street Posse, flanked by Federation referee Teddy Long! Rodney and Joey Abs would join the fray, but the “Houdini of Hardcore” escaped with the belt and his hide once again!

Triple H and Stephanie walked out with the lumberjacks, followed by Chris Jericho and The Rock. The lumberjacks did their job, but not before getting in a few punches and kicks for good measure. The Rock barely kicked out of the Jericho moonsault, the same moved Y2J used to defeat Triple H on RAW. Moments later, both Rock and Jericho exited the ring to attack the lumberjacks, but to no avail. As Triple H distracted the referee, Benoit hit Jericho with his swan dive and X-Pac nailed The Rock with the X-Factor. Rock came back with Rock Bottom, but Triple H pulled him out of the ring. A second Rock Bottom didn’t do The Rock any good either due to Shane keeping the ref away from the action. With the ref’s attention toward Shane, Triple H saw his opening to nail The Rock with his championship belt and pull Jericho on top of him for the 1-2-3 win.