Detroit, Michigan
May 18, 2000

From Detroit, SmackDown! served as a prelude to Judgment Day this Sunday!

Always with something to say, the McMahon-Helmsley regime set the table for the evening – no pun intended. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley spit her wrath toward Chris Jericho, making a match pairing Intercontinental Champion Chris Benoit and Hardcore Holly against Y2J and a partner of his choice.

Shane McMahon remained committed to his No Disqualification Match against the Big Show at Judgment Day despite what happened to him on RAW. Actually, Shane-O Mac, the "ferocious lion" felt "frisky" enough to challenge the Big Show on SmackDown!

Furious at being put through a table by The Rock on RAW, Triple H promised SmackDown! and Judgment Day would be different. "The Game" indicated pinfalls, submissions, countouts and disqualifications will all count as falls in his Iron Man Match against The Rock, and added that should there be a tie after 60 minutes, The Rock will remain the World Wrestling Federation Champion.

Vince McMahon addressed some decisions that his "charming" wife, Linda has made, namely the reinstatements of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mick Foley and, most recently, the appointment of Shawn Michaels as Federation Spokesperson and special referee of the Iron Man Match. Mr. McMahon questioned his wife’s decision making as well as the volatile conduct of "The Heartbreak Kid," and warned that Michaels better use good judgment this Sunday. . . or else. Mr. McMahon then announced a Lumberjack Handicap Table Match between The Rock and the Dudley Boyz.

Hardcore Champion Crash Holly paid the APA for an hour’s protection so he can take a nap without anyone trying to defeat him for his Hardcore Title.

Before his match against Scotty Too Hotty, Kurt Angle announced he discovered a move that would make Rikishi’s Stink Face almost as technical as the German Suplex: Scotty’s worm! Angle would meet the worm, but shortly after, he reversed a Scotty victory roll to get the win.

Chyna announced there will no longer be at Triple Threat Match this Sunday, because the winner of the Perry Saturn-Dean Malenko match would face Eddie Guerrero for the European Title at Judgment Day. "Mamacita" acted as guest ring announcer for this contest, taking shots at both combatants. Chyna’s actions further fueled speculation that she is driving a wedge between the Radicalz, which might have been substantiated when she announced that Guerrero, her "Love Machine," as the special referee! Guerrero actually called the match down the middle until Saturn refused to obey his call for a break. Although Malenko nailed Saturn with his Light Heavyweight belt, Guerrero neither called for a disqualification nor attempted a three count. Instead, Guerrero waffled Malenko with his own belt! The match was declared a draw, so therefore, Chyna said the Triple Threat Match was back on!

Christian, one-half of the Federation’s Tag Team Champions, squared off against Grand Master Sexay. Christian attacked Grand Master before the bell, kicking off a fast-paced, action-packed match. After Grand Master was slammed from the top turnbuckle, Christian went for a rollup. But Grand Master reversed the move, grabbed some tights and picked up the win.

Back at the APA, the ho who pinned Crash Holly for the Hardcore Title on RAW wanted to pin the sleeping champion to win the belt back. However, Bradshaw reluctantly told her no and asked her to leave, because he was paid to do a job.

Tired of being suppressed by the McMahon-Helmsley regime, Val Venis proclaimed it was time to make his own plans, and challenged the winner of the Chris Benoit-Chris Jericho Submission Match at Judgment Day for the Intercontinental Title the following night on RAW. Benoit made it clear that he would be the winner, and challenged him on the spot. Jericho had a problem with Benoit’s claim, saying Benoit might run into a wall, the Walls of Jericho, this Sunday.

There was more, Hardcore Holly asked Venis what right he had to challenge for the Intercontinental Title, and if anyone had the right, it should be him after his win over Jericho on RAW. Spontaneously, Jericho chose "The Big Valbowski" to be his partner against Benoit and Holly. While Jericho had Benoit locked in the Walls of Jericho, Hardcore whacked him in the head with a chair, causing the disqualification. Without warning, Hardcore attacked Benoit and left the Intercontinental Champion with an injured knee!

Led by Christian and Kurt Angle, Edge faced Rikishi one-on-one, but not before the Tag Team Champs mocked the hometown Detroit Red Wings. Rikishi, though, had some backup of his own, Too Cool. Rikishi had Edge in position for the Stink Face, but Edge blocked the move by wearing Christian’s hockey mask. All six men soon hit the ring, forcing the referee to call for the bell. Rikishi and Too Cool started their customary dance, but were ambushed by Angle, Edge and Christian, who did a dance of their own!

At the APA office, Bradshaw and Faarooq complained about Crash’s snoring. Brisco soon paid a visit with special guest Joe C. from Kid Rock’s band! Joe C., though, stiffed Brisco and had a beer with the Acolytes. Faarooq declared Crash’s hour of protection was up and left with both Bradshaw and Joe C.

The Big Show hit the ring for his match against Shane McMahon, or so he thought. Shane claimed he misplaced his gear, so he put Show through a gauntlet match. His first opponents were T & A. After the Big Show made quick work of Test and Albert, Shane introduced the Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan, who worked with T & A to make it a four-on-one fight. Incredibly, the Big Show took care of all of them, so Shane brought out X-Pac and the Road Dogg, making it six-on-one. The Big Show continued to mount a gallant effort, until Shane hit him from behind with a chair. X-Pac followed up with an X-Factor him on the chair, and with T & A’s help, Shane chokeslammed the big man to win the match!

With Faarooq, Bradshaw and Joe C. out on the town, Brisco tiptoed into the APA office, covered the fast-asleep Crash and became the new Hardcore Champion! However, the referee tripped over a chair to wake up Crash, who went after Brisco. The chase led to the center of the ring, where Brisco floored Crash with a couple of left hands before the former Hardcore Champ took out the hardware. To the rescue, however, came Pat Patterson. After Brisco hit Crash with a trash can, he and Patterson set him up for Patterson’s "Skid Row." Crash was able to escape, but unfortunately, so did Brisco with the Hardcore Title.

Out came the lumberjacks: the McMahon-Helmsley faction and friends for The Rock against D-Von and Buh Buh Ray Dudley in the Lumberjack Handicap Table Match. In mid-match, The Rock and the Dudleys said the heck with it and mutually agreed to go after the lumberjacks! Outside the ring, The Rock choked Triple H with an electrical cord until X-Pac and the Road Dogg came to the rescue. Meanwhile, D-Von put Test through a table, and while The Rock and Triple H continued the fight on the outside, the Dudleys set up X-Pac and the Road Dogg on top of tables. However, a Tori low blow to Buh Buh Ray ended any intentions he had. DX took advantage: X-Pac X-Factored Buh Buh Ray through one table, the Road Dogg powerbomed D-Von through another. But DX wasn’t done. After The Rock fought off five men, he tasted his own Rock Bottom, through a table at the hands of Triple H! The McMahon-Helmsley regime celebrated as SmackDown! went off the air.