Birmingham, Alabama
August 3, 2000
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Smackdown starts out with a recap of all the marital problems between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Backstage Triple H is waiting for Stephanie and he runs into Trish Stratus. Trish says she is embarrassed by everything that has gone down. Triple H blames Trish for everything that has happened to him and he tells her to stay away from him

The Smackdown pyro explodes and the crowd goes wild! This week Smackdown comes to you from the sold out Jefferson County Civic Center in Birmingham, Alabama. Your commentators are Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.

Scotty Too Hotty vs. X-Pac
X-Pac comes out with Road Dogg. Road Dogg does guest color commentary. Both lock up, Scotty with a shoulder block. X-Pac with a hip toss. Scotty comes back with the moonwalk and some punches. Scotty with a headlock and a superkick which knocks X-Pac outside the ring. Clothesline by X-Pac. X-Pac with a suplex, near fall. X-Pac with a chinlock. Scotty gets out of it but X-Pac comes back with a suplex, near fall. Scotty gets thrown into the turnbuckle but it doesn't phase him. Scotty comes back with some punches and a flying elbow, near fall. Scotty misses a splash and runs into the steel ring post. X-Pac misses a bronco buster. Scotty with the bulldogg and the W O R M!! Near fall, X-pac puts his foot on the ropes. Scotty with some punches. X-Pac comes back with the X Factor and gets the pin.
Winner: X-Pac

Backstage Triple H is still waiting for Stephanie. A limo pulls up and Stephanie gets out. Stephanie says she needs some space right now and walks off. Triple H follows her and tries to explain himself but she tells him again that she needs some space and she walks off. Kurt Angle talks with Stephanie and says he is there for her and is a real good listener. Stephanie asks Angle if he knows where Trish is and Angle says she's in the locker room.

Earlier today the hoes have another rally outside the arena to save the hoes.

Shane McMahon comes out with Chris Benoit and the Big Show. Shane says the balance of power has shifted in their favor. Shane talks about Edge and Christian, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, and the Big Show. Shane says they can accomplish anything and they have taken out every target in their path. Shane says all targets will be taken out. The first target is the Undertaker. Big Show runs down the Undertaker when he turned his back on him. Clips show up on the Oval Tron of when the Big Show attacked the Undertaker and also when a cinder block was broken over the Undertaker's knee. Big Show says the Undertaker is the American Dumbass. Benoit gets on the mic and runs down Chris Jericho, the next target. Clip is shown on the Oval Tron of when Benoit attacked Jericho last week on Smackdown and hit him over the head with a chairshot which made him bleed from the mouth. Shane gets on the mic and talks about the next target, Jeff Hardy. Clips are shown of the double chair shot on Jeff Hardy by Edge and Christian on RAW. Shane talks about the match that Mick Foley booked for tonight, Big Show and Chris Benoit vs. The Rock and Kane. Shane says tonight Kane and the Rock will be the next targets.

Backstage Val Venis, T&A and Trish have a conference. Stephanie storms in the dressing room and threatens Trish to stay away from her husband. Test says he's happy he didn't marry Stephanie after all!

Backstage Stephanie talks with Triple H and says they won't have to worry about Trish anymore. Triple H says they need to talk, but Stephanie doesn't want to talk about anything. Harvey Whippleman comes in and says Foley wants to see both of them in his office now.

Eddie Guerrero & Rikishi vs. Val Venis & Tazz
Latino Heat comes out with Chyna. Rikishi comes out next. Replay shown of the Rikishi splash from the top of the steel cage at Fully Loaded. Val Venis comes out with Trish Stratus. Tazz comes out last. Eddie and Venis start out. Venis with a gorilla slam. Venis with some punches. Eddie with some punches and both men fall out the ring and brawl outside the ring. Rikishi with some punches on Venis and throw him to Chyna who lays him out with a clothesline. Back in the ring now and Rikishi lays out Tazz. Rikishi throws Tazz and Venis in the corner and does a double splash. Samoan drop on Tazz, body slam on Venis. Eddie with the frog splash and gets the pin.
Winners: Eddie Guerrero & Rikishi

Backstage Triple H and Stephanie meet with Foley. Foley fines Stephanie for walking out of the match on RAW but if it happens again she will be stripped of the Women's Championship. Kurt Angle comes in and Triple H tells him to stay away from his wife. Foley says Angle and Stephanie are more then just friends, they are tag team partners with Triple H and will take on Lita and the Dudley Boyz in a main event six person tag team match.

Replay shown of Foley booking the main event six person tag team match.

Replay shown of the double chair shot on Jeff Hardy by Edge and Christian.

Backstage Matt tells Jeff he needs to relax. Matt says there is a life after wrestling and he can't stand seeing him taking anymore crazy bumps. Matt tells Lita to keep him backstage.

Edge vs. Matt Hardy
Edge and Christian come out. Matt Hardy comes out and spears Edge. They trade punches. Matt with a takedown. Matt with a top rope cross body on both Edge and Christian outside the ring, near fall. Matt with a body slam and a leg drop, near fall. Matt with some punches and Christian trips him up. Baseball slide by Edge. Christian lays some kicks into Matt when the ref isn't looking. Edge throws Matt into the barricade twice. Edge with some punches and kicks in the corner. Edge chokes out Matt. Edge drops Matt on the top turnbuckle but Matt knocks him off. Matt with a moonsault, near fall. Christian throws a chair into the ring. Matt with a roll up, near fall. Edge with a pancake, near fall. Matt with a superplex, both men down. Jeff comes out and lays out Christian with a ladder. Jeff climbs the ladder but gets dizzy and falls off. Edge hits Matt with a chairshot to the head and the ref calls for the bell.
Winner: Matt Hardy by DQ

Post match Lita comes out and so do some refs and officials to check on Jeff. Replay shown of Jeff falling off the ladder and the chairshot by Edge.

Kevin Kelly is backstage with the Rock. Rock talks about the tag team match tonight. Rock says he hasn't forgotten about his feud with Benoit. The Rock says anyone can be Benoit, the jabroni holding the camera, some hot chick in the corner, even Kevin Kelly. The Rock tells Kelly to open his mouth and he puts some black out on his teeth and tells him to smile! The Rock runs down Big Show and makes fun of the big chokeslam sign. Rock says him and Kane will kick their candy asses all over Smackdown.

Replay shown of Big Show choke slamming Kane through a table on Smackdown last week.

Big Show & Chris Benoit vs. The Rock & Kane
Big Show comes out. Chris Benoit comes out with Shane. Kane comes out through hellfire and brimstone and goes at it with Show and Benoit. Kane gets double teamed. The Rock runs down to the ring and cleans house. Rock throws Benoit out of the ring, Kane throws Big Show out of the ring. Rock tells them to bring it. Benoit gets in the ring and they trade punches. Benoit with some chops. Benoit with some punches and knees to the gut. The Rock with a belly to belly takedown. Rock with some punches. Swinging neckbreaker by Benoit. Big Show tagged in and delivers some punches. Rock comes back with a clothesline but that doesn't phase Big Show. Kane tagged in and knocks Big Show down with a flying takedown. Kane with a kick to the gut and an uppercut. Benoit with a knee to the back and drags him in the ring. Big Show with an attack from behind. Big Show with some shoulder blocks on Kane in the corner. Benoit tagged in, suplex by Benoit, near fall. Kane gets double teamed. Big Show with some punches and kicks. Kane comes back with an elbow and the big boot. Kane with a bulldog, both men down. Benoit tagged in, Rock tagged in and cleans house. Rock with a samoan drop and a DDT, near fall. Benoit with kicks to the gut. Rock with a legwhip. Rock with a Sharpshooter. Shane goes in the ring and gets laid out by the Rock. Rock gets double teamed. Kane with some punches on Big Show and knocks him out the ring. Kane and Big Show brawl outside the ring. Rock with a spinebuster and goes for the People's Elbow but Shane lays him out with a flying chairshot and Benoit delivers the flying headbutt off the top rope and gets the pin.
Winners: Big Show & Chris Benoit

Post match Kane runs Shane off but Big Show lays Kane out and they brawl on the stage. Shane goes after Kane. Big Show takes off a part of the stage at the enterance way and throws it off the side of the stage. Kane tries to chokeslam Shane but Big Show breaks it up and choke slams Kane through the hole in the stage! EMT's check on Kane and stretcher him out

Replay shown of Big Show choke slamming Kane through the hole in the stage. Kane refused medical attention.

Backstage the RTC (Right to Censorship) go in the APA office and clean it up of all the filth and garbage and beer cans. Steven says the APA is closed for business.

Hardcore Championship
Steve Blackman vs. Perry Saturn

Blackman comes out. Saturn comes out with Terri. They start outside the ring and Saturn lays out Blackman and Terri shoots the fire extinguisher on Blackman. Back in the ring Blackman with a kick. Blackman goes after Terri and Saturn lays him out with a cross body off the top rope outside the ring, near fall. Both men brawl up the ramp. Saturn with a body slam on the steel ramp, near fall. Al Snow runs out and lays out Saturn with Head and Blackman gets the pin.
Winner: Steve Blackman

Earlier the hoes have a rally outside the arena to save the hoes.

Backstage the APA find out that their office has been cleaned out by the RTC and they aren't too happy about that. They are gonna kick some RTC ass tonight.

Replay shown of Triple H calling Stephanie Trish by accident on RAW this week.

Backstage Triple H and Stephanie talk about the six person tag team match. Triple H tells Stephanie to get changed and Stephanie says she want to change alone because she doesn't feel comfortable changing in front of Triple H right now. Triple H leaves.

RTC comes out to boos. The hoes are protesting by ringside. Steven Richards gets on the mic and gets cut off by the APA

Goodfather & Bull Buchanan vs. Acolytes
Goodfather and Bradshaw start out. Bradshaw with some kicks and a shoulder block. Bradshaw with some chops. Goodfather with a knockdown. Bull tagged in but gets laid out. Bull comes back with a move off the top rope. Farooq tagged in and delivers spinebusters to both Bull and Goodfather. Richards breaks a sign over Farooq's back and Bull delivers the scissors kick for the pin.
Winners: Goodfather & Bull Buchanan

Road Dogg is with Mideon backstage in the dressing room and Triple H walks in and explains how Stephanie kicked him out. Road Dogg says he has to get ready for his match and he leaves. Mideon asks Triple H if he can borrow his toothbrush and Triple H just stares at him funny.

Road Dogg vs. Grandmaster Sexay
Road Dogg comes out with X-Pac. Too Cool comes out and Sexay gains the offensive. X-Pac does guest color commentary. Road Dogg with a shoulder block. Sexay with a takedown, near fall. Sexay with a leg sweep. X-Pac knocks Sexay off the top rope and Road Dogg lays out X-Pac by accident, roll up by Sexay, near fall. Kick by Sexay. Sexay with the hip hop drop but X-Pac interferes and lays out Sexay with a spinning heel kick and Road Dogg covers for the pin.
Winner: Road Dogg

Post match a brawl breaks out and Rikishi comes out and cleans house on Road Dogg and X-Pac. Scotty with a splash, Sexay with a splash, Rikishi goes for a splash but Road Dogg pulls X-Pac out.

Backstage Shane meets with Triple H. Shane says Triple H needs to cooperate with Angle and he can't do it alone. Angle comes in and Shane breaks it down for them. Shane says if Stephanie goes through a table there will be hell to pay.

Recap of the Rock at the Republican National Convention.

Backstage Triple H and Angle talk about the main event match. Angle says his three I's and the three H's of Triple H can easily overcome the 3D of the Dudley Boyz. Triple H tells Angle to get the hell out of here.

Dudley Boyz are shown walking backstage.

Lita is shown walking backstage.

WWFNY is shown

Replay is shown again of Big Show choke slamming Kane through the hole in the stage.

Triple H, Kurt Angle, & Stephanie vs. Dudley Boyz & Lita
Buh Buh and Triple H start out. Triple H gains the advantage. Triple H with some punches and kicks. Buh Buh with the big boot. Buh Buh with a flying clothesline. Triple H with a neckbreaker. Angle tagged in. Buh Buh with a body slam, D-Von tagged in. D-Von with a knockdown. Angle with a shoulder block and a clothesline. Angle with some punches. Triple H tagged in. D-Von with some punches. Lita with a cheap shot. Buh Buh tagged in and delivers some punches. Buh Buh knocks out Angle. Triple H with a knockdown. Triple H with some kicks in the corner. Angle tagged in and Angle delivers some kicks. Angle chokes out Buh Buh with his boot. Angle with an elbow. Buh Buh comes back with some punches. Angle with a belly to belly suplex. Angle tags in Stephanie and she kicks Buh Buh. Triple H tags himself in. Triple H with a facebuster. Triple H with some kicks to the gut. Buh Buh gets double teamed. Angle with some punches. Buh Buh comes back with punches of his own and some chops. Angle with a German suplex. Triple H tagged in. D-Von tagged in and cleans house. D-Von with a spinning shoulder block. D-Von with a flying elbow. D-Von with a reverse DDT, near fall. Buh Buh with a body slam and D-Von with the top rope low blow. Top rope low blow on Angle. D-Von testifies! Buh Buh tells D-Von to get the table! They set up the table in the ring and set their sights on Stephanie. Triple H breaks it up and makes the save. Lita with a takedown on Stephanie and some punches. Lita with a hair toss. Lita with a suplex. Lita goes to the top rope but Triple H pulls Stephanie out of the way and Lita misses the moonsault. Triple H with the pedigree on Lita and puts Stephanie on top of Lita. Buh Buh gets in the ring and pulls Stephanie off Lita and puts her on his shoulders but Angle makes the save. Triple H and D-Von brawl up the ramp. Stephanie covers Lita for the pin. With Triple H at the enterance ramp, Kurt and Stephanie hug, as they are the victors. An angry Triple H sees this. . .
Winners: Triple H, Kurt Angle & Stephanie