Worcester Centrum Center, Worcester, Massachusetts
August 17, 2000

Triple H, Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley all appeared to be on the same page after Monday’s RAW. The four got in the ring as SmackDown! went on the air, and again seemed to be united. Shane declared that there was nothing more important to a McMahon than family. He said that his sister, Stephanie; his brother in law, Triple H; and the members of his professional family, including Kurt Angle, were the most important people in his life. He said that despite the rough waters, the problem was solved. Shane then took the crowd back to RAW, and the image of him, Triple H and Angle holding their arms in the air, calling it the “2000 McMahon Christmas Card.” 

Stephanie then asked Triple H and Kurt to shake hands in the interest of friendship. Surprisingly, the men apologized to each other and then shook hands! The four then embraced in a group hug as the sound of screeching tires filled the arena … and Commissioner Mick Foley came out! 

Foley unveiled his family’s 2000 Christmas card … the images of Kurt Angle kissing Stephanie on RAW and Triple H watching on in disgust. Foley said that The Rock didn’t have much Christmas cheer, and that the Great One wanted revenge after being triple-teamed on Monday night. Foley said that one of the four would face The Rock in a one-on-one non-title match that night, but they would have to decide amongst themselves who it would be – whether it be Shane, Triple H, Angle, or even Stephanie!

In the women’s locker room, The Kat and Terri got into a shouting match, as The Kat vowed that she and her mystery partner could defeat Terri and Perry Saturn. 

In the McMahon locker room, the foursome debated who would take on The Rock that night. 

The Kat’s mystery partner turned out to be Rikishi! Despite the 400-pounder, Terri and Perry were victorious when Terri pinned Kat after Saturn clotheslined The Kat. But after the match, Kat got even. With Terri and Perry both knocked out, Kat set up Terri in the corner, and Rikishi gave her a Stink Face! 

Back in the McMahon locker room, Shane said that he would face The Rock. Agitated, Triple H and Kurt Angle walked out. 

Next up, Val Venis defended his Intercontinental Championship against Eddie Guerrero. During the match, Chyna got involved, as Mamacita powerbombed Eddie onto the floor from the ring apron! Trish soon took Chyna out of the match, however, as she broke a glass water pitcher over Chyna’s head! As Eddie watched, Val rolled him up to retain his title! 

Back in the McMahon locker room, Stephanie told Shane that she should be the one to face The Rock! The Women’s Champion said she had a plan to take out the Great One, champion vs. champion

Her head still hurting from the glass pitcher, Chyna barged into Mick Foley’s office and demanded a match with Trish! Foley refused, saying Chyna would tear Stratus apart. But Foley did make a mixed tag-team match for SummerSlam, pitting Eddie and Chyna against Trish and Val Venis! 

In a six-man match, the Acolytes and Crash faced the Big Boss Man and Kaientai. Midway through the match, the Boss Man walked out on his partners for no apparent reason! That left Taka and Funaki to the wolves, as Bradshaw and Faarooq demolished the Japanese superstars en route to the win, as Crash pinned Taka. 

Triple H, Kurt Angle and Shane returned to the McMahon locker room and emphatically told Stephanie that she would not be facing The Rock. Shane said that it would be Triple H against The Rock, an announcement that didn’t sit well with Angle. Angle questioned why Shane and Triple H had such a problem with him, and why they couldn’t accept that he and Stephanie were just friends. 

Chris Jericho came out to provide color commentary as his opponent for SummerSlam, Chris Benoit, challenged Steve Blackman for the Hardcore Title. Despite Blackman opening his entire arsenal of hardcore tricks, Benoit seemed to have the title won when he locked on the Crossface. But Jericho ran into the ring and smacked Benoit in the back of the head in a steel chair, allowing Blackman to retain his title with a pinfall win!

Stephanie chased Kurt Angle down as he walked out of the parking lot, about to leave the arena. Kurt said that he clearly wasn’t wanted at the arena, and therefore, he was leaving. 

With Buh Buh Ray Dudley still shaken up from the double-chairshot he suffered on Monday (and sporting a hell of a shiner), D-Von teamed with Jeff Hardy to take on Edge and Christian. When Jeff went for a Swanton Bomb on Edge, Edge was able to move and Jeff instead hit D-Von. Edge then pinned D-Von for the win. After the match, the Hardys and the Dudleys had to be pulled apart. 

Backstage, Kane paced back and forth, awaiting the arrival of his brother, the Undertaker. 

The Right to Censor – Steven Richards, the Goodfather and Bull Buchanan – headed to the ring next, and again echoed their message of morality. They declared that they had a new mission – to censor Rikishi’s ass, which they called the most deplorable thing on Federation television. 

As they prepared for their match against Too Cool, X-Pac teased Road Dogg about the two-minute Stink Face he suffered on RAW. 

Back in the arena, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler were discussing a clip when Tazz suddenly attacked Lawler, choking him out!

All seemed to be well between X-Pac and Road Dogg when DX took on Too Cool. But when Scotty was in trouble, the two couldn’t agree on how to finish him off. X-Pac wanted to use the X-Factor, and the Dogg wanted to use the pump-handle slam. As the two shoved each other, Kane’s fireworks and music hit, and the Big Red Machine hit the ring, chokeslamming both DX members! 

Kane declared that he had accepted what he has always been – a monster! That brought the Undertaker to the ring, wanting an answer from his brother as to why Kane had attacked him on Monday. Kane didn’t answer, instead brutally attacking his brother and hitting him three times with a steel chair! Kane walked away as a bloody, beaten Undertaker screamed in pain on the floor. 

Triple H headed to the ring with Shane and Stephanie for his match with The Rock, but before The Rock came down, Commissioner Foley had a couple of rulings! First, Foley ruled that all McMahons would be banned from ringside during the match. And second, Foley made two matches for Monday’s RAW – Shane vs. Steve Blackman for the Hardcore Title and Stephanie vs. Lita for the Women’s Title! After Shane and Stephanie returned to the locker room, The Rock made his way to the ring, still angered over the events on Monday’s RAW. Although a non-title affair, the Game and the Great One battled with championship intensity. The World Wrestling Federation Champion appeared to be in control following a spinebuster, but as he set Triple H up for the People’s Elbow, Kurt Angle came to the ring and attacked him with a steel chair! The referee was unconscious on the outside, and therefore missed all the outside interference. The Rock was then easy prey for a Pedigree and a pin! As the show ended, Kurt Angle and Triple H smiled at each other and shook hands once again!