Fayetteville, North Carolina
September 7, 2000

As SmackDown! kicked off from Louisville, Ky., Jerry “The King” Lawler was no where to be found. So Tazz – brandishing The King’s trademark crown – came to the announce table to join Michael Cole on play-by-play!
The opening match of the evening pitted two of the World Wrestling Federation’s brightest shining stars against each other, as Chris Jericho tangled with X-Pac. A high-flying and exciting affair ended in controversy, as X-Pac pinned Y2J with a backslide, but used the ropes as leverage.

Kurt Angle then barged into Commissioner Mick Foley’s office and said that he was taken advantage of on Monday’s RAW, when he knocked out Chyna but Eddie Guerrero became Intercontinental Champion. Foley, as he usually does, turned Angle’s words around on him – saying that since Kurt was “taken” advantage of, he should get a match that night with the Under “taker!”

The World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions, Edge & Christian, pulled off what can only be described as a huge upset on Monday’s RAW, defeating The Rock and the Undertaker. As they addressed the crowd on SmackDown!, however, they said they weren’t in the mood to brag, or even to pose. They instead said that wanted to give people a history lesson about the city of Louisville.

First, Edge told the crowd that Louisville is in Kentucky. Christian then told the crowd that it was in another Kentucky city – Lexington – that they defeated The Rock and the Undertaker. Christian then showed the crowd footage of the win.

Angle, who just seconds earlier said he would only hit Chyna in self-defense, snuck up from behind and executed the Olympic slam on Chyna! Eddie Guerrero came down to save his Mamacita as Stephanie and Angle scampered away.
Moments after the segment ended, Triple H arrived at the arena. He walked into his locker room to find Stephanie and Kurt. Kurt snuck out, and then Stephanie slapped her husband, asking why he didn’t tell her about his conversation with Chyna. Triple H then left and said he’d come back when he had cooled down.

In a one-on-one match-up, the Road Dogg reversed a bicycle kick into a pump-handle slam, allowing him to pin Bull Buchanan.

An incensed Chyna and Eddie Guerrero went to Commissioner Mick Foley’s office, and Mamacita demanded a match against Kurt Angle. But the commish refused, instead putting Angle in a Triple Threat Match against both Eddie Guerrero and Triple H.

The Hardy Boyz and Lita promised to leave their home state of North Carolina as victors prior to their six-person tag team match against Edge, Christian and Jacqueline. Indeed, after a Swanton Bomb, Jeff pinned Christian for the win!

Kurt Angle then approached Stephanie, hoping to clear up some confusion. He said that their kiss on last week’s SmackDown! was just what good friends do, and that’s what they are – good friends. Stephanie said OK, but she just needed space, and Kurt said he’d be there for her
At the “Have a Nice Day Café,” the Acolytes awaited the arrival of the Dudley Boyz, as the teams were scheduled to have a barroom brawl.

Rikishi took on Chris Benoit next, in a battle of former Intercontinental Champions. The Wolverine did something mid-match that few superstars have done – he kicked out of Rikishi’s sit-down splash! Later in the match, the Right to Censor interfered, knocking Rikishi out and helping Benoit to score the win with a German suplex. After the match, Too Cool saved Rikishi from a gang attack.

Backstage, Eddie Guerrero and Chyna got into an argument in what will go down as one of the most emotional segments in Federation history. First, Chyna confronted Eddie about his evil smile after they had seemingly made up on Monday’s RAW. She said that she loved Eddie, and that he only used her to get the title. Eddie told her to take the belt. He said that he was willing to give her her due, when she was on “The Tonight Show”and “3rd Rock from the Sun,” and in all the magazines. He asked why she didn’t involve Eddie when she was in the spotlight. He demanded that Chyna stand behind him the way he had stood behind her, or else she could hit the road. Eddie then left the locker room as Chyna collapsed onto the floor, crying her eyes out.

Back at the “Have a Nice Day Café,” the Dudleys arrived carrying a table. The two teams destroyed the bar, with the Acolytes putting Buh Buh through a table in the process.

Back at the arena, Michael Cole and Tazz were talking when Jerry Lawler snuck up behind Tazz and started choking him! The King chased Tazz to the back and then returned to the broadcast table, where he put on Tazz’s orange sunglasses!

Still irate over Test calling the cops on him the week before, Triple H battled T&A in a Handicap Match. As the match progressed, Trish Stratus tried to get involved, but Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley pulled her off the ring apron and slapped her. That made Test mad. Test grabbed his former fiancee and was about to powerbomb her when Kurt Angle came out to save Stephanie. Kurt knocked Test into the ring steps. Albert then grabbed Angle, but the Olympian knocked Albert woozy, allowing Triple H to score the Pedigree for the win.

Prior to his Intercontinental Championship match against Eddie Guerrero, the Road Dogg offered some words of advice to his friend Chyna. But as the two former DX comrades spoke, Guerrero walked in and pulled Chyna away.

In the McMahon/Helmsley locker room, the Game stated to his wife that he didn’t need Kurt Angle. Stephanie told Triple H of how Kurt had saved her from a powerbomb and had helped him win the match, but the Game didn’t want to hear any of it.

In his first Intercontinental Title defense, Eddie Guerrero took on the Road Dogg, and Chyna was in Eddie’s corner the whole match. The Ninth Wonder of the World tripped the Road Dogg at one point, although it didn’t seem like she really wanted to do it. Also, she reversed the Road Dogg’s small package so that Eddie was the man making the cover, helping Eddie retain his title. After the match, Chyna tried explaining her actions to the Road Dogg when Eddie attacked the Dogg from behind. Chyna begged Eddie to stop, but Latino Heat wouldn’t relent, even pushing Chyna away at one point. Finally, it seemed that Eddie would stop beating on a helpless Road Dogg, but as soon as Chyna turned her back, Eddie attacked him again.

Next up, Too Cool took on Bull Buchanan and the Goodfather, of the Right to Censor. After Rikishi was screwed over earlier in the night, the Sultan of Squat made sure that the same thing didn’t happen to his running buddies. Rikishi scored a legdrop on the Goodfather, allowing Grand Master Sexay to pin the former pimp. After the match, Rikishi, Too Cool, Mandy and Victoria engaged in a celebratory dance.

Back at the “Have a Nice Day Café,” the Dudleys and the APA were drinking and laughing together, after they had just been kicking one another’s asses an hour earlier! The four men even got a good laugh when Kaientai approached the bar and asked for some saki, as the four men broke a bottle over Taka and Funaki’s heads and beat on them!

As Triple H and Stephanie watched on, the Undertaker battled Kurt Angle in a re-match from July’s Fully Loaded. Undertaker had Angle up for the Last Ride, but Chris Benoit attacked the American Bad Ass from behind, giving the Undertaker a disqualification win. Triple H then came down, but instead of helping Angle, he assaulted him! The Game and the Olympic Hero battled to the back as the Undertaker finally delivered a Last Ride to Chris Benoit!

In the McMahon/Helmsley locker room, Stephanie confronted her husband about what he had just done. The Game said that he didn’t believe, trust or like Kurt Angle. Stephanie said that maybe he would be happy when she got hurt.

In one of the most anticipated moments in recent Federation history, Stone Cold Steve Austin made his first public statement in nearly 10 months! Speaking from his home in Texas, the Rattlesnake said he wanted answers – specifically, he wanted to know who was driving the car that took him out of action last November! Austin gave all the Federation Superstars until Unforgiven to come forward with a confession. Otherwise, he said he would be at Unforgiven to interrogate everyone until he got the answer himself!

As Edge & Christian headed to the ring for their Federation Championship match against The Rock, Edge spotted an “RC Edge” soda machine. He was thrilled that a soda was named after him – said Edge, “Now more than ever, soda rules!” But he had little time to celebrate, as The Rock attacked both men with chairs from behind, leaving them lying!

As a result, Edge was unable to make the match, so Christian got a new partner – Kane! Both Kane and Christian seemed to have the match and the title won, but neither man would allow the other to score the pinfall! Finally, Edge came down to divert Kane’s attention. But when Christian went to hit The Rock with a Tag Team Title belt, the People’s Champion instead delivered a Rock Bottom for the win!

After the match, Kane was irate. He picked The Rock up by his neck, and drove him through the announce table! The Big Red Machine stood over a fallen Rock as SmackDown! went off the air!