Phoenix, Arizona
September 14, 2000

Commissioner Mick Foley made his way to the ring as SmackDown! went on the air from Phoenix, Arizona. The commish spoke of the two matches he made on Monday’s RAW – Triple H vs. Kurt Angle, plus a Fatal Fourway for the World Wrestling Federation Championship. He said that all six superstars were so emotionally charged that they could very well seriously injure one another before Unforgiven. Foley said he had to do something to prevent that. 
But before he could unveil his plan, The Rock headed to the ring. The People’s Champion was irate at the Undertaker after Monday’s RAW. That brought out the Undertaker, who said he wanted what The Rock had – the Federation Championship. Then, out came Chris Benoit, and then Kane, each to stake their claim to the title.

Again, Foley tried to explain his plan for the night, but Kurt Angle then came down and said that the Federation Championship hunt paled in comparison to the bigger issue, namely Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. Angle said he doubted that Triple H could control himself. Then, the Game ran to the ring, but he didn’t want to talk, he wanted to fight. Foley held Triple H back.

Finally, with the six key players for Unforgiven surrounding him, Foley was able to reveal his plan. He was going to put opponents together as tag team partners, with the stipulation that if anyone were to attack his partners during their match, their Unforgiven bout would immediately be canceled.

The first of the tag matches pitted Kane and Chris Benoit against the Acolytes. The Wolverine and the Big Red Machine seemed to be on the same page at first, as Kane saved Benoit from several pinfall attempts. But Benoit soon grew frustrated and abandoned his partner, leaving Kane easy prey for the Clothesline from Hell and a pinfall.

Triple H barged into Commissioner Foley’s office and said that he simply couldn’t have Kurt Angle as a partner. Foley said that he better do it; otherwise, their match at Unforgiven was off.

In footage shot earlier in the day, Eddie Guerrero drove to the Playboy mansion and asked to get back the photos of his Mamacita, Chyna. The security guards wouldn’t let him onto the estate and then closed the door in his face!

An irate Chyna watched the footage at the arena, and then packed her belongings and left the facility in tears. Kevin Kelly tried to ask her about her relationship with Eddie as she left, but Mamacita was in no mood to talk. She simply walked away.

Prior to his team’s match against Too Cool and Rikishi, Steven Richards proclaimed that neither he nor his men had been driving the car that hit Stone Cold Steve Austin. He then passed the microphone to the newest member of the Right to Censor, Val Venis. Val said that he wasn’t brainwashed, he had just opened his eyes to the realization that selective censoring is good. Too Cool and Rikishi then came down, accompanied by Mandy and Victoria.

Scotty 2 Hotty soon hit the Worm on Bull, and Rikishi was able to nail Steven with a Stink Face! But as Rikishi went for the kill, Eddie Guerrero ran down and sprayed mace in Rikishi’s eyes, blinding the Phat Man. As Scotty checked on his partner, Val attacked him from behind and slammed him, scoring the pin. After the match, Eddie continued his assault on Rikishi.
Prior to their match against Triple H and Kurt Angle, T&A tore into their opponents verbally, with Test saying that Triple H got his leftovers, and Albert saying that Kurt Angle’s medals were won in the Special Olympics.

Midway through the match, Stephanie came to ringside, and she soon got involved in the match, grabbing Test’s leg. Trish pulled Stephanie off and shoved her to the ground. Angle then came over to check on his "friend." The Game saw this and grabbed Angle, preparing to slug him. But realizing the stipulation that Commissioner Foley had added to the match, Triple H held back. As Angle egged him on, Test snuck up behind the Game and suplexed him for the pin. After the match, Triple H was enraged, and Angle just smiled sadistically in the aisleway.

After "tapping out" to the Federation on Monday’s RAW, Tazz went to Commissioner Foley’s office on SmackDown! and asked for his unconditional release. Foley tried to convince Tazz to stay, saying that he would put him in a match against Jerry Lawler at Unforgiven, with the stipulation that no one would attack Tazz before then. Tazz agreed.

Edge & Christian then hit the ring, saying they had nothing to do with Stone Cold’s assault last November. They called the incident "heinosity to the max," and said that if they had a time machine, then they would go back in time and stop the incident from taking place. Then they revealed that they do have a time machine; in fact, they had recently traveled to the future to bring back the Hardyz Boyz and Lita, circa 2050. Out came two old men and an old woman dressed in the Hardy Boyz and Lita’s outfits! Edge was then about to spear all three when Commissioner Foley came out, and said that Edge & Christian’s match against the Hardys at Unforgiven would be held within the confines of a 15-foot steel cage! The real Hardys and Lita then came out to kick some Edge & Christian butt.

Prior to the Hardcore Championship match between Steve Blackman and Perry Saturn, Tazz took a seat in the first row ringside, right behind Jerry Lawler. After holding up a sign which said "Tazz" and had an arrow pointing down at him and screaming, "Hey look ma! I'm on SmackDown!," Tazz would spend the rest of the match throwing popcorn at Lawler. In the match itself, Blackman retained his title.

In an interview with Kevin Kelly, the Undertaker said that The Rock had better not piss him off in their table match against the Dudley Boyz later that night.

Next up, Edge & Christian teamed up with X-Pac to face the Hardy Boyz and Chris Jericho in six-man action. Jeff Hardy hit a Swanton Bomb on Christian, but X-Pac was the legal man. X-Pac was able to hit the X-Factor on Jeff for the pin.

In an interview with Lilian Garcia, The Rock declared that he would still be Federation Champion after Unforgiven. He then asked Lilian if she liked pie, and when she answered "yes," The Great One said, "The Rock knew it!"

Tables were the order of the day in the main event, pitting Rock and Undertaker against the Dudleys. The Brahma Bull and the American Bad Ass seemed to gel as a team … at first. But when the Undertaker went to chokeslam D-Von through a table and Buh Buh attacked from behind, the Bad Ass thought it was The Rock. And when the Dudleys threw Rock to the outside, the Undertaker was soon breaking through a table, giving the Dudleys the biggest win of their careers. After the match, the Undertaker snapped, chokeslamming the World Wrestling Federation Champion through a table and leaving him lying!