Salt Lake City, Utah
August 16, 2001
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Here Comes The Money. Here comes the owner of WCW, Shane McMahon to the ring.

Shane says he can't believe he's actually in the state of Utah. He says it's a state that doesn't have much but they are famous for a few things. One thing is polygamy and the other is the beloved Utah Jazz. Shane says the Jazz and Booker T have a lot in common except one huge enormous difference, Booker T knows how to win championships, and also once Booker wins a championship, he can also defend the championship. Like on this Sunday when he successfully defends against The Rock. We're shown clips from Monday when Booker would give Rock not one but two Bookends. Shane says the video tape doesn't satisfy him enough so he's calling out the most electrifying man in Sports Entertainment..BOOKER T.

Booker T makes his way to the ring and poses on the turnbuckle exactly like The Rock would. Booker gets on the mic. He says "Finally.. the Book has come back to Utah! He says as he stands in Utah the only thing he can think of is the millions and millions of the Book's fans. The crowd chants for The Rock. Booker continues that the fans are chanting his name. Fans continue to chant for Rock. Booker says they better get his name right. Booker asks Shane who in the blue hell he is. Shane begins to say his name and Booker interrupts with "It doesn't matter who you are." Booker says that everything The Rock has he's stolen from Booker T. Booker says the People's Elbow is a joke and the most entertaining move in sports entertainment is the Spinarooni. He says The Rock Bottom is the cheap imitation of the move that took Rock out on RAW, The Bookend. Booker says that everyone knows that he has the most beautfiul hair style in the world today. He says as far as the comment about Booker T in school that Rock made on Monday. He says that he was an A+ honor student, "CAN YOU DIG THAT SUCKA?" He says as far as Summerslam, nothing, and the Book means nothing can stop the REAL People's Champ from coming down the People's Ramp and laying the Smackdown on the Rock's ass. IF YA SMELL WHAT THE BOOK IS COOKIN.

The Rock is shown making his way to the ring. Booker T looks like he can't believe Rock is here.


Heyman and Cole plug Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The Rock's music plays to a huge ovation. Rock poses on the turnbuckle.

"Finally The Rock HAS COME BACK to Salt Lake City." He congratulates Booker T on giving Rock not one but two Rock Bottoms, the very last one on a steel chair. He says he heard that there's another name for the move, a name which he calls "The Bookend". He says he wants to make sure that Booker understand that the name of the move is called, the move Booker's gonna get at Summerslam, the move Booker's gonna hate at Summerslam, and the move that will allow Rock to walk out the winner the Summerslam. The Rock says he knows Booker's here, and if he considers himself an honor student then Rock asks why he doesn't give Rock the honor of Booker coming out to the ring and kicking Booker's candy ass.

Booker makes his way to the ring. Booker asks "Did he just say that, tell me he just didn't say that."

Shawn Stasiak's music interrupts and Stasiak comes out to the ring. Stasiak says he's sorry to interrupt but he's got word from Austin that he has potential. He asks if Booker would allow him to go to the ring and make an example of this Booker T wanna-be.

Rock is about to say something but Stasiak runs to the ring.

The Rock vs. Shawn Stasiak
Rock and Stasiak fight with right hands. Stasiak attempts an irish whip but it is reversed with a Rock Bottom. Rock with the cover and the win.
Winner: The Rock

Rock says before he was so rudely interrupted, he wanted to say that he is issuing Booker T a 3 day warning. Rock says from this day forward, 3 nights, on Sunday The Rock is going to walk in to Summerslam and walk out as the WCW Champion. Rock says that that's Sunday, but he called Booker out tonight because he says he has a great idea, a fantastic idea for tonight. He says it's an idea even Booker can understand. Rock is challenging him to a first-ever "Lights Out Match". He says the rules are very simple, there are no rules. No Alliance, no WWF, no rules. Booker accepts The Rock's challenge. Rock says there will be no title on the line. He says to turn off the lights, because the party is over. IF YA SMELL..WHAT THE ROCK..IS COOKIN


Subway Replay of the Week is Tajiri's victory over Albert on RAW.

Tajiri's music plays and he and Commisioner Regal make their way to the ring for tag team action.

The X-Factor music plays and out comes X-Pac and Albert.

Tajiri and William Regal vs. X-Pac and Albert
Regal and X-Pac are in. X-Pac with a headlock. Regal with a shoulder block. Regal with two elbow blocks. Regal holds X-Pac down and Tajiri is in off the tag. X-Pac with an arm drag. Tajiri blocks a heel kick and Tajiri nails X-Pac with a heel kick of his own. X-Pac whips Tajiri off the ropes but Tajiri comes back with a dropkick. Albert tagged in and hammers Tajiri in the corner. Albert goes for the military press but Tajiri counters and kicks Albert in the legs and then delivers a stiff kick to the face to Albert. Regal tagged in. Albert whips Regal into the ropes and hits a big splash. Albert with a Scoop Slam. Albert misses a knee drop from the top and Regal tags Tajiri. X-Pac rushes into the ring. Tajiri locks X-Pac into the Tarantula but Albert breaks it up. Regal knocks Albert to the outside. Tajiri kicks X-Pac in the midsection and goes for a kick to the face but Albert catches Tajiri with a Baldobomb for the win.
Winners: X-Pac and Albert

Debra asks if it is a good idea to have the first ever Stone Cold Steve Austin Invitational. Austin invites anyone in the locker rooms to come and challenge him to the match in this Invitational. Austin says this is huge, the show before Summerslam, he has to do it. Earl Hebner comes into the room. Austin gives Hebner a clipboard and he says he wants Hebner to take the clipboard to the WWF locker room and he wants anyone who wishes to sign it to write their name down. Austin wonders if anyone will sign up for "Stone Cold University." He then tells Hebner to scram.


RC Cola Rewind is Edge and Christian's victory over Lance Storm and Justin Credible on RAW. They also show Edge tapping out to Lance Storm's Single Crab.

Earl Hebner is shown in a WWF locker room with talking to a lot of WWF midcarders and wrestlers on the lower card. (Hardcore Holly, Kaientai, Essa Rios, Crash Holly, K-Kwik, etc.) Kurt Angle walks into the room and says he wants to be the first name on this list, the first to graduate from Stone Cold University. Angle signs his name on the clipboard.

Christian is shown polishing Edge's King of the Ring trophy. Edge asks Christian if he should sign his name on Austin's list. Christian says that they have a match with DDP and Kanyon for the Tag Team Championships and Edge wants to fight Austin? He says that tonight they could become 8-time Tag Team Champions. The Octopus Champions. Edge corrects him saying they'd be the Octopi Champions. Christian says that Edge is just being selfish and he needs to get his priorities straight.

Ivory is shown talking to Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson. Ivory says she knows how to improve the Alliance, she's a 3-time Woman's Champion. She says on Sunday Night Heat, they will challenge Jacqueline and Lita. Keibler and Wilson look shocked but Ivory says to show no fear and the three of them high-five.

There's a recap shown of the opening segment of the past RAW. Clips from Austin embarrasing Hugh Morrus, Raven and Tazz are shown.

Debra says that she thinks Austin did the right thing on RAW. Austin says she finally understands what the Alliance is all about. Hebner comes in and says the list is full of WWF names from the people who locker room. Austin says if the list is full, then why doesn't he just pick the first name. Once realizing that it's Kurt Angle, Austin gets a worried look on his face.


Tazz comes to ringside for commentary. He says he has a personal issue with Stone Cold Steve Austin and has a personal interest in the first-ever Invitational. Tazz asks if Paul is warming his chair. He says he should have never trusted Paul and no one does to Tazz what Austin did to Tazz on Monday night. Tazz says he has a big problem with Stone Cold Steve Austin and he's gonna do what he has to do.

Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way to the ring with WWF Championship and clipboard in hand.

Paul Heyman comes into the ring and says he's looking forward to the Invitational more than anyone but Tazz has been knocking Austin ever since he's been sitting at that desk. Heyman says he's been saying some disparaging words to Austin but he says for Austin to not let Tazz get under his skin. Heyman says he's looking forward to the Stone Cold Invitational and he's looking forward to Austin to show the locker room leadership by example. Heyman goes and sits down.

Stone Cold says Stone Cold University is now in session. He says tonight in this very ring, he's gonna teach someone how to become successful in this business. He says to become successful you have to understand the funamentals. He says you have to start with the basics and that's what he will display tonight in the ring, and if you master the basics maybe you'll become as good as Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin says he'll start with the first name on that list. He turns the clipboard upside-down to avoid calling out Kurt Angle and says the first name is Scotty 2 Hotty.

Scotty 2 Hotty makes his way to the ring.

Austin asks if Scotty is the best the WWF has to offer. Austin says that Scotty isn't in Austin's league. Austin said he didn't expect Scotty, he expected Kurt Angle to sign this, for Kurt Angle to be the first name on the list. The crowd chants for Scotty. Austin says "look at ya, you're pathetic". Austin says Scotty will never be successful in this business. Austin says Scotty reminds him of Kurt. He says Scotty has that look in his eyes, that arrogance that Kurt has. He says he sees the fear in Scotty's eyes and when Angle walks down the aisle on Sunday at Summerslam, he'll see fear in Angle's eyes too. Austin says Scotty is afraid of him...he says his knees are shaking..his chin is quivering...he says Scotty is afraid of Austin just like Kurt. Scotty's looking at the World Wrestling Federation Champion and it scares him. Austin is pretending Scotty is Kurt now and says he's gonna kick his ass. He says when he starts pounding Kurt this Sunday, Kurt is gonna beg him to stop, but he won't because he is the World Wrestling Federation Champion. He shoves the belt in Scotty's face and asks him if he knows what that is. That's what it looks like, that's what it smells like. He says that's as close as Scotty will ever get to the World Wrestling Federation Championship. He says before he beats Angle on Sunday, before he pins his shoulders to the mat, he's gonna make Kurt bleed. Austin tells Scotty to look at him and Austin continues to pretend that he's talking to Kurt. Austin says he will pound his head until he bleeds. Austin will stand over him until he knows his name is Stone Cold Steve Austin and he will pledge his allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.

Scotty 2 Hotty snaps and has had enough and knocks Austin to the ground. Scotty is going for The Worm but Austin beats him down to the mat and stands Scotty up before delivering the Stunner to Scotty. Angle runs down and Angle and Austin exchange blows and beat each other until they are both down on the mat still pounding their fists at each other. Tazz enters to the ring and stands behind Austin and Angle. He fakes an attack at Austin but instead he locks Angle in the Tazzmission. Tazz and Austin continue to beat on Angle until the WWF midcarders run down and chase Austin and Tazz to the back.


They show what just happened before the break with Tazz ambushing Angle and Austin and Tazz beating Angle down.

Jonathan Coachman interviews Angle in the back. Angle says that his name is Kurt Angle and this Sunday he's gonna do the same thing as the 1996 Olympics and bring back home the gold. He issues a challenge to Tazz here tonight and on Sunday he's gonna beat Stone Cold Steve Austin and THAT is TRUE.

Rob Van Dam, former WWF Hardcore Champion, makes his way to the ring.

Rhyno, accompanied by Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley now makes his way to the ring.

Out comes current Hardcore Champion, Jeff Hardy.

Finally, "Y2J" Chris Jericho is out and ready for the tag team contest

Rob Van Dam and Rhyno vs. Jeff Hardy and Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam start things off. Jericho with a headlock to RVD. Jericho with a knockdown. RVD dodges all attacks by Jericho until he finally sends him down with a shoulderblock followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Jericho gets a 2 count and Jeff Hardy tagged in. Jeff with a waistlock and then a flipping leg drop on RVD. Rhyno tagged in and whips Jeff into the ropes. Jeff with an enzuguri to Rhyno. Jericho tagged in. Jericho with hard chops to Rhyno. Jericho kicks Rhyno down in the corner. Rhyno sends Jericho into the corner but Rhyno runs into Jericho's boot. Stephanie holds Jericho's leg into the corner and Rhyno with a huge shoulder block into the corner. Rhyno continues to kick Jericho in the corner and then tags RVD. RVD hits a somersault to Jericho in the sternum and gets the 2 count. RVD goes for a suplex but Jericho gets a belly to back on RVD. Both men are down and need tags. Jeff tagged in and knocks down RVD and Rhyno. Jeff with a leg drop in the groin. Jeff springs off RVD's body and dropkicks Rhyno. Jeff climbs up to the top and hits a body splash on Rob Van Dam. Rhyno is back in the ring and plants Jeff Hardy with the Gore. Jericho is in now and hits a dropkick to the chin to Rhyno and takes Rhyno to the outside. Rob Van Dam puts a ladder into the ring and use the ladder as a see-saw, taking a page out of the Hardys book by setting up the ladder between the ring ropes. RVD axe handles the ladder which springs the ladder into Jeff's face. RVD with the Five-Star Frog Splash, the cover and the win.
Winners: Rob Van Dam and Rhyno

Stephanie raises Rob Van Dam's hand and then Rob Van Dam leaves the ring leaving Stephanie alone with Chris Jericho. Jericho backs Stephanie into the corner. Rhyno goes for The Gore on Jericho but Jericho senses it coming and Rhyno runs shoulder first into the turnbuckle. This gives Stephanie time to leave the ring and Jericho looks on as Rhyno and Stephanie make their way back up the ramp.

Tazz is shown in the back that at the Royal Rumble, he choked out Kurt Angle. He says that somebody better remind Angle that Angle has never beat Tazz. He also better remind Angle that Austin has been talking to Tazz and Tazz was handpicked by Austin to make Angle just another victim. Tazz then says something he hasn't said in quite a long time. Beat me if you can, Angle. Survive, if I let you.


The Hardy Boyz and Lita are shown in the back. Lita asks if Jeff is okay. Jeff says what's no okay is if Rob Van Dam wants to use ladders and if he wants a Hardcore Match at Summerslam, he wants to raise the stakes and the title by making it a Hardcore Championship Ladder Match.

Edge and Christian make their way to the ring for the Tag Team Championship contest.

Who Better Than Kanyon? U.S. Heavyweight and WWF Tag Team Champion makes his way to the ring.

The other half of the Tag Team Champions is DDP and out comes DDP.

WWF Tag Team Championship: Edge and Christian vs. Diamond Dallas Page and Kanyon
Edge and DDP start things out. Edge with a knockdown to DDP and Christian tagged in. Christian with a reverse DDT and a 2 count. DDP tags in Kanyon and Christian launches Kanyon into the ropes for a 2 count. Christian bounces off the ropes but DDP pulls down the rop e and Christian is sent to the outside. Christian back in and Kanyon throws Christian into the corner but runs into Christian's boot. Kanyon with a Fisherman's Suplex for a 2 count. DDP tagged in and a sleeper drop to Christian for a 2 count. Christian reverses a second sleeper drop with a chinbuster. Edge and Kanyon tagged in. Edge dropkicks Kanyon and a sleeper drop to DDP. Edge hits the Spear on Kanyon for a 2 count that DDP breaks up. Christian begins arguing with the referee. Edge rolls-up Kanyon again but Nick Patrick is distracted with Christian. DDP rolls Edge over and Kanyon now has Edge's shoulders pinned. Patrick is making the count but Christian pulls Patrick out of the ring. Christian grabs 2 chairs and Edge and Christian go for the Con-Chair-To on Kanyon but Lance Storm interferes and nails Edge with a Superkick. Storm takes off and Christian chases Storm to the back with a chair in hand. Kanyon rolls over onto Edge but only gets a 2 count. DDP hits Edge with a Diamond Cutter and Kanyon with the cover one final time. Kanyon gets the three and DDP and Kanyon retain.
Winners and still WWF Tag Team Champions: Diamond Dallas Page and Kanyon

The Rock is shown getting ready for his "Lights Out Match" later tonight.


The Hardcore Smack Of The Night. Kane and Undertaker destroying Palumbo and O'Haire on RAW in a steel cage.

Jonathan Coachman is interviewing Undertaker and Kane. Coachman asks them what are their feelings heading into Summerslam. Undertaker says up until this point he's been extremely pissed off. He says he feels he needs to make an example out of Diamond Dallas "Oh My God The Undertaker Is Gonna Kick My Ass On Sunday" Page. He says DDP wanted to be stalking his wife..and taking pictures of his wife and putting them in a shrine. Undertaker says DDP wants to be famous for getting his ass kicked by his wife. He says in WWF history, the things he's done to people in cages isn't very pretty. He then says that Kanyon is a guy with promise, but why would he want to be locked in a cage with Undertaker and Kane. He says those guys are gonna get a beatdown and inside the cage, there is no place to run and no place to hide.

APA are shown at WWF New York. They address their match with Test and the Dudley Boyz at Summerslam and how Test cost them the WWF Tag Team Championships. Bradshaw says Test is a horrible ass name, did his momma come up with that? He says Spike and the APA are gonna kick the Dudleys and Test's asses so bad that the only thing the people are gonna be able to say is ..."Damn".

Tazz is shown wrapping up his wrists for his match. Kurt is shown in the back making his way to the ring.


A heartbeat and then a flatliner. Tazz makes his way to the ring accompanied The Dudley Boyz, Chuck Palumbo, Sean O'Haire and Test.

Kurt's music hits and out comes Angle accompanied by Undertaker, Kane, Sara, Albert, Billy Gunn and The Big Show.

Austin is up at the top of the entryway looking on at the match.

Tazz vs. Kurt Angle
Angle beats on Tazz. Tazz throws Angle to the outside and runs Angle into the ring steps. Tazz talks trash to Angle. Tazz puts Angle back in the ring and beats him down in the corner. Tazz runs into a boot by Angle in the corner but Tazz hits a belly to belly on Angle. Tazz with a belly to back suplex on Angle and then a clothesline. Angle fires back with right hands. Angle with a elbow block and then a belly to belly suplex of his own to Tazz. Tazz locks the Tazzmission on Angle but Angle reverses into an Angle Slam for the win.
Winner: Kurt Angle

Angle invites Stone Cold down to the ring as he screams at Austin from the top rope. Austin makes his way down to the ring but stops at the bottom of the ramp and walks back. Austin then turns around and decides to go back to the ring but Tazz is back up. Tazz distracts Angle and now Austin is in the ring. Austin goes for the Stunner but Angle reverses it to the ankle lock. Palumbo and O'Haire are in the ring now and Bubba Ray Dudley drags Stone Cold out of the ring and the WWF and Alliance members on the outside begin to brawl. The WWF quickly send the Alliance reeling and Austin and the rest of the Alliance look on at the ring as they all return to the back.


They show what happened moments ago with Austin and Angle and the rest of the locker rooms. They point out how Angle reversed the Stunner into the Ankle Lock and how that could cost Austin the title at Summerslam.

The lights go out and the building is pitch black. It feels like FM radio. All you can hear is Heyman and Cole talking.

A dim light comes back on as Booker T's music hits and the WCW Champion is out. Can you dig that?

And here comes The Rock, wasting little time, running to the ring.

First-Ever Lights Out Match: Booker T vs. The Rock
Seemingly all the lights are back on and this is just a No Disqualification match-up, WWF and Alliance barred from ringside. Booker and Rock exchange right hands as Rock knocks Booker to the outside with his rights. Rock bounces Booker off the steel barricade on the entrance way. Booker and Rock fight up the entrance way and Booker slams Rock's head off the glass set. Rock hits a Spinebuster on the steel ramp. Rock then with a low blow. Rock leads Booker back to the ring and tosses him into the ring steps. Rock takes the top off the announce table and clears the monitors. Rock with an elbow block to Booker T and then slams Booker off the ringside table. Rock then sets Booker T up on the announce table. Shane McMahon was hiding under the ring and is out now and hits a low blow on Rock. Booker then hits the Bookend on Rock through the announce table. Booker and Shane are now in the ring and Shane has Booker do the Spinarooni, the "most electrifying move in sports entertainment today". Booker's music plays and he holds the WCW Championshoip up high.
Winner: No-Contest

Booker and Shane eventually make their way back up the entrance way leaving Rock struggling to stand at the sight of the broken announce table.