Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
June 6, 2002

The June 6 episode of SmackDown! -- from Oklahoma City -- opened with 20 superstars converging on the ring: Billy Kidman, Reverend D-Von, Al Snow, Randy Orton, Chavo Guerrero, Christian, Hugh Morrus, Lance Storm, The Hurricane, Godfather, Big Valbowski, Albert, Mark Henry, Hardcore Holly, Faarooq, Test, Triple H, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle and Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

Mr. McMahon came out to the stage and announced that the superstars would be competing in a Battle Royal to determine the No. 1 Contender for the Undertaker's WWE Undisputed Championship at King of the Ring. That was all the superstars needed to hear -- with a title shot on the line, the match was on!

The eliminations came fast and furious, and the final six competitors were Hogan, Jericho, Triple H, Angle, Holly and Test. Shockingly, Holly soon tossed out Angle, eliminating the gold medalist. Test followed up with the big boot to eliminate Hardcore. Moments later, Hogan tossed Jericho, and Triple H tossed Test. It was down to The Game and the Hulkster.

Triple H soon clotheslined Hogan to the outside, but The Game's momentum carried him over the top rope as well, and it appeared that both men's feet hit the floor at the same time. One referee declared Hogan the winner; another went with The Game. Hogan and Triple H yelled at each other after the bout, each claiming that he had won the match.

After a break, the two were still arguing when Mr. McMahon came on the TitanTron. Vince said it seemed they had quite a dilemma, with both men going over the top at the same time. Mr. McMahon asked the fans who should face Undertaker at King of the Ring, and the crowd seemed to favor Triple H facing Taker at King of the Ring. Vince said he wouldn't let the "hokey Okies" to influence his decision!

Vince said during the commercial break he'd called Undertaker to get his opinion, and Taker said he didn't care who he faced, because he considered both men losers. So Vince decided to make a one-on-one encounter for SmackDown! between Hogan and Triple H, with the winner getting the title shot!

After Vince's announcement, Triple H shoved Hollywood down, as referees and officials tried to pull the men apart.

Marc Loyd interviewed Angle about what had just happened. Kurt said a WWE icon had just got screwed. Loyd asked who Angle thought had won, Hogan or Triple H. Angle said he wasn't talking about either man -- he was talking about himself! Angle asked if this was "Screw Kurt Angle Month," saying he'd won a Cage Match last week on SmackDown!, only to have Hogan screw him over. He said the same thing had happened tonight with Hardcore Holly. Angle said Holly ruined his chance to become WWE Undisputed Champion. The Olympic hero said he wasn't happy right now. He questioned what Holly had taught the kids on Tough Enough anyway. Holly approached Angle and called him a whiner. Angle challenged Holly to a match on SmackDown!, and Holly said he never backed down from a fight.

Billy & Chuck were watching footage of their Tag Team Championship Match from last week's SmackDown! when they were approached by Rico. B&C gave him the cold shoulder, and Rico said he hoped they weren't still mad about what had happened, saying it wasn't his fault. Rico said they looked horrible, that they'd let themselves go. Rico even pointed out a zit on Billy's ass! Billy said maybe they wouldn't be such a mess if their stylist wasn't running around as half of the Tag Team Champions. Billy said that tonight was their last chance, and if they didn't win back their titles, they would be looking for a new stylist!

That match was up next, as Rikishi and Rico defended their WWE Tag Team Championship against Billy & Chuck in an elimination match, meaning that both members of the opposing team had to be defeated to win the match. Chuck locked Rico in an armbar, and the stylist quickly tapped out. Moments later, Rikishi pinned Billy, leaving Rikishi vs. Chuck. Rico took the turnbuckle pad off one of the corners, and Rikishi soon hit the steel headfirst -- but the Phat Man kicked out of a pinfall attempt. Chuck hit a kick to the face, and Rikishi got his foot on the ropes at the count of one, but Rico pushed his foot off, and the ref counted the fall. Billy & Chuck are once again the WWE Tag Team Champions! After the bout, Rikishi attacked Rico with a sit-down splash.

Backstage, The Hurricane found yet another note -- "You think I'm a witch, I flew in on my broom. If you're looking to find me, I'm in your locker room." Hurricane then set off to find the culprit.

Moments later, he returned to his locker room and found the culprit -- Tough Enough 1 champion Nidia, who was chowing down on some beef jerky. Nidia made fun of his "Hurricane" persona, and alluded to a past relationship between the two. Apparently, Nidia was still mad about being dumped by the super hero, and was preparing to make his life a living hell. As Hurricane stared Nidia down, he was attacked from behind by Jamie Knoble, who Nidia revealed was her boyfriend! Nidia said that Knoble would take Hurricane's WWE Cruiserweight Championship. She and Knoble then locked lips in celebration!

In a King of the Ring qualifying match, the Big Valbowski took on Christian. Christian went for the Unprettier, but Valbowski countered into a swing-out powerbomb to score the pinfall and advance to the King of the Ring tournament.

Mr. McMahon was on his cell phone in his office talking to Undertaker, assuring him that no matter who won the No. 1 Contenders Match tonight, Taker would remain champion after King of the Ring. There was then a knock on the door, and Tough Enough 2 winners Jackie and Linda came in. The two ladies introduced themselves, and as they were doing so, Ivory came in and asked what the hell was going on. She apologized to Vince, saying she'd turned her back for one second and the women had gotten away. Ivory told the women that they shouldn't just help themselves into Vince's office. She said what they had done was disrespectful and stupid. Jackie went to apologize, but Ivory snapped at her, and said they were lucky Tough Enough was over, because she wouldn't settle for that crap if they were still training under her. Linda then got in Ivory's face, saying Tough Enough was over. Linda apologized to Vince, but Vince said it was OK. He said he felt some tension between the two, and being that this was WWE, he suggested that Linda meet Ivory this Saturday on Velocity! The two agreed. Vince then welcomed the ladies to WWE.

Next up, Kurt Angle -- fake hair and all -- took on Hardcore Holly. An intense bout ultimately saw Kurt go for the Angle Slam, but Hardcore countered and hit Angle with a belly-to-belly suplex for a two-count. Holly kicked Angle and nailed a powerbomb for two and three-quarters. Holly went for the Alabama Slam, but Kurt fought out of it and caught Holly in the ankle lock. Holly held out for a while, and finally made it to the ropes. Holly then went for a roll-up, but Angle reversed, and held onto the ropes as he pinned Hardcore for the win! After the bout, Holly attacked Angle and nailed the Alabama Slam. He then went to rip Kurt's wig off, but Angle hit Hardcore with a low blow to escape. Kurt grabbed a steel chair, but the ref took it away. He then grabbed the ring bell and went to hit Hardcore, but Holly hit Angle and grabbed the ring bell. He then smacked Kurt across the face with it!

Maven was seen in the hospital, nursing the broken leg he suffered last week on SmackDown! Torrie Wilson entered his hospital room carrying a banana and a stuffed animal, saying she thought he needed some cheering up. He asked what she had in mind, and she simply licked the banana! A nurse came into check on Maven, who hastily replied that he was just fine! The nurse said he should keep his leg elevated, and Maven said everything was elevated right now. The nurse left, and Torrie took her shirt off, and pulled the curtain so they could have some privacy.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Tajiri was looking for Maven, but the nurse couldn't understand him. Finally, the nurse figured out who he was talking about, and Tajiri seemed sick at her description of how good looking Maven is, and especially sick at the news that his girlfriend had arrived just moments ago!

Marc Loyd interviewed Edge, whose arm was in a sling. Loyd asked about the speculation about Edge's injury. Edge said it was obvious he was injured, but now wasn't the time or place to talk about it -- he said he wanted to go talk about it in the ring in front of all the Edgeheads.

Moments later, Edge headed for the ring, and the normally jovial Edge wasn't in a great mood. Edge said he'd been in the business for nine years now, and he'd been pretty lucky when it came to injuries until now. He said that while doing the top-rope spear onto Angle in the Cage Match last week, he'd torn up his shoulder pretty badly. Edge said he needed surgery and wouldn't be around for a little while.

Edge said he'd been replaying the match in his head, and he was pissed off! He said he was mad at himself and mad as his body for giving out on him, because WWE had put the ball in his hands, and he couldn't hold it. But he pointed out that if he had that decision to make again, he would definitely take the risk once again, because that's what helped him beat Kurt Angle. He said he'd take the risk again because he loved the business, and that's what killed him the most, to come out and tell the fans he couldn't do it for a while. He said it killed him that he couldn't defend his King of the Ring throne this year. He said what killed him the most was that he had to come out and publicly forfeit his King of the Ring qualifier to Chris Jericho. But Edge said he'd definitely come back, and when he came back, he had one goal in mind -- to win the WWE Undisputed Championship.

Suddenly, the Y2J countdown began, and out came Jericho. Y2J said Edge made him sick. He said he was sad that Edge forfeited, because he wanted to kick Edge's ass. Y2J said since he was already the King of the World, he would now be the King of the Ring. Jericho said if Edge wanted to make him happy, he should raise Y2J's hand in victory. Jericho called Edge a loser. Y2J screamed at Edge to raise his hand, but Edge attacked Jericho instead! Y2J rebounded, laying in to Edge's already-injured shoulder. Y2J even ripped off Edge's sling and drove Edge into the ring post and steel steps. Jericho even grabbed a chair and smacked Edge's shoulder between the chair and the steps!

With Edge screaming in pain, Jericho went into the ring to celebrate his attack, only to be blindsided by the Big Valbowski! Valbowski knocked Y2J to the outside, angering Jericho!

Dressed up as a doctor, Tajiri walked around the hospital, looking for Maven's room. He was just outside the room when several doctors came by and said they needed him in the emergency room, stat!

Dawn Marie knocked on Mr. McMahon's office door to deliver some papers, but instead of the SmackDown! owner, Stacy Keibler answered the door. Stacy said that Dawn Marie should go through her from now on. Stacy also told Dawn to button up her blouse, and Dawn said that Stacy was just jealous! Stacy slammed the door in Dawn Marie's face!

Kidman was getting ready backstage when he was approached by Lance Storm. Storm said that word on the street was that the office thought Kidman was dull, and lacked charisma. Kidman said thanks for the heads-up, especially coming from someone as exciting and captivating as Storm. Kidman said Storm also had the best haircut in WWE.

Back in the hospital, Maven was feeling a lot, lot better. Suddenly, Tajiri burst into Maven's room and sprayed Torrie in the face with the mist. He then attacked Maven's leg, and left the Tough Enough winner screaming in pain on the floor!

Next up, Storm took on Kidman. After a faced-paced, high-flying bout, Storm picked up the victory, pinning Kidman following a superkick.

Marc Loyd interviewed Triple H, asking about his physical condition after the brutal attack by Undertaker last week on SmackDown! Loyd said The Game's shoulder now had just 30 percent range of motion due to the attack, clearly giving Hogan the advantage in their bout tonight. He added that because of Mr. McMahon's hatred for him, this might be his last chance at the WWE Undisputed Championship. Triple H simply gave Loyd a dirty look and walked away.

The main event on SmackDown! pitted Triple H against Hollywood Hulk Hogan to determine who would face the Undertaker for the WWE Undisputed Championship at King of the Ring. Both men got huge ovations from the sold-out crowd in Oklahoma City. Hogan immediately targeted The Game's injured shoulder, as the match turned into a brawl.

Triple H seemingly had Hogan down, but the Hulkster kicked out of a pinfall attempt and started to "Hulk up!" Hollywood battled back, hitting The Game with a big boot. He went for the legdrop, but Triple H moved. The Game then went for the Pedigree, but Hogan backdropped him. The Hulkster again went for the legdrop, and this time, he nailed it. The Game kicked out of a pinfall attempt, however. As Hogan argued with the ref, Triple H caught him and nailed him with the Pedigree. The Game then pinned Hogan to win the bout and move on to King of the Ring!

Triple H went to help Hogan up after the bout, but Hollywood shook him off. The Game then went to leave, but Hollywood called him back to the ring. The two stared each other down, and Hogan said he didn't have a problem shaking the better man's hand. The two then shook hands and hugged! Hogan went to leave, but The Game called him back, saying they still had some unfinished business. The two then posed for the crowd!

As they posed, Kurt Angle walked out to the stage, distracting both men. As Hogan and Triple H stared at Angle, Undertaker attacked The Game from behind! Angle ran down, and the fight was on. Undertaker chokeslammed Triple H and Angle nailed Hogan with the Angle Slam. Undertaker hit The Game with the Last Ride for good measure, and Taker and Angle stood tall as SmackDown! went off the air.