San Antonio, Texas
June 19, 2003

"Unfinished Business” was the order of the night as SmackDown! exploded from San Antonio, Texas! In the case of the Big Show, that meant unleashing his wrath upon WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, as well as Kurt Angle and Mr. America! As for Angle, his unfinished business had to do with returning to the ring for the first time since WrestleMania with a hard-fought win over Charlie Haas.

With the ring reinforced after last week’s unbelievable match, Big Show and Lesnar collided once again with the WWE Championship on the line. The match came to an end when Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin interfered on Show’s behalf, but that was only the beginning of the incredible action.

Kurt Angle immediately hit the ring to help out Brock, just as Brock had helped him earlier in the show. But Big Show’s fury would not be denied. He viciously chokeslammed Angle, and when Mr. America tried to make his presence felt and bodyslam Show, the star-spangled Superstar received a chokeslam for his troubles as well.

Earlier in the night, the former Team Angle hit the ring to verbally run down their one-time leader, and called him out. Refusing to take their insults lying down, Angle challenged either of them to a match, his first since suffering serious neck injuries in his match with Lesnar at WrestleMania. Haas accepted the challenge, and it was on!

Kurt proved that he hasn’t lost a step during his recovery, delivering an incredible match with the young Haas. In the end, Angle’s experience won out, but Shelton Benjamin wasn’t impressed, and tried to put the boots to the Olympian after the match was over. That’s when Lesnar, Angle’s former adversary, hit the ring to defend the man he’s developed a hell of a lot of respect for in recent weeks.

Poor Zach Gowen was the victim of sadistic head games from Sable and Vince McMahon. This week, that meant Sable pretended to seduce Gowen, only to rebuff his advances at the last minute and cruelly humiliate him. Vince and Sable were pleased, but SmackDown! General Manager Stephanie McMahon was not. Angrier at her father than anyone has ever seen, Stephanie demanded that he leave Zach alone and let him live out his dream of becoming a WWE Superstar.

Also on the program, Ron Simmons & Bradshaw reunited to save the Undertaker from another beatdown at the hands of the Full-Blooded Italians. It looks like the APA is back in business! The tournament to establish the first WWE United States Champion was also kicked off, with Chris Benoit defeating tag-team partner Rhyno in an opening match. We’re sure this didn’t do much to help their strained partnership!

Sean O’Haire scored an impressive upset victory over Eddie Guerrero, one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions. Of course, Rowdy Roddy Piper spitting tequila in Eddie’s face from ringside didn’t hurt! And a special promo was aired announcing the WWE debut of international sensation Ultimo Dragon next week on SmackDown! from Madison Square Garden.

Match results:
Undertaker pinned Nunzio after the Last Ride in 3 minutes.

In an opening-round match of the United States Championship tournament, Chris Benoit defeated Rhyno by submission with the Crossface after 12:43.

In a non-title match, Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio pinned Kanyon with the West Coast Pop at 4:49.

Kurt Angle pinned Charlie Haas after an Angle Slam in 9:43.

Billy Gunn pinned Jamie Noble as a result of a Famouser after 4:11.

Sean O’Haire pinned WWE Tag Team Co-Champion Eddie Guerrero with the Prophecy (modified fireman’s carry slam) at 3:12.

Brock Lesnar defeated Big Show by disqualification in 7:18 due to outside interference from Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin, to retain the WWE Championship.