New Orleans, Louisiana
September 4, 2003


Just by looking at him, you could tell that Brock Lesnar is a monster. In addition, his actions over the past several months have proved that he is a monster. However, since tapping out to Kurt Angle, Lesnar has questioned how much of a monster he really is. Enter master-motivator Vince McMahon.

In his own deviant way, Mr. McMahon convinced Brock that he still was the monster that ran over SmackDown! Superstars at will. By show's end, Lesnar once again proved it. He first interfered in the WWE Championship match, laying out both Kurt Angle and the Undertaker. He then did the most disgusting act of all. He kidnapped Zach Gowen, gagged his mouth and absolutely tortured the poor youngster. Zach's only leg was still in a cast from the beating it received at the hands of Brock several weeks ago. The cast, however, did not stop Lesnar from decimating the leg. Lesnar then tossed Gowen's wheelchair -- with Gowen still in it -- down a 25-foot staircase. Clearly, Vince has unlocked the monster inside Brock Lesnar.

Prior to the beating, Vince McMahon said that Brock Lesnar would receive a shot at the WWE Championship in two weeks on SmackDown! The match won't be a traditional wrestling match, though. The match will pit Kurt Angle against Brock Lesnar in a WWE Ironman Match. The WWE Superstar with the most decisions in a 60-minute time period will be declared the victor. If this match is anything like the legendary WWE Ironman Match from WrestleMania XII, then fans are in for an amazing match.

Elsewhere on SmackDown!, John Cena threatened to "jack" Eddie Guerrero's "ride," and then did just that. The theft enraged Guerrero so much that he demanded a match with Cena for next week. Stephanie McMahon granted Guerrero his wish. Next week on SmackDown!, Eddie Guerrero will face John Cena in a Parking Lot Brawl.

Match results:

The Self-proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team def. APA

Chris Benoit def. A-Train

Undertaker def. WWE Champion Kurt Angle via disqualification

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio def. Tajiri

Torrie def. Sable, Nidia & Dawn Marie in a Bourbon Street Bikini Contest