Roanoke Civic Center Coliseum
Roanoke, Virginia
March 10, 2005

MARCH 10, 2005
We saw a different side of John Cena Thursday night.

And it’s a side WWE Champion JBL and his Cabinet might want to avoid. The former three-time United States Champion was basically on a rampage on SmackDown!

Cena wielded a steel pipe throughout the entire show, gave General Manager Theodore Long an FU when he wouldn’t support his cause and eventually cleared house during the main event as JBL narrowly escaped Cena’s wrath.

It all started at the outset of the show when JBL and Jordan took the spinning U.S. championship Jordan won from Cena last week, threw it in a garbage can and blew it up.

Cena would come out later on, but instead of dropping a rhyme, he demanded JBL and the Cabinet come to the ring. Long, trying to restore some order to his show, would come out instead, telling Cena he had to wait 24 days until WrestleMania 21 and his WWE Championship match with JBL to get his revenge.

Cena didn’t like that answer and gave Long an FU.

Later, after JBL & Jordan were disqualified for the use of a steel chair in their match with WWE Tag Team Champions Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio, Cena came back out and destroyed the Cabinet with the steel pipe, putting the finishing touches on Orlando with an FU.

JBL, WWE Championship in hand, watched from the first row of the stands as an angry Cena vented his frustration.

Also, Undertaker officially accepted the challenge made by RAW’s Randy Orton Monday for a match at WrestleMania 21. Carlito had the unenviable task of getting an answer from Taker. He would suffer a Tombstone for his trouble.

Orton will be at SmackDown! next week for the official contract signing.

Kurt Angle continued to taunt Shawn Michaels Thursday. Declaring he would accomplish in four weeks what it took HBK a whole career to do, Angle kicked things off by winning his first-ever Ladder Match against hometown hero Mike Haywood in the Angle Invitational.

Angle announced he would face former Rocker and HBK partner Marty Jannetty next week. Angle claims Jannetty taught HBK everything he knows.

Meanwhile, Booker T defeated Heidenreich in a no-disqualification match, using a devastating chair shot to the head to finish off the unstable lunatic.

Mark Jindrak defeated former running partner Luther Reigns with another massive left hook.

Lastly, Big Show officially accepted his sumo match with Grand Champion Akebono of Japan for WrestleMania.


Booker T def. Heidenreich

Mark Jindrak def. Luther Reigns

Kurt Angle def. Mike Haywood (Angle Invitational, Ladder Match)

Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio def. JBL & Orlando Jordan by DQ