Albany, New York
March 17, 2005

Last week on SmackDown!, John Cena delivered a devastating FU to Theodore Long. This week, the SmackDown! General Manager delivered the consequences to Cena's actions.

With just 17 days remaining before the biggest match of Cena's career, Long declared that the challenger could not lay a finger on JBL (unless during a sanctioned match) prior to WrestleMania. If Cena disobeys, he would lose his chance at facing JBL for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.

With thoughts of costing Cena his WrestleMania opportunity, JBL found the challenger backstage and began to taunt him. In an attempt to get Cena to attack him, the WWE Champion went as far as to target his mother, claiming she spent most of her time on her back.

Despite the verbal barbs, Cena kept his cool, knowing he was scheduled to face him later in the night in a six man tag match. It was during the tag match that Cena earned his revenge. Not only did Cena and WWE Tag Team Champions Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio defeat JBL and the Bashams, but after the match, Cena did some taunting of his own, threatening to flatten the champion with a steel chair.

With his WrestleMania chance close to slipping away, Cena again controlled his temper while JBL cowered from the thought of being smashed with the chair. Instead, Cena placed the chair upright over a scared JBL and told him "you can't see me."

Elsewhere on SmackDown!, Kurt Angle continued his quest to match Shawn Michaels' accomplishments in the weeks leading up to their WrestleMania showdown. This week's task was to defeat HBK's former tag team partner Marty Jannetty.

Thinking he would simply walk all over Jannetty, Angle got more than he bargained for. By match's end, Jannetty earned the respect of many, as it appeared as though he had not missed a beat. Not only did Jannetty escape two Angle Slams, but he also managed to find his way out of several ankle lock attempts. In the end, however, Angle found a way to secure the submission maneuver, which led to Jannetty's submission.

The WrestleMania encounter pitting the legendary Undertaker against the Legend Killer Randy Orton was made official Thursday night on SmackDown! when the two Superstars inked the contract. After Orton placed his signature on the paper, he told the Deadman that he was not afraid of him. In an attempt to prove it, Orton slapped Undertaker across the face. The move proved to be a poor decision, as paranormal activity began to occur within the arena. The Deadman even rocked the arena with lightning bolts, as Orton left running. If the RAW Superstar was not scared before, chances are that has changed.

Also on SmackDown!, newlywed Booker T defeated Luther Reigns, Heidenreich thanked Booker for helping him see the light, Chavo Guerrero told Eddie Guerrero he might want to stop calling himself a Guerrero and so much more.


Kurt Angle def. Marty Jannetty via submission

Booker T def. Luther Reigns

Paul London def. Billy Kidman

John Cena, Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio def. JBL & The Bashams