Portland, Oregon
August 13, 2015
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WWE: Then, Now, Forever.

Commentary Team: Jerry Lawler, Tom Phillips and Jimmy Uso.

WWE Wordl Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins' music hits. We see footage from RAW where Rollins was facing Randy Orton and Sheamus was trying to cash in the Money in the Bank contract. Rollins says that there are no words to describe the greatness that we are witnessing right now in the WWE. There is nothing like..."me." Rollins gives us a history lesson yet again reminding us of his greatness. He says that our children and our children's children will say that seeing him in his prime will be the greatest accomplishment in their lifetime. We see footage from Tough Enough where John Cena asks Daniel Bryan if he should fight at SummerSlam. Bryan says "YES, YES, YES!" Rollins says that is not good enough and he dares John Cena to show up on RAW and accept his challenge like a man, in person and not through somebody else.

Neville's music hits. Rollins makes fun of Neville asking why the superhero has come down to his ring. Neville reminds him of all of his shortcomings. Rollins fights back and reminds Neville that he couldn't beat him. Neville says he talks too much. Cesaro's music hits and he comes out to also remind Rollins that he talks too much. Kevin Owens runs down and attacks Cesaro from behind. Rollins attacks Neville in the ring. Owens walks up the ramp. Rollins holds up the title in the ring.

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Back from the break, Charlotte's music hits and makes her way down to the ring accompanied by Becky Lynch. Naomi and Team B.A.D. make their way out and down to the ring.

Charlotte vs. Naomi

The match begins with Naomi slapping Charlotte. The two divas battle back and forth. Naomi rolls out of the ring. Charlotte goes after her but Naomi catches her on the apron and sends her to the floor.

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Back from the break, Naomi has the upperhand and rolls up Charlotte. Charlotte kicks out. Naomi locks up Charlotte with an arm lock in the center of the ring. Charlotte fights out but is sent into the corner by Naomi. Naomi hits a drop kick and a leg drop on Charlotte. Naomi covers and Charlotte kicks out.
Charlotte fights out and hits big chops on Naomi. Charlotte hits a spear and covers Naomi. Naomi kicks out. Naomi is sent over the top ropes and she takes out her own team. Naomi climbs back in the ring but Charlotte locks her up in the Figure 8 and Naomi taps out.

WINNER: Charlotte via Submission

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Back from the break, we see a recap of what has gone down between Neville and Stardust and him calling out Stephen Amell. We then see footage from RAW where Amell demanded a match at SummerSlam with Stardust and Wade Barrett where he will team with Neville.

Ryback's music hits. The Intercontinental Champion is back and hungrier than ever. He cuts a promo where he reminds us of how he could have died due to a recent Staph infection. He says he conquered that and now he is focused on retaining the title at SummerSlam.

Bray Wyatt's video promo plays. Wyatt tells Portland, "We're here."

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Back from the break, Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper make their way out to the fireflies. Luke Harper cuts a promo. He says he was born holding the devil's hand and Bray then reminds us that Luke Harper was once lost and that he saved him.

Dean Ambrose's music hits and he interrupts Wyatt's rant. Ambrose says he doesn't really have anything to say. He just wants to watch Roman Reigns do what they do best. Reigns' music hits and he makes his way through the crowd.

Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper

Reigns takes it to Harper as the match begins. Harper rolls out of the ring as we go to break.

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Back from the break, we see Luke Harper laying on some haymaker style punches to Roman Reigns. He hits a series of uppercuts. Reigns fights out and hits a suplex on Harper. Harper comes back and slams Reigns. He covers for a two count. Harper uppercuts Reigns into the ropes. He covers him again for two. Dean Ambrose looks on from one side and Bray Wyatt looks on from the opposite side. Luke Harper gator rolls Reigns. Harper goes for a kick in the corner but Reigns rolls away. Reigns now gains the offensive as Wyatt yells for Harper to get up. The two superstars trade punches but reigns hits a series of clotheslines taking Harper into the corner. Harper fights out and hits a monster dropkick on Reigns. Both men end up outside the ring. Reigns drops Harper on the apron and then hits the Drive By. Wyatt tries to interfere but Ambrose steps in. Wyatt makes one more attempt to distract Reigns but Ambrose attacks him outside the ring. Reigns rolls up Harper and he kicks out at 2. Reigns hits a Samoan Drop as Wyatt and Ambrose battle outside. Reigns and harper trade punches again. The ref pulls Reigns off of Harper and Harper takes advantage takes down Reigns. Harper sets up Reigns but he counters hitting the ropes. Off of the ropes, Reigns hits a Superman punch. Roman covers Harper, but here comes Bray Wyatt. Wyatt interferes and the match is over.

WINNER: Roman Reigns via DQ

Wyatt takes it to Reigns, but Ambrose comes in and cleans house. He flies through the second rope and dives into the Wyatt Family. Ambrose goes to pick up Wyatt. Wyatt and Harper are up now and plan on taking Ambrose out. Reigns comes out of nowhere to even the score. They toss The Wyatt Family into the crowd and celebrate in the ring.

We see Sheamus backstage and we are shown footage of his failed Money in The Bank cash-in from RAW where Orton RKO'd him out of nowhere. Sheamus says the WWE Universe is tired of the same old thing. He says we deserve to be entertained. Sheamus says a new era of Champion was about to begin, but Randy Orton stopped him like a Terminator…Sheamus says "I'll be back" and that he will take care of Orton once and for all. Then it will be him and Rollins alone.

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The New Day makes their way down to the ring. WWE Tag Team Champions The Prime Time Players music hits and they are out next.

WWE Tag Team Champions The Prime Time Players vs. The New Day

The match begins with Titus and Xavier Woods. Woods quickly tags out to Big E. Titus takes Big E and throws him like a rag doll. Titus hits a big splash in the corner. Titus goes for Big E off the ropes but Big E side steps sending Titus out to the floor. Kofi takes advantage and kicks Titus from the apron.
Xavier Woods is tagged in and Big E rolls Titus back in the ring. New Day does the circle of stomps tagging each other in over and over again as they continue to stomp on Titus.

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break, Big E is clotheslined by Titus. Titus finally makes a tag to Darren Young. He takes it to Xavier Woods. Woods is taken down to the apron. Darren Young suplexes Woods and then there is a series of reversals. Woods rolls out of the ring and The New Day has had enough. They go to leave but then Los Matadores music hits. They are blocking New Day from leaving. Lucha Dragons music hits and they provide more distraction. PTP come over and take out Kofi and Big E. Xavier Woods is left all alone. PTP sends him back into the ring and Darren Young hits a Gut Check. He covers for the pinfall victory.

WINNERS: WWE Tag Team Champions The Prime Time Players

PTP, Lucha Dragons and Los Matadores are in the ring celebrating as New Day retreats to the back.

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Back from the break, we see a hype piece for Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar. Highlights from both superstars are shown as we head closer to their showdown at SummerSlam in two weeks.

On RAW this Monday both Brock Lesnar and Undertaker will both be in the same arena at the same time.

Neville's music hits and he makes his way out to the ring.

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Back from the break Cesaro makes his way out. The Cesaro Section signs are in full effect tonight. Seth Rollins is out next. Seth brings out Kevin Owens and they are set for the main event.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro & Neville

The match begins with Cesaro and Seth Rollins. Cesaro takes Rollins up and drops him with a suplex as Neville takes out Kevin Owens.

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Back from the break Owens and Neville are battling in the ring. Rollins is tagged in and hits a big knee drop on Neville. Rollins covers and gets a two count. Neville counters but Rollins sends him to the corner. Owens is back in now and clotheslines Neville. Owens covers for two. Owens locks up Neville in a sleeper hold. Neville fights out and takes Owens down. Rollins tries to interrupt a tag between Neville and Cesaro but Neville moves and Rollins is sent out of the ring. Rollins takes out Cesaro though as Neville goes for the tag. Owens hits a cannonball on Neville. He covers but Neville kicks out. Owens misses a back body drop. Neville finally makes the tag as he flips his way across the ring. Cesaro comes in and suplexes Rollins. He hits a series of uppercuts on Rollins. Cesaro presses Rollins above his head and throws him to the floor. Cesaro flies through the ropes and takes out Rollins. Neville takes out Owens. Cesaro clotheslines Rollins and throws him back in the ring. Cesaro with a big body off the top rope rolls up Rollins. Rollins kicks out. Rollins counters now and sets up Cesaro for the pedigree. Cesaro rolls out of it and reverses to a Sharpshooter. Seth can't get to the ropes. Owens breaks it up and Rollins rolls up Cesaro for the pinfall victory.

WINNERS: WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens

After the match, Kevin Owens takes it to Cesaro. Cesaro fights back and hits a huge suplex on Owens. Neville hits the Red Arrow on Owens and the two celebrate in the ring as we go off the air.