Cincinnati, Ohio
October 15, 2015
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"WWE: Then. Now. Forever." We get the opening to SmackDown, before Rich welcomes us to downtown Cincinnati for "Thursday Night SmackDown." We find out that Dolph Ziggler faces Rusev with Summer Rae as special guest referee, and our main event is Dean Ambrose teaming with the Dudley Boyz to take on The New Day.

Roman Reigns makes his way through the crowd to the ring, looking ready for his match against Bo Dallas as we go back to Monday Night, and Roman fighting back the Wyatt Family to get a count out victory over Braun Strowman. We're not far from Hell in a Cell, when Roman Reigns takes on Bray Wyatt inside the demonic Cell.

Bo Dallas makes his way out, microphone in hand. He tells Roman there's nothing wrong with being scared. At Hell in a Cell, Roman's going up against a man he's lost to time after time after time. Bo knows all about scary situations; he went to Suplex City, but unlike Roman Reigns he survived. He knows there is only one way Roman is leaving Hell in a Cell, and that is in a body bag…and you can "BOlieve that."

Roman Reigns vs. Bo Dallas

Roman gets on Bo early on, hitting him hard before looking for the Samoan Drop. Bo gets out, but is met with a right hand to the face. Roman charges at Bo in the corner, but Bo kicks him in the face and starts a comeback before being nailed with a clothesline by Roman. Bo gets up, and Roman tosses him in the corner before hitting him hard with some punches. He goes for one more but Bo begs mercy on Roman Reigns, looking for a timeout. Bo extends a hand, and Roman accepts…but Bo kicks him in the gut! Roman is still holding on, not looking too pleased before dropping Bo Dallas with a Samoan Drop. He sets up, and hits Bo Dallas with the Superman Punch followed by the Spear for a quick win!

Winner via pinfall: Roman Reigns

Roman looks on before he starts speaking. Bray Wyatt says he's the devil, and Roman couldn't agree more. He sees the good in people, but when he looks in Bray's eyes he sees pure evil. In less tan two weeks e will meet the devil inside the cell, and he is bringing the big fight…because the only way to stop the devil is to ride straight into Hell. Bray Wyatt interrupts, telling Roman his sins will be is undoing. Not the sins of vanity, but the sin of pride that will be is ending. He is neither Bray's master nor his mule. Next Monday night on RAW, e will deliver unto Roman a prophecy: "anyone but you, Roman…anyone but you."

Commentary talks about what's going on, along with a preview later tonight of Undertaker/Brock Lesnar at Hell in a Cell as Cesaro makes his way out for the tag match tonight. Neville follows suit, as we go to commercial.


We're back from commercial as we see Stardust and his Cosmic Wasteland sitting in the audience. King Barrett makes his way out to the ring, followed by Sheamus.

Cesaro & Neville vs. King Barrett & Sheamus

Neville and Barrett start things off with an lockup and Neville hits a headscissors. Barrett quickly gets the upper hand, but is distracted mocking Cesaro and Neville is back in control. Barrett tags in, and stops a hurricanrana…only to be dumped out of the ring by Neville. Barrett follows, and Cesaro helps launch Neville to the outside on both their opponents! Neville comes back in, and hits a cross body for a nearfall before we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Barrett hits a big boot to the face of Neville for a nearfall. We see a replay of what happened during the break as Barrett goes to work on Neville, locking in a sleeperhold. Neville breaks out, but is stopped form tagging out as Seamus is tagged in. He stomps an Irish muddle into Neville, before going for a suplex which connects. He taunts the crowd before going right back on Neville, as Barrett tags back in. He gets another sleeper hold in on Neville, and Neville is showing signs of fading before being worked back up by the crowd. he reaches for Cesaro but Barrett tosses him in the corer. He delivers a kick to the head before finally tagging in Cesaro as Barrett tags in Seamus. "Uppercut City" as Cesaro goes to work on Sheamus and knocking him down. He knocks down Barrett as well, but Sheamus whips him to the ropes. He counters with a big boot, knocking Barrett down again on the outside before hitting a springboard shoulderblock for a nearfall. Cesaro goes for the Big Swing, but Sheamus grabs the bottom rope. He grabs the MITB briefcase, but is stopped as Cesaro goes for anther Big Swing. As the ref takes the briefcase out, Barrett takes Cesaro out with the Bull Hammer and stops Neville from getting in as Sheamus picks up the win!

Winners via pinfall: King Barrett & Sheamus

Backstage, Renee Young is with the special guest referee for later tonight, Summer Rae. We see what happened on RAW Monday night, with the news breaking of Rusev and Lana being engaged and Summer Rae confronting Rusev. Renee says that what we saw was a different side of Summer, but she insists that wasn't the first or last time she's had to deal with keeping men in their place. Unlike "some people," she knows how to separate her professional life and her personal life. She walks off as we go to commercial.


We come back from commercial just as Byron Saxton is seen catching up with Dean Ambrose earlier today. Byron talks about Dean being beat out for "most unconventional Superstar" by Paige. Dean says Paige is craaaazy as he starts putting different objects into the closet, including a balloon animal, and playing around with a Magic 8 Ball asking "where is it!?" before starting to walk off. Byron pulls out a Payday candy bar, and Dean comes back saying "oh, there it is" before eating it…wrapper and all. He just walks off again as we go back to the ring.

Non-Title Match
WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens vs. Zack Ryder (#WWWYKI)

Ryder starts things trying to get Owens by surprise, and hits a few good moves at the outset. Owens turns things around quickly though, laying giant Ryder in the corner. Ryder starts an comeback, but misses an enziguri. Owens mocks Ryback, and is rolled up by Ryder for a nearfall. Ryder goes for a clothesline in the corner but Owens get in the way. He hits a clothesline on Ryder, whipping into the ropes and hitting the Pop Up Powerbomb for the win!

Winner via pinfall: Kevin Owens

Owens quickly rolls out of the ring to avoid Ryback, demanding the ref bring him his title. Owens poses on the ramp with the title, promising Ryback he'll "feed him more" as he makes his way up the ramp.

Commentary hypes the main event for tonight, and promises to go into the "hellish" night Seth Rollins had on Monday. That is coming up next!


Back from commercial, we go to the RAW Rebound, bringing us up to speed on what went down Monday night as Kane set up a Lumberjack Match for himself against Seth Rollins. We see that eventually he had to find a replacement…which turned out to be the Demon Kane! The match turned into chaos with lumberjacks beating each other up, before the Demon Kane pins the champ! We're reminded of Seth vs Kane for the WWE title before going backstage, were Natalya is confronted by Paige who offers an apology. She's set all these expectations, and faced a lot of pressure…Natalya asks if she needs a hug, but Paige just wants to make it right. She misses Natalya being her friend and mentor. Natalya says that Paige has a long way to go, but this is a start as she walks into her locker room. With that we go back to the arena, where Dolph Ziggler comes out to the ring before we go to commercial.


We're back from commercial as Rusev makes his way to the ring, followed by Summer Rae to act as ref for this match.

Special Guest Referee: Summer Rae
Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev

Both men lock up, and Rusev immediately lays into Ziggler with some heavy kicks. He tries to choke Ziggler on the ropes before punching him. e taunts Ziggler, who gets up and starts laying into Rusve…before eating a dropkick by Rusev! Rusev charges at Ziggler, knocking him hard off the apron. Summer starts the count as Ziggler is getting to his feet. Ziggler is back in the ring now, but Rusev goes right back to work on the "Showoff" looking to get a submission hold on. Dolph powers out of it, and stops Rusev with a back elbow. e ducks a swing by Rusev, but is caught…and rolls Rusev up for for a nearfall. Rusev argues with Summer, who tells him to focus on his opponent and Rusev takes a dropkick to the face! Ziggler goes for a move but is stopped, and Monkey Flipped into the corner. Rusev kicks Ziggler in the face and goes for the cover, but Summer is hesitant and makes a slow count as Ziggler kicks out. Rusev argues with her again and gets slapped, before being taken down by Ziggler with Zig Zag for the win!

Winner via pinfall: Dolph Ziggler

Summer gets a microphone after the match, saying she was so devastated by Rusev cheating on her…but Lana cheated on him, too. Now that they're out of their lives…you can't deny their chemistry…Dolph says no offense, but you're trying to use me. WHen it comes to those games, e's not playing them. He walks up the ramp

Backstage, Renee Young is with the Dudley Boyz and Dean Ambrose. Tonight's main event is the first time they all team together, and wonders if they will get along fine. Bubba Ray says she knows who he and D'Von are, the Dudley Boyz, and Dean Ambrose is a combustible element. Go ahead, Renee, touch him…BOOM! D'Von says there's gonna be a celebration when the Dudleys become the 10-time Tag Team Champions. Dean says they're gonna represent Cincinnati and Dudleyville by giving New Day a 3D…Bubba Ray interrupts with "all the way to the Lunatic Fringe!" They walk off as we go to commercial.


Coming back from commercial, Primetime Players are in the ring as Luke Harper and Braun Strowman make their way to the ring. We see highlights of the destruction caused by Braun Strowman, and reminded that he and Luke Harper team up to face Dean Ambrose and

The Prime Time Players vs. Luke Harper & Braun Strowman

Strowman and Titus start things off, and Titus puts up a good fight at first until he eats a big boot by Braun. Strowman follows wit some heavy offense, throwing Titus around with the great of ease as Luke tags himself in. He hits a Gator Roll on Titus, followed by a front headlock. Darren is trying to will Titus back into the match, and Titus gets up and powers out of the hold! He tags in Darren Young, who hits a flurry of offense on Luke, hitting a neckbreaker onto the apron. he gets distracted by Swtrowna and eats a kick to the face by raper. Titus clears Luke out of the ring, but Braun locks in Darren tight for the quick submission win!

Winners via submission: Luke Harper & Braun Strowman

The big men mock the crowd in the ring as we find out Charlotte faces Alicia Fox, up next!


Back from commercial, Charlotte makes her way to the ring with Becky Lynch. We go back to last week as Team NBC defeated Team Bella on SmackDown. Alicia Fox makes her way to the ring, accompanied by both of the Bellas, and we're reminded of the Divas title match at Hell in a Cell.

Non-Title Match
WWE Divas Champion Charlotte vs. Alicia Fox

Nikki distracts Charlotte, allowing Alicia to get some good offense into a tilt a whaler backbreaker for a nearfall. She follows with a sleeper hold on the Divas cChampion, who slowly powers out of it as we see Team B.A.D. in the back watching on. Charlotte finally breaks out of the hold, but is dragged back into the corner by Fox who hits a Northern Lights Suplex for another nearfall. She kicks Charlotte for good measure, followed by a snapmare and another sleeper hold. Charlotte powers out of it again, and both women kick each other in the face bringing them both down! We get a replay as Charlotte gets back up and chops Fox in the chest! She hits a neckbreaker and a Spear before going for the Figure Eight! Alicia Fox has no choice but to tap out!

Winner via submission: Charlotte

Team Bella get into the ring, beating up Becky and Charlotte and Nikki slaps the champ in the face several times before Paige comes down to make the save. Team PCB is together again as they clear the ring, Paige looking to make amends with her teammates as we're reminded of the main event for tonight. Up next we get a preview of Brock Lesnar against Undertaker, set to take place inside Hell in a Cell!


We're back from commercial as Charlotte and Becky are walking down the hall, before Paige catches up with them. She tries to apologize for her behavior, but they insist "one step at a time." They continue down the hall until they stop at Natalya's locker room, where we see someone (hmm…) has beaten her up! We go back to commentary, who hype up the main event for Hell in a Cell as Brock is set to take on The Undertaker one last time! We go back to Wrestlemania 30, where Brock Lesnar did the unthinkable and defeated Undertaker, ending the mythical Streak after three F5s! This is followed by highlights from Summerslam, including the controversial ending. We're reminded they face off one week from Sunday, only on the WWE Network!


The New Day make their way out to the ring as we go to commercial.


We're back from commercial to find New Day ready to talk. Kofi says we might as well forget everything we learned in the science books, because this is the power of positivity. Xavier says to just look at the list of people who stepped up to the New Day. Big E lists off all the people they beat: John Cena…DROPPED 'IM…Dolph Ziggler…DROPPED 'IM…D'Von Dudley…DROPPED 'IM…BOOTY Ray Dudley…DROPPED 'IM…Cincinnati's own filthy street urchin, Dean Ambrose…DROPPED 'IM…Kofi says it's just science, they could even call it geology because "New Day ROCKS!"

The Dudleys come out to interrupt, followed by Dean Ambrose as we go to commercial.


Six Man Tag Match
The New Day vs. The Dudley Boyz & Dean Ambrose

Back from commercial, Bubba Ray and Kofi start things off and Bubba hits a hip toss on Kofi before tagging in D'Von. They double team on Kofi and D'Von hits a side slam for a nearfall. Kofi pushes him into the corner, but D'Von knocks the other men off the apron. Xavier distracts the ref as Big E pulls D'Von into the steel post! Big E tags in, stomping D'Von down before all three men exchange tags to lay into D'Von wit stomps in the corner. Big E with the assist on an Xavier drop-kick to the face of D'Von for a nearfall. He follows with a sleeper hold but D'Von gets out. Xavier knocks Bubba off the apron, but is met with a neckbreaker off the turnbuckle by D'Von who tags in Dean Ambrose! Ambrose off the wall before hitting Xavier with a Bulldog! He ducks Xavier before taking a dive on the outside to bring down Kofi! Big E tries to take him into the ring but Dean drops him with a clothesline! Dean brings Xavier down for a nearfall before tagging in Bubba, who drops Kofi and lays into Xavier with punches and an elbow! D'Von gets in, and met with a belly to belly by Big E who gets dropped by Ambrose. Ambrose goes up top but is pushed off the apron by Xavier before Kofi rolls up Bubba for a nearfall. He misses a Trouble in Paradise and falls into a 3D by the Dudleys as Bubba goes for the cover…but Xavier runs in with the trombone, hitting them as the ref calls for the bell!

Winners via disqualification: The Dudley Boyz & Dean Ambrose

The New Day attacks the Dudleys in the ring after the match and pose with the titles as their music plays to close the show.