Wrestling Vocabulary

A wrestling "plot" which may involve only one match or may continue over several matches for some time; the reason behind a feud or a turn.
The fabric that covers the area of the ring between the mat and the floor; Also the area of the ring on the mat on the outside of the ropes that the inactive tag team members stands on.
The practice of cutting oneself or being cut with a part of a razor blade hidden in tights, hair or wrappings in order to produce juice.
Blind Tag
When the outside member of a tag team tags their partner without opponent noticing.
Blow Up
Weary, drained from strength.
The individual responsible for angles, matches, and finishes in a promotion.
A fall or hit done as a spot which takes the wrestler (or other participant, i.e. referee, manager) out of the ring or out of action.
The series of matches in one location at one time.
The sound the whole crowd makes when they are yelling the same words.
Clean Finish
A staged loss by legal pinfall or submission without resort to illegalities.
The doorway at the entranceway. For many years it consisted of merely a curtain that would not allow people to see behind the doorway.
A match.
The attendance of a show; The popularity of wrestler; A match that ends without a winner, usually due to time limit.
A particularly bad and totally uninteresting match.
A wrestler that is a "good guy."
A win in a match by either a pin, count out, submission, or disqualification.
A series of matches between two wrestlers or two tag teams, usually face vs. heel though face feuds and heel feuds are not uncommon.
The event or sequence of events which leads to the ultimate outcome of a match.
Finishing Move
The final move used by a wrester to finish off the match before a pin or as a submission move.
Foreign Object
An item used during a match that came from outside the ring.
The way a wrestler acts, looks, etc (including his name) A gimmick is usually made up. ex: a wrestler's gimmick is a police man, so he dresses like one, acts like one, and has a name like a police officer.; Fixing an object so it will break easier and/or hurt less when it is hit by a wresler; Adjective--an item that has been gimmicked.
Gimmick Match
A match that has extra stipulations.
Not good due to inexperience.
A negative reaction from the crowd towards a wrestler.
A "bad guy" whose actions are mainly bad.
An arena.
House Show
A non-televised wrestling event at an arena.
When a wrestler makes a comeback while no-selling an opponents offense, then goes on an offensive flurry of their own
A staged loss.
An unpushed wrestler who does jobs for pushed wrestlers. Barry Horowitz is probably the best known of these. Sometimes known as fish, redshirts PLs (professional losers,) or 'ham-and-eggers.' Steve Lombardi (Brooklyn Brawler) is also a well known jobber.
Real blood produced by means other than blading, when drawn unexpectantly--the hard way.
Diminish or eliminate heat or drawing power. There are a variety of ways to do this, but mostly it is done by having a wrestler do too many jobs. A house can be killed by too many screw-job endings.
A member of the audience, that goes along with the story lines, hating the bad guys and liking the good guys.
No Contest
A match that ends without any announced winner, usually on television. Usually when another person interferes and brutally attacks both competitors.
Complimentary tickets. Usually given to make a house look good, particularly for a television taping.
Sudden heat from a house as a response to a wrestler's entry or hot move.
To run or be run into the ringpost.
To injure a wrestler by hitting him on the head or causing him to hit his head on something.
An Interview; or A photograph of the wrestler with their name on it for autographing
To be elevated to noticeable status in organization; usually done with or just before a championship run.
The ropes that define the ring and keep the action on the inside of the ring. The ropes are made of steel cables covered in rubber.
Interference by a non-participant in a match.
A run-in to protect a wrestler from being beat up after a match is over.
A match or ending which is not clean (definite) due to factors outside the "rules" of wrestling.
Real action with real injuries (not Fake); An interview done out of character with real feelings or emotion.
A wrestling outfit that is the same as an amateur wrestling outfit. It is a one piece outfit that looks like shorts that end above the navel and have straps over the shoulders.
An event or sequence of events which makes a particular match distinctive, a high-point of a match.
Match where one opponent totally dominates.
Chops, hits or moves which cause real injury (though perhaps not more than a welting up of the opponent.) Big Van Vader has a reputation as a stiff worker. Not a shoot, but almost.
A group of wrestlers that stay together like a group. They come out together, wrestle together and are interviewed together.
When one wrestler squashes opponent without hurting them.
Theme Song
The music that a wrestler comes out with.
The big video screen that is used at a WWF television show that is located above the entranceway (or next to it). Also refers to the video that is shown on the Titantron
Change in orientation from heel to face or vice-versa.
The part of the ring that connects the ropes to the ringpost.
Turnbuckle Pad
The protective covering that covers the turnbuckle.
A deception or sham, the opposite of a shoot.
Work Rate
The approximate ratio of good wrestling to rest holds in a match or in a wrestler's performance.